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!!!!!Digital Dojos!!!!!

     Digital Dojos is comprised of Cybershadow, and the conveniently named Digital_Dojo.  We’ve been wanting a better home page for a while now, but instead I made this.  So you will just have to be happy with my crappy HTML skills.  You would think the home page of two students majoring in computer science would be better.  What can I say, we are lazy……^_^


     Anyways, you can navigate our site with the buttons along the side.  We don’t take request because no one else does, and we want to be like them so there.  No, we really don’t take them because it is very hard to make a video unless the creator really is into the project.  This is why no creator will take request…..


     If you have any suggestions or compliments send us an email.  Our address is  We are always open for advice, or tips, or anything in general.  You also find us regularly on the forum of  We hope to see you there too…..


     Occasionally some of this site will load wrong.  I don’t know why, but usually if you keep hitting refresh, it will eventually fix itself.  If you make your browser full screen, everything will work fine.  If anyone knows how to fix this, let me know…….


     In closing, enjoy our very crappy home page…………………………………