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This layout features Rikku and Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2. Hopefully you don't find the colours entirely repulsing. XD I was trying to work on the theory that orange and blue are on the opposite ends of the colour wheel, so they're supposed to be complimentary. You can be the judge. *slinks away*

This design was super simple to code using div layer positioning. The only complex part was turning the image to flow into the repeating background. Yay. It's meant to be used on a blog site, but it can be easily converted into whatever you desire. =)

So if want this layout for your site, click here to download! There is an image map link to Magitek Designs on the side image by Rikku's foot, and there it must remain in order for you to keep this layout on your site and for you to keep this coding girl happy. ;D

:: layout by magitek designs ::