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Miroku Information:

Miroku travels with Inuyasha, Sango, Kaogme, Shippou, and Kirara. Though when he first meets Kagome and Inuyasha he is only after the shards. He kidnapps Kagome only to get the shards around her neck and then lets her go. They meet again in a village while miroku is busy conning some villigers to let him stay with the daughters. Right then we all find out he is a Pervert. Yes, when he and kagome meet closer after she saved Inuyasha from the wind tunnel he asks her to bare his son and touches her butt twice. Inuyasha tells him to stop the first time while holding her. ~.^

Miroku seems to be in love with Sango. But kagome and inuyasha never leave her alone with him when she needs to be protected. (They probably send Shippou to watch miroku watch her)

Miroku's current quest is to kill naraku and break the curse on his hand before it swallows him whole. We all know now that Miroku is a determined big Pervert with no regards for proper respect for women but according to me is is absolutly KAWAII HES SO DANG CUTE!!!

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