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Chapter Three

by Paul Vlosich II, Nick Vendetti, Daniel Howard, Jamie Bonsignore, & Paul Baptist


Groucho has been enlisted in the Bugrom for almost a full decade. Being a bug and part of a disappearing race, that feat made him one of the top Bugrom in history. He led armies in battles and usually won some of them. Diva had even once before considered him for.... egg addition. But that all changed when the mad human arrived...

Katsuhiko Jinnai, the advent from God, who would help the Bugrom destroy their enemies. Somehow, this human could speak the native language and was strategically able to lead the Bugrom into constant victory. Groucho always had the thought of jealously within him towards Jinnai. Hell, he never volunteered for any further mission after the boy's arrival.. that is, until he was hand-chosen by him.

The mission: Murder Princess Fatora. It sounded easy enough. But as Groucho led the other Bugrom towards the edge of the cliff, Jinnai stopped them, insulting their intelligence. As the seven Bugrom worked on their ruler's alternative plan, Jinnai gave them the Marx Brothers' names. Now christianed Groucho, the purple bug had found himself following the human everywhere from now on....

Jinnai rode on his back, ordered him around, and even beat him up a little. Eventually, jealously fell victim to friendship.... ---NERV HQ

Now, he & Jinnai were trapped in this strange land, where all speak his ruler's native language, Japanese. ....During the construction for Jinnai's personal fortress, Groucho had learned some kanji... he felt lucky to have learned the symbol for 'angel', for he's seen it flashing in signs wherever he went...

Groucho: (Apparently, these people do not like Angels. ....Strange.)

More JASDF soldiers come stampeding towards him and again, Groucho just jumps over them and continues sprinting down endless hallways.... Suddenly, out of nowhere, he bumps into a man and falls on his back.... upon getting up, Groucho notices that he's in a huge office....

Gendo: ......Major Katsuragi?

Misato, on intercom: Yes?

Gendo: Bring Mr. Jinnai here. His... friend just introduced himself....

---two floors down

Misato: You hear that, bug boy? Groucho's in Commander Ikari's office!

Jinnai: WHAT???

Gendo put down the phone slowly after finishing his call... and hit a small button under his desk, locking the door behind Groucho. There would be no escape, and he wasn't about to let the bug even have the luxury of thinking there might be. Gendo speaks from behind the now once more folded hands.

"You best wait here now. Everyone will be along shortly."

He doesn't know if the bug will understand or not, but he says it all the same, intent on doing a few extra stunts to keep the bug in submission if need be.

"Now we will see just what is going on here...."

Misato & Jinnai ran through the hollowed halls of NERV, plunging themselves into it's very depths to get to it's commander's spiffy office. Once there, they noticed the entrance's lock-up.

Jinnai: Oi! Gendo, we're here! Let us in! grrrrr, you can so misunderstandinnnngggg....

SWISH! The door opened electronically to reveal Groucho standing in the middle of the vast chamber. Gendo still sat at his desk, in his trademarked position...

Gendo: Indeed, Mr. Jinnai... but I am not the only one.

Jinnai: Huh? Now wait just a--

Gendo: Just remove this waste of matter from my sight..

Jinnai: (scared) Oh. Okaaayyy.... Groucho!

Groucho: Huh??

Jinnai: It's me.... your master, Lord God Jinnai. errrrr WHY DID RUN OFF LIKE THAT? I WAS ALMOST WORRIED ABOUT YOU!!

Groucho: warglewaglkavna;lkdndgdef

Jinnai: What? ...You say you had a reason?? Something about a familiar scent....?

Groucho: Uai ('yes' in Bugromese... made that up ^^)

Misato: ::Oh, please. These two aren't worth our trouble:: Hey, Jinnai! Are we finished here?

But before Jinnai could answer...

Gendo: Yes... you are. ...Leave.

Jinnai: Alright, alright already. I'll admit, I'm scared of you but this silent, straight to the point attitude will get you places even you can't get out of...

Gendo: Funny.... that's a similar threat to the one you made to my son earlier today. *slight smile behind fingers*

Jinnai: ::Dammit, he knows that already?:: ...ahh, well then, we'd better leave then. *nervous laugh*

He & Groucho exit the room, leaving Misato with her superior.

Misato: I'm sorry we had to trouble you like this, commander. It shall never happen again.

She leaves, leaving the commander alone...

Gendo: ::familiar scent?? I wonder...::


Nighttime had finally rounded the corner and the sun had made it's pass over the Mount Futago horizon line. Today had been something else for the Third Child, and it was more than he could bare. He slowly made his way into the apartment, wiping the dry tears from his eyes. He set his backpack lazily on the entrance way as he slipped off his shoes, making his way from the door into the kitchen. There, he saw Asuka sitting at the table with a can of coffee and a "Poo" magazine. Being as quiet as possible as to avoid a confrontation with her, he walked slowly into the kitchen and to the bedroom hallway.

"Why are you home so late, dumkoff?"

"Uhh.. H-Hey Asuka.."

Lifting her head up from the underwear section, she stood and pushed the seat back away from the table in a fury.

"Don't greet me all casual like! I asked you a question!"

"I was.. was just at NERV HQ.."

"I don't remember you having to be on post tonight. Don't tell me you were out with that Maya twit again.."

"... Why does it matter what I was doing?"

"Because! Being superior in every way to you, I have to make sure that you're not being a bumbling idiot every second.. although I don't think that you couldn't be.."

"Look.. I was just at HQ.. so just back off alright?"

"Excuse me?!"

"I said back off!"

"What right do you have to talk to me that way?"

"I have a whole lot of right!"

"Tell me what you were doing!!"


"Because I want to know!!"



"I was with my mother at HQ okay?!" He quickly slapped a hand over his lips, turning around quickly and looking down at his feet in embarrassment.

Asuka gave him a very shocking stare as she hadn't been back to HQ in some time. If something like this had happened and she hadn't heard about it, then it had to be a lie.. After all.. He had told her long ago that his mother had passed, much like her's.

"Oh, bullshit.. Your mother? You can come up with something better than that! You might as well tell me that Kaji is dead!"


"Oh what now? Are you crying?"

"...shut up.."


".. I said shut up.."

Asuka lifted a brow as she slowly walked from behind the table to a few feet away from him, balling up a fist and lifting it up in his direction.

"How.. How dare you t-"

He cut her off with a snappy tone.

I SAID SHUT UP! Every time I come home it's the same damn thing! All you ever do is pester me and make fun of me and stalk me and you just have to know what I do because you're stuck her because you can't even get over the starting line!"


He took a deep breath as he began to walk off into the hallway. Her hand came down onto his shoulder and turned him around quickly, pushing him against the wall with a loud thud. Before he could open his eyes in time to see what was coming, a hand came to slap him across the face.


She slapped him twice more before turning around and running to her room, sliding the door shut, loud enough so that Pen-Pen woke from his fridge, peering over at Shinji.

His face gave the expression of bewilderment, wondering what just happened. It was almost something out of a soap opera.. so.. he just stood there.. fell to the floor on his knees.. and rubbed the giant welt on his face.


Jinnai, Groucho, & Misato had finally made their way home. Misato drove them there, but Groucho had to hang onto the top of the car. Seeing Groucho as somewhat jangled, Jinnai helped his friend up to Room 140. Once there, Jinnai & Misato made their goodnights.

Jinnai: Um.... thank you...

Never seeing this attitude coming from Jinnai, Misato stopped her entry into her apartment. She then turned to her two neighbors.

Misato: What for? I had the feeling you'd NEVER thank anyone outside of yourself...

Jinnai: Really?? *smirks* .....Of course I do!! What DID you do in recovering Groucho, huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! ......and to think that I'd ever thank YOU...

Misato's face dropped in a disappointed manor. She had thought that maybe Jinnai's asshole persona had finally started to dissipate....

Misato: Yeah...okay.... whatever. Well then......goodnight, Mr. Jinnai.

Jinnai: And a happy, hearty goodnight to you too, woman. Heh, heh, heh......

With that, they both went into their rooms. Misato didn't think of greeting her two roommates. She just crept into her room and fell asleep. Tired from his sprinting through NERV HQ, Jinnai did the same......


Asuka took off into her room and slammed the sliding door behind her.

::Damn that Shinji....::

She stalked across the room to the corner and sat there, bringing her knees up against her chest, and then she cried into them.

Visions of her childhood passed across her mind. Her mother's body swinging in front of her, along with a little redheaded doll.

::Damn you, Mama....::

She crawled along the floor to her bed, her underwear peaking out of the nightshirt that she had on. With a huff, she grabbed the pillow and threw it against the wall to Shinji's room. It made a loud resounding thud against the wall.

It's not fair.... it's just not fair...." she muttered under her breath, as she gulped for air between her tears.

She stood up, wiped her face on the short sleeve of her nightshirt, and scowled.

::I'm better than that... that.... completeandtotalidiot, why am I making such a big deal out of his good for nothing lies::

She opened her door sliding it hard into the pocket, so that the slam echoed around the apartment. With that, she sauntered across the room her head held high, not giving a damn who was in the room at the time, and she headed for the bathroom to take a bath.

Unfortunately, Shinji did not hear the sound of her going to the bathroom. He stood up, wiping his eyes and headed toward the wash closet to examine his scar. He let out a sigh as he opened the door slowly as he opened his eyes to come face to face with Asuka, who was taking off her shirt as she was facing directly toward the bath door.

"..... I.... I... I DIDN'T... DIDN'T MEAN..."


She quickly covered herself and slammed a foot into his chest as he fell to his knees in the doorframe. She slammed the door shut on his face, leaving the door open a crack as he cried out in pain.

"AHH SON OF A... Ergh.. Asuka!.. I just... want to.. talk.."


"I... I didn't.. didn't mean what I said.."


"I'm being serious damn it! Sure you pester me and all but I didn't mean to say anything about how you pilot! I know it is all you have and that it means a lot to you. It does the same to me.. and I understand"

She opened the door, fully clothed, looming over him.

"What do you know about understanding?! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!"

"I want to understand! But you yell at me!"

"Because you're an idiot! You lie to me at this time of night, and expect to understand me?!"


"Your mother!"

"... My mother.."

"YEAH! She's dead, dimwit.. Don't tell me your hallucinating!"

"She... She is alive.."

"Yeah right.. " She sat down flicking him in the nose. "You're losing it.. first you start lying then you get the balls to scream at me.."

"I'm being serious.. she is alive.."

"Prove it, 3rd Child.."

Shinji reached into his right pocket, pulling out a crumpled NERV enveloped labeled.. "From the Desk of Miss Katusuragi Misato - Major"

"Dear Ikari Shinji.. I am pleased to inform you that as of 9-13-16.. *She paused* .. Don't tell me you got Misato believing this as well.."

"My father.. signed the bottom.."

"Oh that could be anyone's signature!.. *Peers* Dear Shinji.. blah.. whoa.. WHOA.."

" My mother.. came out of EVA Unit One.."

"Unit 01?"


"Geez Shinji.. I'm..."

"It's okay.."

She looked down at him angrily for a moment, then thwaped him lightly on the head.

"What am I doing apologizing to you?!"

"Gah! Sorry.."

"*Sighs* Look.. let's just forget any of this happened alright? That way Misato won't have to make an entry about all of this.. okay?"

"Yeah yeah.."

She stood, stepping on his back and cracking it loudly. He squirmed under her weight and then relaxed as he smiled, a bit of pain leaving his back.

"Night, dork.."

"G.. G'night Asuka.."

She left the room and slid her door quietly this time. He got up slowly and saw himself in the mirror, rubbing a hand over his wound with a blush.. getting a weird feeling over himself.

Pen-Pen looked up at the child oddly as he closed his eyes, sighing. The bird pecked him in the leg for a moment, getting no response from the oddly love struck child.



*A knock is heard on the door to the apartment* Kaji: Oi, Katsuragi! Anyone in there?


Jinnai's sleep is interrupted by the banging on his neighboring door. He'd love to verbally blast whoever was doing it.... but he was still too tired. Eventually, Jinnai falls back asleep.

Groucho wanted to see what was going on but decided not to, as well.... He couldn't get that familiar smell out of his nose. An old smell. One that he picked up on just before that portal hit him & Jinnai in El Hazard.....


Asuka went to her room and walked over to her bed. She sat down on it and pondered over what had just happened.

::I can't believe it.... sometimes life just isn't fair.....::

She sat there stunned, too surprised to cry.

::Well if his mother can come back then maybe.... Mama.... but no..... she's dead, I saw that myself....::

She stared at the wall for a few seconds, then slid her bed mat over to where the door connection to Shinji's room was. She lay there her head towards the door.

Slowly she opened the door, peeking around the corner to see if he was in his room. Seeing that Shinji was in there, laying on his mat, as usual with his headset on, she grabbed her mat and dragged it next to his.

::I may be the second child... but I really hate being alone...::

With that she lay down next to him on her mat facing him as he lay there with his eyes closed listening to his music.

::He must listen to the same thing every night... I don't think I ever hear a different selection::

"Oyasumi nasai, anata baka...." she said softly as she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

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