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Here are some pictures of the E Team at Otakon 2002, more pictures will come as I aquire them. If you have any please send them here.


And Here they are again Folks!!
And Again!!
ReDeath Crew Again ^^
It's Gendo!
Kaji-kun ^^
Ain't that sweet!!
Evangelion Panel Crew
And Yes Folks.... it's them again!!
Ready For Battle!
Those Girls Again, but this Time with Asuka's American Seiyuu!!
Girls Again... This time with Shinji in plug Suit
Here they go again folks!
Evangelion Panel Crew
Ayanami Rei-chan
Ikari Gendo
Gendo With Asuka's American Seiyuu!!
Goooooooo Gendo!
Hikari-chan ^^ The only one at the con!!
Kaji ^^
Kaji-pimp with Eva Girls

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