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Chapter One

by Paul Vlosich II, Alicia Acampora, Nick Vendetti, & Jamie Bonsignore

Yui, yes, Yui Ikari laid there on the platform in front of Evangelion Unit 01. She simply laid there, soaked, and face first in a puddle of liquid. It had caused the clothes she was wearing to stick to her body. She didn't look any different from the day she was sucked into Unit 01. It was as if she were locked in time there as well. Thankfully, she had a pulse, but it was very weak. She wasn't breathing. Needless to say, she needed medical attention soon....

(Author's Note: Of course her clothes stuck to her, she was wearing a blue plug suit, ne? ^^;; )


Jinnai: Y'know Groucho, we JUST might find another demon goddess. Lord knows we always Do!

Groucho: Wubble, wubble....... EEEECCCHH!

Jinnai: What??? Groucho points into the sky. Jinnai looks up & sees that zebra sphere. It is the 12th Angel. It's Sea of Dirac was slowly approaching.

Jinnai: Um......RUN! They didn't scramble for long, for they ran right into the waiting palm of Eva Unit 02....

Asuka: Nothing personal, greaseball! My actions are ordered directly from the Commander.... He sees an interest in you. Asuka then uses her Eva to take Jinnai & Groucho back to NERV headquarters.


*CoughoddlyenoughYuiwasn'tnoticedwhenShinjiwentouttofightthe12thAngelCough* But as Unit 01 was swallowed by the Angel, Yui began to twitch violently, and pant.

"Shinji.. I can't.. I can't protect you now.."

She was still unconscious, of course. All that time in Unit 01 must've created some odd connection, and she could sense that Shinji was in danger. Her cries cut through the silence of the cage like a butcher knife, and they echoed off the walls.

"Shinji.. I'm sorry.. Please.. Be safe.. "

It was as if she were having a bad dream, tossing and turning, sweating and panting. Her voice slowly reduced down to a whisper

"Be safe... My son.."

The cage grew silent again, but Yui continued to pant and twitch violently.


Gendo sits in his office for the time being... awaiting news of both his wife, and the boy and bug who literally just dropped out of nowhere, who were now inside of NERV. This has not been anything he could forsee happening. What is it that brought this boy here? In any case, he will know soon enough. For the time being, he will have him held up to be questioned by Fuyutsuki, or someone else.

Gendo, on the other hand, is needed elsewhere. He stands to walk out of his office... ...and heading for sickbay... well, the observation area.... where he will await the one in need of help.


A few sickbay techs come running into the cage with one of those bed-things. They all pause for a moment to stare down at her twitching and panting body. After the moment of disbelief left them, they picked her body up as carefully as possible, set her onto the bed, and then brought her to the sickbay. Yui wasn't exactly as silent anymore, but she just murmured. Anything she said couldn't really be made out, but at some points, it sounded like she was faintly saying "Shinji".

For a moment she stayed still, just panting, while her stomach was slowly raising up and down. There was sweat on her forehead, and she still looked troubled. She seemed to be calming down slightly. Her faint heartbeat was nowhere near that anymore, for her heart was racing. Though, it was slowing down now, slightly. The techs rolled her into one of the rooms, and started doing all sorta of checks and attaching all sorta of things to her body. "Gen.. dou.." And then there was silence. Everyone in the room paused awkwardly and just stared at her for a moment or so.

Then they continued onto their business, letting the moment pass.


Meanwhile, Jinnai is led away by some NERV guards, one apparently named Mike, to a hospital room for questioning.

Jinnai: Hey, assholes! I didn't ask for this, y'know!!.....GROUCHO!!!!
Mike: Quiet!! Your bug boy's run off, but he'll be found soon enough. Eventually, they reach Jinnai's designated room. He's thrown into there and told to stay until the Commander had time for him.


For a moment, Jinnai just sat there, with his arms across his chest.

Jinnai: .....they don't know me at all... this isn't Shinonome.... or even the Earth I came from.... AARRGH!! WHY MUST EVERYTHING BE SO COMPLICATED???? In a hissy fit, he proceeds to hit the wall. All he does, though, is hurt his hand...

Jinnai: ....Dammit. This is the fault of that loser, Makoto. ....Either that, or someone ELSE is jealous of my destined greatness. *eyes thin* No matter.... I'll find out who is and make them pay DEARLY!!!!

He then pounds onto the wall, like a child.


Suddenly, a sharp cry is heard from the neighboring room whose wall Jinnai was trying to kill...

Jinnai: Wack! Who could that be...? Curious, Jinnai went to his room's door and found it was unlocked.

Jinnai: ::Hmmph, I guess they halfway expect me to escape from here. Thaaat's OK.... I won't be long::

So he exits his unguarded (!) room and looks over the door of the adjacent room.

Jinnai: Yu...i.....I...kari?? As in, the same Ikari who is Commander here??? Ah HAH! The Commander must be here to visit RIGHT before he talks to me. Why not I surprise him a bit??? heh heh So he saunters in...

Yui laid there. Her eyes were open now. Obviously, she was awake. As the door opened, she glanced open and widened her eyes a bit at Jinnai.

"Who .. are you..?"

She spoke softly and quietly, since she was still a bit weak.

"What are you.."

She tried to sit up, but with a loud wince, she just collapsed back on the bed, cursing herself lightly.

"W-what are you doing here..?" She just started at Jinnai, her eyes pleading.

"Where's.. Shinji..? .. Gendou..?"

Jinnai: "HUH??? He's not here??"

Suddenly, a shadow pops up in back of him.

Gendo: "Yes.... I am" Jinnai turns around, with a look of "oh...crap" on his face....

Yui's whole face brightened up, as she grinned at the shadow behind Jinnai.


She once again, and quite stupidly in all of her excitement, sat up quickly. There was a sharp scream of pain that escaped her lips right afterwards. She seemed to ignore it to try to stay up, no matter how much she was wincing or felt like crying...

".. Gen.. Ahh.. *wince* .. dou.."

Gendo looks at Yui, concerned as he can tell. Obviously, she is in pain. It takes him all of 5 seconds to stride over to her... a hand on hers... He says nothing at the moment. It's been too long since he has spoken to her of the concern on his face right there.... However tender this moment is, though, it was not meant to last very long. Gendo turns to Jinnai with a look of contempt, anger, and general dislike.

"Who are you and why are you here?" He waits for his answer, his glasses reflecting the light in the classic way to show nothing in his face but shadow and the white glair of the lenses... "You will tell me why you are here... and how you arrived in the Geo-Front...."

Yui leaned back slowly, laying back down onto bed. The pain became unbearable, so it was either lay back or scream. She stared up at Gendou, her eyes as soft as they always were. She shifted her hand other hand so it was on top of his slowly, enjoying the short tender moment as best she can. When he turned around, she closed her eyes slowly, letting the aching pain from sitting up slowly drift from her body. Since there was nothing she could do or say, she merely listened.

Jinnai is white with fear for the first time in a looong time... Not Ifurita, not Kalia, not even the other Bugrom species has given him the confrontation that this figure has.... yet Jinnai doesn't know to do, except one thing.

Jinnai: Uumm, er... ehhh... Commander Ikari, I presume?

Gendo: Correct.

Jinnai: And this is your wife....awww, Yui, wasn't it?

Gendo: Correct.

Jinnai: Oh.......*voice grows shaky*....aaacch, you, um, realize she's hurt, right?

Gendo: Correct.

Jinnai: ...And that I... was JUST wondering.....uuuhh, how she was doing, huh?

Gendo: Correct.

Jinnai: Soooo... why not ask her what's wrong? *starts rambling, getting confident* I mean, she's been groaning ever since I came near the door and all, and from what I saw outside this place, there's seem to be a crisis at hand in your operations *breaths deep* soIthinkI'lljusttakemyleavenow.

Gendo draped his arm across the entrance to block him.

Gendo: .....Incorrect.

Jinnai hits against it, the arm not giving an inch. He realizes that he can't talk his way out of this.....

Jinnai: Okay, but not here. This story is for YOUR ears only.....


It all started about two years ago... Life was swell in Shinonome High School. I was one of the most respected students there. I won footraces, drew well in art, and was always in a good line place during lunch. Hell, I even won the election for Senior Class Student President! Yes, it was perfect there...... until HE came along. Yes... Makoto Mizuhara. That ratface somehow forged bribes that I "made" during the election, and his jealousy got him scheduled to speak on it during a Student Council meeting. Naturally, I tried to speak with him, but he didn't want any of it... When we were JUST about to... talk, this blue flash came. Next thing I knew, I was in a world named El Hazard. Later, I found that I was transported into the Bugrom territory. The Bugrom, gigantic bug creatures, were feared by the peacekeepers on the other side of the Holy River of God, which divided the land. Eventually, to my surprise, I found that I had gained the ability to speak their gibberish language. Rightfully seeing me as some messenger from God, the Bugrom who found me led me to their leader, Queen Diva. I had no interest in Diva's lust for me, but the idea of the domination of ANY world was interesting. So I became the leader of the Bugrom army. We purged and destroyed any enemy village. We even laid camps onto the enemy territory. But.... HE came again. Makoto, somehow, was transported too, along with my goody, good sister Nanami and our drunkard teacher, Fujisawa-sama. I found him when looking to kidnap the Royal Princess of Roshtaria (Floristica's capital), Fatora. He was with her, and he was dressed IN DRAG. I always knew he was... y'know... So me and my Bugrom attacked them. The assault, however, was short-lived as this fiery bitch called Shayla-Shayla helped Makoto, Fujisawa, and Fatora escape. It came to my attention that Roshtaria had the Eye of God, a super-destructive weapon that could wipe out cities in an instant. Knowing that Makoto had joined forces with them, I longed a super weapon of my own.... Enter Ifurita. Ifurita is the legendary demon goddess, notorious for exterminating the civilizations that came before Bugrom & Roshtaria. I was able to "catch" her by tricking Shayla-Shayla into giving away the location of Ifurita's forbidden island hideaway. With Ifuirta in my throng, victory was at hand. She destroyed many villages for me and even defeated the Priestesses of Muldoon (Shayla-Shayla being one of them) during a direct attack on Roshtaria. After the attack, the Priestesses were forced by the Roshtarian government to remove the seal on the Eye of God. I was ready to attack.... until someone else did so for me. .....You see, to activate the Eye of God, the two Royal Princesses of Roshtaria had to unlock it, using their genetic codes. The Phantom Tribe, a third party in the war to rule El Hazard, successfully managed to capture Fatora and apparently, using a strange, scientific process, was able to try to unlock the Eye of God without Fatora's sister, Rune Venus. Obviously, I unleashed Ifurita on the Phantom Tribe and she stole Fatora for the Bugrom. At my personal fortress, complete with personalized statue, I saw that Fatora was exactly IDENTICAL to Makoto!!! No wonder that bastard was a drag queen that day!! Later, the Muldoon Priestesses, Makoto, & Fujisawa infiltrated my haven. As they battled my followers, Makoto went to get Fatora. There, I was waiting, with Ifurita in tow. She was ready to blow me away until...... well, I don't WHAT the Hell Makoto did, but it turned Ifurita against me!!!! After they fled with Ifurita, I demanded a direct assault on Roshtaria! As we left, the Eye of God was turned on by Fatora & Rune. They proceeded to BLAST the Bugrom country to kingdom come. That didn't stop us, though! We pressed on, toward the Eye of God.... that is, until Fujisawa interfered. Fujisawa.... I do NOT know how, but he got this power to become faster and stronger when.... get this.... he gets SOBER!!! It's so absurd, I say! So.. he defeated my army easily.... single-handedly....grrrr Oh, yeah... you'd think I'm done in the story, eh? Think again. The Phantom Tribe took back control of the Eye of God, this time activating it! Makoto and those other "heroes" went to stop them and failed... So who saves the day????? OF COURSE, ME!!! Thanks to me, the Phantom Tribe leader was defeated and Ifurita calmed the Eye of God with her power. The crisis was over. In the end, it was just me and Groucho, my right-hand bug..... until Diva & my other Bugrom; Harpo, Chico, Gummo, Zeppo, & Margaret came up behind us. She was alive!.... I knew in my heart that with us....uh, EIGHT, the Bugrom would rise again!!!

Well, a month or two passed. Me, my Marx Brothers, and Diva traveled throughout El Hazard, looking for a swell place to rebuild the empire. Upon one such stop... I found a key-like staff... similar to the one Ifurita had, back when I controlled her. So anyway... with that staff, I managed to free another demon goddess, named Kalia. She showed an apparent love interest for me, but I didn't pay her no mind. Good thing, too. The bitch betrayed me even quicker than Ifurita! Makoto and his friends stopped her, though, while I dug myself & Groucho out of a pile of rubble she had thrown at us. After that failed experiment, we finally found the new home of the Bugrom... my old personal fortress. Pretty original, huh? That was around the time that Diva said that our... numbers were lessening.... and that I had to supplement the ranks.... Avoiding a perfectly good seduction, I dragged Groucho to Roshtaria to secretly spy on my eternal rival's plans. That night, some new Priestess was being sworn in, so we got in easily. After looking around for a while, we saw a strange device in Makoto's room. It glowed and some weird, old man appeared in it. He called himself "the master of the universe" and he requested my help, in exchange for control of El Hazard. Of course, I said "yes." Why not? But.... to carry out his plans, the old guy transported me and a host of others (Priestesses, Makoto, Fujisawa, Nanami, etc.) to another world... Next thing I knew, I was on a frozen tundra with Groucho and.... Shayla-Shayla. That woman couldn't understand my situation and she chased me until we made a horrifying discovery. There was a Bugrom species on this planet! These insects captured us and brought us back to their lair.

Shayla-Shayla was thrown into some pit as the bugs gave me food. I thought "hey, maybe they worship me...". Wrong. They never stopped feeding me, and for fear of my life, I never stopped eating. Before I knew it, I was around 300 pounds!!!!! That was when I found that they wanted to eat me.... I secretly freed Shayla-Shayla and we both escaped towards the industrial-looking city in the distance. There, I found that the city's "Spring of Life" was actually another incarnation of the Eye of God. To claim it, I joined forces with the revolutionist, Gilda. We took the Spring of Life for our own. However...... the weird, old guy (now named Arjah) appeared & took control of Gilda's body. She was forced to unlock the Spring of Life by Arjah and then total mayhem broke loose. Confident that Spring of Life/Eye of God was now out of my reach, I did the one I know I could..... kidnap Princess Fatora. I was stopped..... by Shayla-Shayla........ again. Then, Makoto and his buddies sealed that world's Eye of God and Arjah was defeated. We were all sent back home. In the time since, I lost all that weight and continued to rebuild the Bugrom empire.

Jinnai: Understand?

Gendo: ...Yes.


Yui still laid there. Not like there was anything else she could do. She was silent now, though.... except for a gasp/pant or a sharp cry of pain every now and then.

Gendo never let go of the story as Jinnai told it. However.. a painful cry would get a squeeze from his hand. It's fairly obvious he cares for Yui, but what he thinks of the story is not so obvious just yet. However, this would explain the reports of a "giant bug" running around the Geo-Front.... (Coincidently, Maya has already run from Groucho in terror that he might be the next angel.) However, this story does not fully add up. There are a lot of people in this story that don't have a possible explanation. He sits a while just thinking on it before he looks at Jinnai like he can see right through his soul.

"You will be staying a while till we can sort this out." Gendo gets up and grabs the phone nearby, calling on someone and talking about room assignment. When he hangs up the phone, he looks at Jinnai with a smile that on him, chills most to the bone.

"You will report to room 203. There you will be assigned a quarters to stay at."



Maya: Attention! We've picked up a strange occurance from within the Angel! .......It's Shinji! He's still alive! He--umphh!

Her vomiting isn't questioned. A mere glance at the following onslaught would turn any one's stomach. Eva Unit 01 viciously broke out of the Angel's body, sending blood and gore throughout the surrounding blocks. It slowly stood up, looking more inhuman than it's ever been before. NERV and it's operatives stood still as they watched the disgusting scene continue. Eventually, Unit 01 collapsed from normal power exhaustion.

Fuyutsuki: Well... you finally gone and did it, huh, Yui? --- "AAAAHHH!"

Yui shot up from her horizontal position, halfway screaming her lungs out. She had no idea what just happened.... but she was scared of it.

The scream expressed a lot of things. Fear, Shock, Pain. It was loud enough to echo through the room she was in, as well as the hall that Gendou and Jinnai were standing/walking/ doing whatever in!

After the quite looooong scream, she collapsed back onto the bed, panting as much as she could. Her eyes were clutching onto the sheets of the bed and her eyes were as wide as ever. Her face, hell, her whole body was pale. Despite the surge of pain running through her body, she rolled onto her side and curled up into the fetal position. ".. Shinji.."


In room 203, Jinnai sat at the sole desk in the area. Word of the Angel's death had spread.... soon after, the guard named Mike and some others brought Jinnai a tape to watch. It was the tape that Gendo showed SEELE... a tape of every battle with every Angel up until even the battle that Jinnai almost got involved just now... from Eva Unit 01's mind-numbing reactivation against Sachiel to the desperation attack against Ramiel to Iruel's near-conquest of the MAGI... to the rain of blood that Liliel's sudden death created.... When the tape had finished, Jinnai sat there with a somewhat-white face.... he knew he was too proud to show actual fear.... but THIS was too much for him to bear. He called for a guard and asked to be quartered for some rest.... After some phone calls, Mike gave Jinnai an address and sent him above ground... he was told that he would return to NERV HQ upon the Commander's order...


Upon arriving in the actual Tokyo-3 city space, Jinnai decided to hoof it to his new living space.

Jinnai: Christ! ...this Angel business is more dangerous than I thought. These NERV yahoos have big balls to fight against GOD! .........hmm, I wonder where Groucho went?

He trots downs a hill.... the road to his far right has the words "Warning! Opening for Evangelion Route #--" on it. The rest was covered in blood... Seeing this, Jinnai made a face but didn't mind it.

Jinnai: aahh, it's only 5 of the HUNDRED OR SO gallons spilled today!!! *breathing hard* I'll get used to it, though. I need to, in this place....

He continues on, until he reaches the building on the address.

Jinnai: Well... this is the place. What room number?? *looks at paper* 140... *looks again, to a note at bottom of paper* "Check in at 139..." ...Huh? *yawns* I'll do that tomorrow. A former bug emperor needs his rest.......

As he goes past 139 to unlock his door, he notices that his new neighbors have a nameplate on their's.... M. KATSURAGI


Asuka lay in her bed staring at the ceiling.

::I wonder how long it's going to take Shinji to do it this time, he seems to not need my help anyway...::

She lay there listening to all the commotion around her, before she finally got fed up and shoved her head under her pillow.


Gendo let the boy go to duties, knowing this Mr. Jinnai is not about to do something stupid. He is a smart enough boy to know better. And even if he wasn't, his fear would keep him in check. Gendo goes back to Yui for the time being, knowing she needs the support.... and trusting Fuyutsuki to get to work at gathering the "giant bug," who is currently running around the base.

Indeed, Fuyutsuki has organized troops to do this, as well as calm the personnel that this is NOT the next angel already here. What it is, of course, they can't say until they catch it, which pretty much leads to the entire NERV Geo-Front being after poor Groucho, except of course the teams now bringing Unit 01 back into the cages.

It isn't long, however, before he is also in the sick bay.... at the very least, he will be a welcome face to his favorite student. He approaches and nods his hello, leaving it at that till Yui is ready to accept another being there... he turns to Gendo Fuyutsuki: And so more mysteries are dropped into our hands.

Gendo: Indeed.

Fuyutsuki: What do you think the Committee will have to say about this?

Gendo: Until I know what to think about it, I don't intend to say a word. If they ask, the energy signature before the boy and... bug arrived, was a spike caused by the angel. Nothing more.

Fuyutsuki nods, an amused smile on his face... truly interested how all this will turn out in the end. But for the moment, his attention is more on Yui... as Gendo's probably is, though he seems to stare off into space for now.... his mind wandering over possibilities between what has happened and Jinnai's story.... how much can he take at face value?

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