10. Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing)

OK, he never really died...but everyone thought he did...like 50 times. He's jumped out of 100 story buildings, Crashed his Gundam onto the water from 3000 feet, Tried to stop his own heart, Cut his own wrists, And blew up the Wing Gundam while he was still in it. You can't keep this guy down.


If you watch the Anime, Krauser got his ass kicked by Terry, and then fell out of his castle window, undoubdetly onto some jagged rocks. Then, low and behold, you fire up the old neo-geo and play any RB fatal fury game, or KOF 96 and there he is, ready for combat...and completly unscathed. He also happend to grow that bad moustache, even after his death...

9. Wolfgang Krauser (Fatal Fury)


8. Vice and Mature (KOF):

Supposedly killed by Iori at the end of '96. I was glad to see them back in '98 and then '02. Their death was unrealistisc, seeing how Vice could take Iori with 2 hands and a foot tied behind her back. Gore Fest!


The main reason that DBZ sucks is because NO ONE EVER FREAKIN' DIES! Z Fighters-"Yay, we beat Freiza! All is well!" Freiza-"Muhahaha! I'm back with a robo body!" Z Fighters-"Yeah! Cell is dead!" Cell-"You may have blown me up, but I can reform my body...so this tired old plot will last forever!" "Gohan is dead...But we can wish him back w/the dragon balls!"...I could go on like this a while....and don't even get me started on that damn pink thing!

7. All Dragon Ball Z characters


6. Alucard (Hellsing)

The original undead often lives up to his name. Andersong cut his head off, Incognito messed him good...but he always reforms, laughs, calls his opponents weak dogs or something, then kicks their asses, and then proceeds to take their names. I love this guy!


The big-evil-horned-gerudo-pig-monster that has been the boss of every damn Zelda game to date never says die. Link can hit him with all the silver arrows and slice him with master sword all he wants...Ganon will be back, and he will get his grubby hands on Princess Zelda and the Tri-Force, and force our hero to go on an epic quest to kick his ass yet again. And we all know that we will buy the next games..we just can't help ourselves.

5. Ganon (Legend of Zelda)


4. Trowa Barton (Gundam Wing)

Sure, Trowa's been "dead" less times than Heero (and who hasn't), but anyone who can float around space for while and live is pretty tough in my book. Way to go, slugger!


This guy's got gills. He's gone down with the Black Noah (his Aircraft carrier) three times now and lived. I wish he didn't come back, since I am gonna slit my wrists if I get hit by another Genocide Cutter. Genocide...CUT-TA! Excuse me while I locate a knife.

3. Rugal Bernstein (KOF)


2. Rei Ayanami (Evangelion)

Unlike most other characters, Rei actually dies...a few times. But hey, just grab another Rei body and stick a soul in it! Problem solved!


OK, Geese is probably my favorite character ever in anything...but he deserves this honor. He's been "killed" by Terry many times. Eaten by carp (FF Anime #1), kicked out of a building, Knocked of Geese Tower, Mysteriously disappearing at the end of all RB games, etc etc. But he always comes back with a cool scar, and a new bad-ass move. Hopefully, after his next death, he'll come back with a decent grasp of the english language (Or "Engrish", as he would say). Maybe he and Heidern can take a class together. "Strom Bringa!"


1. Geese Howard (Fatal Fury)