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Liger Types
Ligers are usually well-rounded in both offense and defense, and most of them are Republican Zoids. They are designed to fight on land, but Blade Ligers, and maybe a few others too, are capable of limited battle underwater. Some Ligers excel in specific combat, like the Slash Liger in close combat and the Liger Zero Jager in high-speed battle. In battle, Ligers can take out many Zoids alone, but often it's more effective against a very large group of enemies to have a unit of support Zoids helping out.
Liger Zero
Blade Liger
Shield Liger
Liger Zero X
Snipe Liger
Slash Liger

Wolf Types
Wolf type Zoids are fast and maneuverable and are Republican Zoids. They fight on land and can be equipped with various weapons. With the exception of the Konig Wolf, they don't have very thick armor so they can't take too many strong attacks. The Konig Wolf is quite different from the rest of its type and is a lot stronger too. In battle, Command Wolves are capable of doing alright alone, but are more formidable in a group.
Command Wolf
Command Wolf AC
Desert Command Wolf
Konig Wolf

Aerial Types
Aerial Zoids are fast and highly maneuverable. Most are Republican Zoids, and can fight on land as well as in the air, though obviously they fight better in the air. The armor of aerial Zoids isn't thick so they cannot take too many hits, but their speed and maneuverability make them tough targets to hit. They can't be equipped with heavy weapons, but bombs are good. It's better for aerial Zoids to fight in a group, but strong ones, like the Storm Sworder, can fight well alone.
Storm Sworder

Fox Types
Fox Zoids are fast and very maneuverable. They are small and have light armor. They can carry different types of weapons, but nothing too heavy.
Glow Fox
Scout Fox

Feline Types
Feline Zoids are fast and maneuverable and built for ground combat. They do well alone in battle or in groups. Most, if not all, are Imperial Zoids. The Saber Tiger has many upgrades and can be equipped with a variety of weapons. The Helcat specializes in stealth technology and the Lightning Saix is one of the fastest ground Zoids ever built. The armor of all feline Zoids is pretty good, so they can last for quite a while in battle.
Saber Tiger
Lightning Saix
Gun Tiger

Raptor Types
Raptor Zoids are small, fast, highly maneuverable, and fight on the ground. They can fight well alone in battle, but they fight very well in groups. They have light armor, but are well armed, so they can be tough opponents on the battlefield. The Gun Sniper is capable of undergoing extreme modifications, but the Rev Raptor is not.
Gun Sniper
Rev Raptor
Snipe Master

Rex Types
Tyrannosaurus Rex Zoids are very powerful and have very thick armor, with the exception of the Godos. Rex Zoids can be very fast and are built for ground combat. Most are Imperial Zoids and make use of the charged particle cannon. The Death Saurer has one of the most powerful charged particle beams, though it is very slow. The Geno Saurer, Geno Breaker, and Berserk Fury are very fast, maneuverable, and use the charged particle beam, with the Fury being capable of firing three at once. The Gojulas, a Republican Zoid, is very big and has thick armor. It can be equipped with many weapons and is capable of defeating many enemy Zoids by itself. The Godos is small, has light armor, cannot be equipped with many weapons, but they battle alright in groups and are perfect for specific missions.
Berserk Fury
Geno Saurer
Geno Breaker
Death Saurer

Shark/Water Types
Hammer Head

Insect Types
Death Stinger
Double Sworder
Killer Dome

Dragon Types
Claive Quama

Other Mammal Types
Iron Kong
Hammer Rock

Other Reptile Types
Cannon Tortoise
Stealth Viper
Hel Digunner

Other Dinosaur Types
Red/Dark Horn
Dark Spiner
Mad Thunder

Whale King
Hammer Kaizer

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