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Chapter Five

by Daniel Howard, Jamie Bonsignore, Paul Vlosich II, Nick Vendetti, & Matthew Benson

The next day...

School had started and the familiar ring of the school bell chimed. Homeroom had started, and by now, the class was hearing lectures of the Second Impact and how the world had things such as deer and bananas. Alas.. there was a student missing.. there was an absentee left behind at home in the assigned apartment number 139.

*Huff*..... *Pant*

There was a dull sound coming from within the room of Ikari Shinji, as Pen-Pen stood before the door, puzzled by the familiar panting.

His fingers dug into the bed sheets which were tossed around from his slumber. His breath became heavier as he slammed his eyes shut in the tension from his upper right arm. As a small shrill of pain escaped past his lips, Ikari felt a deep release of pent up aggression leave his body in an instant, causing him to fall to his knees with the sheets dragging behind him.

Letting out a deep breath of air as he panted softly, he looked down at his filled hand. His eyes began to water as he glazed down at his organ, feeling remorse and inner hatred at the same time.

".... A.. Asuka.."

He closed his eyes slowly as he clenched his fist up, dripping his insides onto the floor below. He curled up into a ball on the floor, crying aloud in the emptiness that was his home.

"Asuka.. I'm... I'm..." "I'm so helpless.. without you.."


Asuka sat in her seat staring at the blackboard, all of the kanji turning to mush in her brains.

"I really hate this crap..." she muttered under her breath.

It really wasn't her fault that she couldn't read the words; otherwise, she wouldn't have to be in this stupid school. She looked at her watch, then back at the board, and then her eyes glanced at the teacher.

::The day is going by way too slowly...::

She looked around the classroom. The new student, Jinnai, sat in the middle of the room, scribbling furiously for some reason or another. That weird kid with the red eyes was sitting towards the back of the room. Wondergirl was in her normal seat, and Shinji.....

::Wait a second.... where is that baka!.... I thought I woke him up this morning??::


Jinnai continued to ignore the teacher's lectures. Bored as ever, he started to jot down some notes... notes that concerned his predicament....

Jinnai: ::hmmm.... so I left the Bugrom and somehow got sent here.... then I was taken in by NERV, and.....::

He looked up from his paper and glanced at the classroom's clock.

Jinnai: ::What? Almost lunch time already??? ......What was I doing this for anyway? It's not like I'm questioning my status here....::

Then, in somewhat of a regressive fit, he scribbles all over the written words, denying their truths....


Asuka looked at her watch...

::3...2...1...lunch time!!::

She grabbed her things and took off as fast as possible for the lockers. If she made it fast enough, she'd be able to avoid anyone trying to get her attention. She quickly changed her shoes and took off for the train to get home. She wasn't about to let Shinji get away with not coming to school...

Not after she had woken him up that day.


She made it to the apartment complex and up to Misato's apartment. She barged through the door, upsetting Pen-Pen who was about to go into the refrigerator. She deposited her books on the table and continued on her mission.

She marched over to the door to Shinji's room and pulled it open.... "Anata BAKA!!"

"I purposely wake you up so that you're not late for school and you decide to sleep in!"

She walked over to him... not noticing the state that he was in. She then grabbed his pillow out from under his head, which resulted in a loud thud as his head hit the floor. Then Asuka proceeded to pummel him with the pillow until he decided to answer her.

He was still slightly undressed as he was rolled over onto his back, half awake at that. He looked up slowly as his dried tears caused almost a seal over his lids. There was dry semen still in his right hand and a bit still left on his lower stomach as he laid there, shivering before Asuka.

Shinji: "Nani.. Nani yo?"

Asuka took a good look at Shinji, and realized what he had been up to....

"Mein Gott..." she looked at Shinji... disgust flared up in her eyes... "Anata hentai....."

She threw him another dirty look....

"I think you need to clean yourself up...." With that she walked from the room and into her own.

He watched her leave the room. As he sat up slowly, he rubbed a hand on his forehead and felt something lotion-like rub into his skin. Raising a brow, he brought his hand down and gave a good glance at it.

"Shi... SHIMATTA!"

He then looked down at his almost bare lower half, blushing brightly as he looked up from his unzipped pants to the door.


Pulling up his pants, he quickly dashed out of his room and into the bathroom. There, he cleaned himself off and then ran back into the hallway, shouting for her to come back to him.

Shinji's cries followed her into her room. She heard him scuffle about his room, enter the bathroom, and turn on the water.

She gave him a good five minutes before she walked out of her room and into the kitchen area. Going into the closet, she pulled out some ramen and set out to making it.

She looked over at Shinji....


She might have been a bitch inside, but she was still getting kinda soft towards him lately. She grabbed some more ramen and shoved it into the pot, along with some vegetables and a little bit of chicken.

She made the two bowls and set it down on the table. Still in shock from what she had just witnessed, she sat down at the table and held her chopsticks in her hand.

"You know if you were really that frustrated...." she let her voice trail off... leaving him to finish the sentence.

He brought a hand to his chest, breathing heavily as he came into the kitchen just as she spoke. He looked up at her puzzled for a moment, blinking at what she was leaning towards.

"Wha.. What do you mean? Frust.. Frustrated?"

She nodded in return, setting down her sticks as she smirked at him with a chuckle from her throat.

"Yes.. frustrated.. You could have just.. you know.."

"You know what? I'm lost here.."

"You could have just.. no I shouldn't say anything.."

"Well you can at least tell me.. what you meant by being frustrated.."

Asuka let out a sigh of dismay as she stood from her seat.

"Oh don't tell me you're not even getting any of this? What a mega dork.. Let me explain.. what I meant was..."

She walked behind him and took his hand in hers.

"What I meant was if you ever needed any help with that frustration...."

She laughed a little at his puzzled look.

"You don't need to take care of it by yourself..." she pointed to his hand, and watched the blush slowly creep up his neck from under his collar.

Smiling evilly, she draped her arms around his waist and leaned in close to his ear. Her hair fell about her face as she leaned over.

"I can always help you if you'd like....," she giggled, letting her hot breath fan his ear as she did.

He stood up quickly, toppling the chair behind him. She quickly grabbed him, crushing her breasts into his back as she gave him a hug.

::When was he ever going to learn to read someone else, instead of being such a stupid... grrrr::

"You don't have to take matters into your own hands..." she said...((Author's note: pun intended lol))

He just stood there and stammered, his facing turning red as sweat starting to bead at his forehead.

She went around to the front of him and gave him a kiss on the nose, winked knowingly, and sashayed off to her bedroom. Leaning up against the doorway, she gives Shinji 'the look' before closing the door partially behind her.


During lunch at school, the children go about the usual activities of talking, eating, and in some cases, a spit ball fight here and there. It really seems like the common day. In fact, there's only a few who seem to notice the two students missing. Hikari was looking forward to her time to speak with Asuka. She has seen many changes in Toji in the past few days and is more than a little concerned for him. But she couldn't dare go near Kensuke with it, or Shinji for that matter. However, as soon as lunch was called, Asuka bolted out of the school.

::So much for that one.:: she thought to herself, but it was too late... she just sighed and went about her business... hoping to catch Asuka to talk to later.

But lunch finished and she had not returned.... a worry to Hikari, whom would never have thought Asuka would do this...

However, it is after lunch that should have gathered a little attention... A very pale young woman dressed in very dark robes of some sort makes her way out of the basement... apparently used to the hustle that seems to happen around here... but also outside of it... she watches as Hikari makes her way down the hallway....almost saddened, that she can never be a part of this kind of thing.... but only has the memories from it that her love had given her.... speaking of which, she knows he will be looking for her soon.... she had best go and let these kids be... never knowing that someone from another world could envy them so.


The lunch break had long since ended and Hikari had put her classmates through the normal "Stand, Bow, Sit" routine. Kaworu noticed that now three chairs were empty. Now, not just the chair that had been empty to begin with, but the girl he met this morning was missing as well. He leaned towards a boy wearing glasses, sitting in front of him.

"I'm wondering, are those two often absent?"

The boy turned to him.

"Who? Shinji and Asuka? No, not unless there's an Angel attack, but they would have evacuated the school if that was the case. Maybe some emergency training.... Man, I'd love to be a pilot like them. I haven't seen Toji all day either, I wonder where he is? Maybe he went to see his sister or----"

Kensuke was cut off as a piece of chalk collided with the side of his head.

"AIDA! NAGISA! PAY ATTENTION!" Hikari shouted from the front of the room.

The boys both apologized and then turned back to Kaworu.

"The name's Kensuke, pleased to meet you."

"Mine's Kaworu, it's a pleasure." Kaworu smiled back.

"Hey, I know, we can stop by Shinji and Asuka's place after class. The Class Rep will prolly want us to drop off the write-ups for them anyway," Kensuke smiled.

"They live together? Interesting."

"Oh yeah, it all started when this Angel that could split in two...."

Kensuke continued to babble on about the Evas, their pilots, and the battles that had occurred, until the end of class.


A few hours had passed with the run in between him and the second, and his mind had changed from thoughts of lust to melancholy splendor. He was now walking outside in the drizzle of Tokyo-3, making his way aimlessly around the small vicinity of Misato's apartment. His head was low and kept view towards the ground as he walked with a slump in his back and a heavy heart.

It was amazing what one heard when no one knew that they were around. He passed by so many experiences and so many memories. People ranted about love, about taxes and bills, and even about what to make for dinner that night. How could people bicker on about such stupid and worthless things? There are so many more important things to talk about.. all these people can go on with their lives.. none even noticing him for but a second.. not even that.

He soon noticed that he wasn't near "home", and that he had made his way into the heart of the city just from an 2 hour walk. He looked around and lowered his head as quickly as he lifted it, letting out a sigh. He pressed on and walked down the sidewalks, trying his best to try and not get lost again. NERV security would have a fit if he were to go missing again.

Or would they? Would people even notice if he were gone? Would it matter if he were alive or not?

He began to shiver in the cold rain. It had turned to a shower now, and he sat alone in a dank alley, occupied only by a few cardboard boxes and an alley cat. Hugging himself to keep warm, he closed his eyes and fought to keep them open. If he wanted to live, he would have to stay awake through the night.

"As-As.. *ACHOO*"


Asuka sat in her room for a while. She had heard him leave hours ago. Misato was still at NERV, working away. So basically it was only her and Pen-Pen in the apartment.

She looked around her room. Her eyes finally falling on a black case in the corner. She opened it... looked at the instrument with disgust... closed the case and walked off to the bathroom.

She started the bath water. ((Author's note: You can do a lot of thinking in the tub... so sue me....)) She grabbed her hairbrush while she sat on the edge of the tub, waiting for it to fill. She ran her hands through her hair... letting it fall over the skin of her back. She then piled it on top of her head and stepped into the tub, letting the warm water push out any of the thoughts and feelings that she had remaining in her head.


The end of the day has arrived.... as the students file out of the classrooms, Hikari makes her way on her own to her house.... however, a young man with brown hair who looked like perhaps an older Shinji catches her eye. She may have seen him around, but never going into the school. The young man seems to not notice that he is being watched... in fact he seems rather oblivious to any one person who does look at him.. but a little stunned at the whole crowd in total... the questions on his face and in his eyes do not disappear before he enters the building.

Normally, she would shrug this off, but today has left her in need of a distraction, so she followed the man, right to the principle's office.... he walks inside. Not wanting to intrude, she waits outside and listens....


"Ah Yes.. come on in, Mr. Mizuhara. I've been expecting you."

"Ye... yeah... well, it seems like there are a lot of students here.... I can see why you were looking for a few more teachers."

"Yes... well, I hope this isn't too rough a job for your first one... is it possible you can begin tomorrow?"

"Of.. of course! Ifurita will be thrilled to hear this."

"Alright... then welcome aboard, Makoto."


Asuka stepped from the tub and dried herself off with a towel. She pulled her underpants on and grabbed a shirt from the pile of clean laundry, not caring whose it was.

She put the white button down on, and stepped out of the room. As she was crossing the kitchen to her bedroom, she heard a knock at the door. Looking to the clock on the wall,she noted the time.

::School just let out.... I wonder who it could possibly be....::

She opened the door to find two people standing there. One was Kensuke, the other was that new boy from this morning. The one with the weird red eyes.....

"Konnichi wa Kensuke-kun," she bowed.... then turned to the other boy. "Kaworu-kun, ne?" and bowed again. "Shinji's not here.... but you're more than invited to wait."

With that, she walked off in the other direction.

"Uhhh, thanks..." Kensuke was taken aback by Asuka's odd friendliness. "We're here to drop off the report from today's class and...."

Kensuke trailed off as he noticed three things: one, that Asuka was wearing one of Shinji's shirts; two, that she had accidentally pulled the back of her panties up over the shirt; and three, the panties had little bunnies on them.

After seeing the second and third thing, Kensuke couldn't help cracking up. Kaworu let off a few soft chuckles himself.

She walked into her room with as much dignity as she could muster, leaving Kensuke, who also had a very bloody nose, and Kaworu giggling as she was the butt of their laughter, no doubt.

Once there, she threw on a pair of cutoff shorts. Then she walked back into the kitchen and made herself some more ramen. She didn't get to eat some earlier when the baka was around.

-A few hours later...-

Asuka walked out of her room again for the third time. She looked at the table, and Kensuke and Kaworu were still there.

"Still waiting for that baka?" She said menacingly. She was worried about Shinji, but she wasn't about to let onto these two that she was.

"Wonder where he could be...." Kensuke said, hanging his arm off the back of the chair. "He's prolly over at Ayanami's place... he's always watching her during gym class..."

Asuka glared at him... ::If that's where that baka ended up he'll be wishing he was dead::

"Well if you're so concerned...." she sent Kensuke an evil smile.... "Maybe you should go look for him!!!" Grabbing him by the collar of his shirt she heaved him out the door.

On his way out Kensuke hit the opposing wall and bounced off, hitting the neighbor's door. She turned to Kaworu, who had gotten the hint and followed Kensuke's bouncing body out the door before Asuka could get a hold of him as well.

"And don't come back until you find him!!!" she called out as she slammed the door hard in their faces.

Leaning back against the door, she started to cry... she was actually worried about him... no matter how much she tried to hide it.



Kensuke's contact with Jinnai's door once again proves that yet another event was going down in there. Jinnai, who was fixing himself up some curry, jumped at the noise.

....It still bothered him, despite his hearing it each and every single day. Of course, he's been aware of the constant rambles between Shinji & Asuka. He's even seen this disturbing romance form amongst them....It wasn't every night that the annoyed would-be conqueror was kept up by Shinji's....rituals.

......When thinking of his time in Tokyo-3, Jinnai has realized how different life is here than El Hazard. His somewhat bipolar acts of self-praise and bigotry have lessened, making him a quiet, but still cunning man. Just because he's not talking of it, doesn't mean Jinnai's still not planning on taking over this place.

There were other things that demanded his attention, anyway....

He had discovered the source of Groucho's 'familiar smell' was Ifurita, the android who, by Jinnai's conclusions, was sent to Tokyo-3 after she calmed the Eye of God that near-year ago. Formerly his loyal demon goddess, Jinnai had immediately recognized her. At first, he went up to her in an angry huff. He never DID accept the fact that she left him for Mizuhara. After the first minute of his ranting, Jinnai soon saw that Ifurita was frightened and confused. It was as if she didn't remember him at all. This event showed Jinnai how stupid his antics have become... it almost felt like he was started to grow up.

Denying these thoughts internally, Jinnai smirks and looks over his schedule for the new semester, which would start in two days. It read:
Period Class Sensei
! 1 Math Mihako
! 2 Pre-2nd Impact History Nyugen
! 3 Music Appr. Eino
! 4 Science Makoto

Jinnai's eyes thinned at the name "Makoto"..... it still shot him up with his envious adrenaline. But... Jinnai had already met a Makoto at school... either it's the same guy or just another one.....

It just couldn't be the Makoto that Jinnai knows...........

...could it?

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