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Gun Sniper

The Gun Sniper is the ultimate sniper Zoid known in all of Planet Zi. Designed to be light-weight and very maneuverable, this Zoid can be taken almost anywhere, including on boats in the water. Out of all the Zoids, it can be modified into many different versions. It is also the only recent Zoid, created by men I mean, that is able to evolve.

The Gun Sniper is a Class 2 type Zoid with the functions of Light Assult and Sniping.

Type: Velociraptor
Class: 2
Function: Light Assault/Sniping
Alignment: Helic Republic/Blitz Team/Fluegel Team
Designation: RZ-030
Height: 7.2 m
Length: 11.9 m
Weight: 25 T
Max Speed: 200 km/h
Crew: 1
Known pilots: Leena Toros, Naomi Fluegel, two unknown pilots in Guardian Force
Weapons: 80 mm Cannon, 144 mm Cannon (tail sniper rifle), 3 Pivoting 40 mm Cannons, Dual Concealed 8-shot Rocket Pods, may also have Wild Wizel unit
Support Features: None

Random Information: Leena Toros had probably the most modified Gun Sniper known in all of history. With too many guns, it loses its whole purpose; sniping. Naomi's Gun Sniper is the only one to be colored red, probably by an attempt to recreate the Pierce Sniper. Ambient was the only person/organoid to be able to evolve the Gun Sniper at such an early age, no other person has evolved the Gun Sniper since.

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