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Lightning Saix

The Lightning Saix is exactly as fast as its name. One of the fastest Zoids on the planet, it can reach top speeds of about 325 km/h and nearly break the sound barrier. The only Zoid known to match this super fast Zoid is the Liger Zero in the Jager form.

The Lightning Saix is a Class 4 Zoid with High-Speed Assult and Command functions.

Type: Cheetah
Class: 4
Function: High-Speed Assult/Command
Alignment: Guylos Empire/The Lightning Team
Designation: EZ-035
Height: 8.8 m
Lenght: 18.4 m
Weight: 65 T
Max Speed: 325 km/h
Crew: 1
Known Pilots: Irvine, Jack Sisco, Chris and Kelly Tasker
Weapons: Twin Lightning Beam Cannons
Support Features: Ion Booster, Holographic Technology

Random Information: The Lightning Saix is one of the more recent Zoids to be created. Developed for handleing high speed, the pilot must also be able to handle the force of high speed. Most of the older pilots could not do this because of how fast the Zoid goes. Irvine was able to handle this force and was the first pilot to control the Saix. His Command Wolf's memory was transfered into the first Saix.

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