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Chapter Six

by Daniel Howard, Matthew Benson, Jamie Bonsignore, Nick Vendetti, Andrew Acampora, Paul Vlosich II, & Alicia Acampora

Asuka: God! Stop bothering me! You're so annoying sometimes!

Misato: Get a life would you?

Ayanami: Why don't you find someone else to bug?

Shinji: Why is it that I only feel pain in this life? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?! WHY DO I HAVE TO SUFFER?! Is there someone higher above who is getting a laugh out of this? Why am I supposed to be tortured like this?!

Ayanami: What torture?

Shinji: This life.. this life is torture!

Asuka: You live in such a sheltered world.. you believe that others cannot understand how you feel. You believe they cannot relate and therefore, they cannot aid you when you need them.

Shinji: They can't understand me.. no one can.. I don't want them near me.. All they do is hurt me.. why won't they just stop?!

Misato: You push them away, like a used tissue.. you push them away just like a feeling of lust.. just like what you did with her..

Shinji: I'm only human! Why do things have to be this way?!

Asuka: You only look at me as fodder. You think you can just have me like a penny on the street. Flip me around and if you get heads you're sure to get tails..

Shinji: Asuka.. I.. I

Asuka: You think you can just have me?! You can't! I don't want you! I don't want you at all! You think I'm actually trying to come onto you? What an idiot!

Misato: Were you thinking about me that day?

Ayanami: Or was it me? Did you have your eyes on me that morning? Did you think about me when you hit orgasm?


Misato: You'd be singing a different tune if it were me who you were dreaming about..

Ayanami: Why don't you want me, Shinji?

Asuka: You only want me because I'm easy access.. you don't really care..

Shinji: Asuka.. but I DO care.. I lo-

Gendou: You could never love anyone else.. you're pathetic.. JUST LEAVE!

Misato: Go away! We don't need someone with that kind of attitude! ERGH!

*door slams*

Asuka: Just jerk off and get it over with..

Ayanami: Just jerk off and get it over with..

Misato: Just jerk off and get it over with..

Shinji: Please.. please stop this.. whatever this is.. make it stop.. I don't want to feel like this anymore.. why can't it stop? Why do you do this to me, God?! Make it go away! MAKE IT GO AWAY GOD DAMMIT! MAKE IT ALL STOP! I WANT TO DIE! IF THAT'S WHAT IT TOOK PLEASE JUST MAKE IT GO AWAY!

He stands there in the darkness, naked before the 3 women-

Misato: You're not much to look at.. stripped down you're just like everyone else..

Asuka: You're ashamed.. and yet..

Ayanami: And yet you become aroused by this raw carnal existence..

Misato: It's new to you.. you should try it sometime.. I can tell you..

Asuka: You hate it so much to be naked.. to be seen by HER.. but you love it.. you want her to see who you really are.. don't you?

Ayanami: Your true being.. your instinct.. your primal human existence.. the raw tension of sex and lust..

Asuka: You want that with HER.. don't you?

Shinji:... Yes..

A car horn suddenly honks as Shinji sits up quickly, waking up to being splashed in the face by a passing car on a small road in the streets of western Tokyo-3. He shook his head as he stood up completely, tracing what steps he had remembered and find out where he was. He let out a long sigh and leaned against the back wall, rubbing his forehead as he looked at his right hand, clenching it tightly.

".. Home... I miss home.."


Meanwhile, Kensuke and Kaworu were wandering around Tokyo-3, searching for Shinji. Even though Kaworu hadn't met him before, he joined his new friend in calling the missing pilot's name.


She sat her back against the door until she heard them leave. Running over to the phone, she brushed away the tears. She quickly punched in the numbers.... a man's voice answered....

"Kaji-kun....." she said sweetly.... "I think something's wrong.... That baka ran off and disappeared, and he hasn't been back for hours."

She made sure she put a bite to her last sentence this way it sounded like she was mad at Shinji for one reason or another.


Walking back to the apartment complex he had rather hurriedly moved into (the rush courtesy of Ifurita), Makoto plods along, his head halfway hung... he isn't depressed as much as in thought. A lot has happened since he moved to Tokyo-3... and had he not very recently returned from an alien world that would seem to walk of the pages of a fantasy novel, he probably would be in shock looking back on it all now.

There is so much talk of angels that have been mentioned, but no one seems allowed to see them. That hasn't stopped Ifurita of course, and her instant decision to move here was so alarming to him... He has always known when she gets it in her head to be careful for him, there is no arguing with her. Such was true here, as she had already packed up a large amount of his stuff when he got home that day.

"Oh well" is the only thought that can go through his head, even as he really wishes someone would tell him something.. especially when these things even have the Demon Goddess spooked. These thoughts all end abruptly however, when he chances to come across a young boy sitting across the road from him. Makoto wasn't sure what to make of him right away, but his jump to attention at the car gave a good view of his face... and the pain in it.. a pain that it just isn't in the new teacher to ignore.... Makoto became resolute and crossed the road to meet with him.

Makoto reaches Shinji across the road basically in time to hear him say how he wants to go home.... This is a confusing idea for Makoto.. when he was first brought to El Hazard, he has wanted nothing more than to go home... but he found himself a truth about homes when he came to become almost a part of the people in Roshtaria. Now he only had one reason to find a way back to earth.... he had to find Ifurita. Now he was here.. and happy to be with her... but missing those at Floristica once again... how odd these things are... but still, the place doesn't matter anymore... as long as the person your with is right... which brings him back to this boy... And it clicks all the more the condition the boy is in...

"Uh... young man? are you ok?"

As he best as he could, he looked up through the rain at the stranger, keeping his eyes low and out of sight from him. His insecurity was so obvious to the man that it was sickening. "Wh... Why do you care?"

He shivered as he spoke, standing slowly and holding his left arm with his right. His left hand clenched open and close as he stood in the downpour.

"Just.. just leave me alone please.. I can find my own way home.."

Never had he been so cold to a stranger, but he was in such a bad mood that it didn't matter who he told off or who he turned away from. He started to walk away from the character, keeping his head low to view at puddles on the ground beneath him, stepping in them and causing ripples.. beautiful ripples that would echo like the AT field..

"You've got better things to do.."

And he was almost out of sight..


Toji had talked with Ritsuko a while after she offered him the position. He asked about whether or not NERV would move his sister into their medical facilities. Though it was against protocol, Ritsuko agreed to his request. If it hadn't been for the times that they lived in and NERV's need for a pilot, they probably never would have agreed to care for her. But his sister's condition was getting worse, and with the angels causing evacuations every month or so, the moving back and forth was beginning to take a toll on her. Toji asked if he could have some time to think about her offer, and Ritsuko agreed as long as he decided by the end of the week. Ever since then, Toji has spent almost all of his time with his sister and taking walks around Tokyo-3, trying to figure out an answer to her offer.

::West Tokyo-3::

Toji: :: Sitting on a bench, Staring into the Dark sky:: Sis, what should I do? Because of Shinji and NERV, so many people have gotten hurt. They ruin people's lives and then cover it up to keep their transgressions a secret. But if I help them, they'll help you sis, and Dad won't have to work so hard..... but how many people will I hurt if I get into one of those monsters? ......But how many people will be saved from the Angels? Why are we even fighting things called Angels in the first place!? Who are we to stand against God?!?......

But I guess you come first, huh sis ::smiles::

Just then Toji hears yelling from down the block. Toji: :: peers down the block:: Is that Kensuke? ....and who's that other guy?


Jinnai looked outside to the rain and once again pondered his predicament. ...So many questions were still left unanswered..

How could Ifurita be here?

What does Gendo Ikari want with him?

Is Toji the actual Fourth Child?

What's so weird, yet familiar about the kind, quiet young man named Kaworu?

Why am I suddenly getting a conscience about certain things?

.....And how in the hell is Yui Ikari still alive?

They sped through his head like a jet. This still-new world Jinnai has entered has already presented more problems than El-Hazard ever did.

Jinnai: Hmmm, I need answers and quick. Otherwise, I'll be dead before I know it. ....Yet, there's no one I could trust fully. Shinji & Asuka are never available; I can't go to Gendo, Fuyutsuki, or any NERV personnel; Misato & Kaji are busy with each other; and everyone at school is too stupid to know what's going on.....

Just then, it hit him. He slowly starts to grin.

Jinnai: Yui. ....Yui Ikari! SHE'S the one!! The one person I could go to!! The one who can give me an easier path into NERV's plans!

Jinnai pops up from his chair and puts on his raincoat.

Jinnai: YES!! I'm going over to NERV right this instant. I'm sure I could learn her address from SOMEone around there...

So Jinnai trots his way to NERV HQ, where Mike the security guard awaited...

Mike: Hello, sir. Do you have an identification card?

Jinnai: No, I do not. But I demand to see Mrs. Yui Ikari immediately!!!!!

Mike: I'm sorry, sir. If you are not NERV personnel, you are not allowed in the Geofront area.

Suddenly, Mike's handheld radio scrambled to life. A certain commander's voice came out...

Gendo: Let him pass.

Mike: But, sir! He's not--

Gendo: He is.... let NERV's new captain inside. He will have his card next time....

Gendo disconnects the line.

Mike:..... yes, sir. *to Jinnai* Fine, then.... go in.

With a shocked, straight face, Jinnai marched into the transport building. He couldn't believe this sudden revelation.

Jinnai: ::I....I'm captain of NERV??? But I... I just said that to Shinji yesterday......:: *wide smile* ::Heh. Captain Katsuhiko Jinnai of NERV..... it's even better than Lord God Jinnai!!:: heh, heh, heh, hehhehhehhehehehehhahahahahaaaaa!!!!!


Makoto watched as Shinji took off like that... himself divided... part of him wanting to catch up to the kid... cause no one should ever have to face that much hurt alone, and the other wanting to let him go.. mainly cause he doesn't know what he can do for him.

After a moment, before out of Shinji's range of hearing, he speaks.. the words are not yelled in sarcasm, but spoken... almost as if confused.

"...why wouldn't I care?"

Not even Jinnai has ever pulled a stunner like this on Makoto before

(Author's Note: and trust me, being chased by his best friend who was trying to tie him up so he wouldn't be at school was a STUNNER...and not the least one he has faced with Jinnai)).

This is the first time ANYONE has ever turned away from him like that... and it stung... Finally he sighs.... speaking a little lower.... whether Shinji hung back to hear it or not, he had no idea.

"But I can't help.... if you don't let me...." Shaking his head, he slowly turns back on his way home. Ifurita will worry if he doesn't return soon... and its not a good idea to give her a reason to make a scene by flying over the place with everyone afraid of these "angels" right now. Still... the path is slow because he is reluctant to leave the young boy on his own like that....


Yui, who we've unfortunately haven't heard from in quite a while, was sitting inside of a random office in the NERV HQ. ( Most likely her own, if she even has one.. ) Idly, she picked up the mug of coffee next to her, took a sip of it, then put it back down in the same place it was before. Leaning her head on one of her hands, she got lost in her own thoughts.

Yui: ::What an I doing here, anyway? There's got to be some logical reason on how the hell I got out of Unit 01. But what is it?::

Rubbing her head slowly with her other hand, and sighed.

Yui: ::You've been thinking about that too much, Yui.. God, Things have changed so much since I left..::

She snickered to herself softly.

Yui: ::Hah, it's as if you expected time to freeze when you left or something.. You're not that important. But still, everything feels too awkward. The strange looks from everyone and the glares from Ritsuko don't help any... Come to think of it, her mother didn't like me that much.. Maybe she said something about me that made Ritsuko hate me. .. I wonder if anything happened between Gendou and her. Oh god, Yui. Stop doing this to yourself. You know he'd never do anything like that.::

(Author's Note: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaahahahahaha ahhahaaha.. haha.. ha.... ).

Yui: ::.. I wonder how Shinji's doing. I haven't seen him much. Maybe I should visit him or something.. I wonder if he even wants to see me, if he even wanted me back.. I feel bad for doing this to him. "Hi! I'm your dead mother, so let's be happy and pretend like I was really there for you your whole life! ^_^" .. Arrggh.. Yui.. Stop.::

Sighing, she stood up slowly and looked around the room.

Yui: "I've got to lay down.. Or something.. "

Just then, the door opened behind her. "Mrs. Ikari..?" Turning around slowly, she noticed who it was and smiled softly "Oh! Jinnai, was it? ^^"


"Kaji-kun??" she paused...."you there?"


That was when Asuka realized that she had poured her heart out... to an answering machine. She looked outside. The rain was pouring down.

Grabbing a pen and paper, she scribbled, in some form of german, hiragana, romanji mixture. Grabbing her raincoat and umbrella, she left the note on the table for Misato and took off out the door.

She didn't worry about getting changed, just took off in Shinji's oversized shirt and one of Misato's black skirts. Her hair was unkempt and wet as she ran about the area, searching for the baka himself.

::Thank god for the rain though.... no one will be able to notice that I'm crying::

She just took off, not knowing where to start looking, but she was determined to find him.


"Jinnai, was it? ^^"

Jinnai: Ummm, uh, yes.

He walks in and sits down.

Yui: I've heard my husband has granted you a place in NERV. Quite high-ranking, actually... You must feel proud.

Jinnai: Yes, and that's why I'm here. ...I wanted to talk about Gendo.... and how exactly coincidental it is that both you and I appeared at the same time.....

Yui's face slowly hangs down.... she had forgotten about those events, for she has been happy with Gendo for the past week or so..

Yui: I'm sorry, Mr. Jinnai.... I've tried, but I just can't see how it's possible that I'm still alive...... You see, over 3 years ago, I was part of a very delicate experiment.... I chose to have myself... myself merge with Evangelion Unit 01....

Jinnai's eyebrows perked up at that.....

Jinnai: ::Those Evas..... they have a human's SOUL in them???::

Yui, near tears: And it happened.... I left this plane of existence..... and I did it for.... for my... My Shinji............ *bites her lip*

Jinnai: And he believed you dead, until now?

Yui: ....Yes. ....Because of that, Shinji suffered.... and now I see how horribly scarred he must be, from my sudden return..... it's as if I'm hurting him more than helping....

Jinnai *face twitches*: ::What....IS this emotion I now have? Could it.... be sympathy???:: ......I.......I'm sorry.

A few minutes pass before Jinnai decides to continue his talk....

Jinnai: So.... how has Gendo been these past few days?

Yui, cheering up: Oh, he's been wonderful! He's shown me around here, and I've met some nwe people.... It's amazing; Dr. Katsuragi's daughter and Naoko's daughter, working for the same cause as their parents...

Jinnai: It's as if this place is a legacy.

Yui: Indeed.... my son....Ms. Zepplin's daughter.... Yui then got a confused look on her face....

Yui: That girl, though....... Rei...... she seems so... So....

Jinnai: Sooo.....

Yui: .....distant.

Jinnai: *sweatdrop* ::Fool.... can't she see Rei's looks like her??:: ...Back on the subject of Gendo. ...Has he been preoccupied mostly?

Yui: Oh, yes. He's been preparing for Unit 03's arrival... keeping track of everyone's actions.... and making sure you're available for when he wants you...

Jinnai: Ulp... come again??

Yui: Well, with a natural leader like yourself, Mr. Jinnai, NERV almost wishes you popped up in Tokyo-3 sooner ^^

Jinnai: I'm that.... Wanted?

Yui: Yes, you are. Through your literature class, we've analyzed how you think.... you have a very keen and observant mind, Mr. Jinnai....... at least that's what Gendo has told me...

Jinnai: Wow... and here I thought I thought he despised me *nervous smile*...

Yui: Oh, he don't like you.

Jinnai's smile slams into a frown.

Yui: But then again, who DOES he outside his family? ^^

(Author's Note: ...and somewhere, Ritsuko is smirking..... *laughs*)

Jinnai: *thinks* what else did I want to ask....? Heh. Actually, it seems we've just talked, instead of me interviewing you....

Yui, waving a hand: Oh, no. It's nothing... in fact, it's nice to have someone to vent my feelings off to... Thank you...

This struck Jinnai as surprising. No one really depended on him like that before...

Jinnai: ......You.... You're welcome.

He smiles....but it's not his usual, confident smile....

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