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Planet Zi

Note: I believe this picture is from the manga. I'm not sure if it's the same for the anime. Also, I got this picture from another website.
This guide isn't complete yet, because the last four episodes of GF haven't been aired yet so all the information isn't here.

Planet Zi, an Earth-like planet with two moons, was once inhabited by the ancient Zoidians. They lived with Organoids, Zoids, and knew all about Zoid Eve. Then the Death Saurer was created and most of the ancient Zoidians were wiped out. They did try to fight back by creating two violent scorpion Zoids, though. Somehow, the Death Saurer and two scorpian Zoids were stopped, the ancient Zoidians were wiped out, but a few like Fiona and Riece survived by going into stasis pods. Some Organoids like Zeke, Shadow, Ambient, and Specular went into stasis pods as well. The cities of the ancient Zoidians became ruins, so most of their technology was lost and their civilization became a mystery.
Later on, humans somehow came to Planet Zi from Earth and inhabited it. They learned about Zoids, how to use them, how to build them, and how to improve them. The humans developed their own civilization on Planet Zi while constantly trying to learn about the ancient Zoidians. Eventually, the Empire and Republic were formed and most of the planet had been explored. Organoids were discovered and some of the mysteries of the ancient Zoidians were solved. A few ancient Zoidians were awakened from their long sleep within the stasis pods and lived among the humans. After the last war between the Empire and Republic had finished and the revived Death Saurer and Death Stinger, which was created from the two scorpian Zoids when the Organoid Ambient fused their cores together, had been defeated, the humans learned what Zoid Eve was and solved the mysteries of the ancient Zoidians. (do not e-mail me about Zoid Eve. I don't know what it is because I haven't seen the last four GF episodes)
After many years, the Empire and Republic joined to form one nation. Zoid battles became a form of entertainment and a challenge instead of real battles where pilots fight in order to survive. New Zoids were built and discovered and the Zoid Battle Commission was set up to govern the battles between teams of pilots and their Zoids. Ancient Zoidians, who had basically disappeared, and Organoids, which had either disappeared or fused permanently with Zoids, were rarely mentioned and Zoid Eve was never talked about. The Backdraft Group was formed by people and pilots who wanted to battle without rules, and the group often interfered with official ZBC battles. Despite these changes, the heroes of the past were never forgotten, especially Van Freiheit.

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Known cities and landmarks on Planet Zi:

Chaotic Century and Guardian Force Era:

New Helic City: The capital city of the Helic Republic. It is located near Mt. Osa and the final battle of the war between the Empire and the Republic was fought here, with the Republic as the winner of course. It was demolished by the Death Stinger when the Zoid fired a huge charged particle beam, but luckily the city had been evacuated.

Guygalos: The capital city of the Guylos Empire. It was attacked by the Death Saurer when Prozen tried to take over the Empire, and the planet. Part of the city was destroyed during the Death Saurer's attack, but Van destroyed the huge Zoid and the city was rebuilt.

Wind Colony: Van Freiheit's home village. It was attacked by the Arcobaleno Gang once and also by a Stealth Viper. Van managed to save his village both times. Dan Freiheit gave his life to stop the Imperial army from destroyed this village.

Valley of Heroes: All the best Zoid pilots have traveled through this valley, Van included. There used to be Zoid pilot competitions held in this valley. Van and Irvine battled and defeated the three guards here in a battle that was supposedly similar to the old competions.

Red River Base: Rosso and Viola's Storm Sworders are stored here. This is also the base from which two Storm Sworder Stealth types were stolen, although in the end the two Zoids were defeated and retrieved.

Mt. Iselina: A very foggy mountain, which makes it dangerous to navigate. The thick fog caused the legend of the Mt. Iselina monster to be created. The fog was thick enough for shadows to be reflected upon it so shadows from a Godos were thought to be the monster. There is also a hidden village on this mountain.

Zoid Eve: Located in the Valley of the Rare Hertz, which is very hard to find.

Ruins #1: Van found Zeke and Fiona in these ruins when he was chased by the Arcobaleno Gang.

Ruins #2: A white Gordos guards these ruins. Van, Fiona, Irvine, and Zeke have all been here.

Small Village #1: Van and Irvine were protectors for this village to defend its inhabitants against attacks from the Arcobaleno Gang. There are many aquifers around this village, but a lot of the water was taken from them, so they have become dangerous since they can collapse inwards.

Ruins #3: Ruins of an old city and also a sleeper trap. Van, Fiona, Zeke, Irvine, and Moonbay rested here one night and were caught in the sleeper trap, but managed to escape.

Republican Base #1: Hermann and O'Connell take Van and his friends here when they catch them near the place where a group of sleeper Zoids were destroyed.

Fire Bridge: A crucial element for the Battle of Red River. The Imperial army needed this bridge for their back-up troops to get to the battle, while the Republican army needed it destroyed so they can win the battle. Van managed to blow the bridge up and helped the Republican army win the battle.

Small Village #2: Van was chased by the Arcobaleno Gang here when Rosso ordered his gang to get Zeke.

Mt. Iselina's Hidden Village: Viola's home village. Her little sister Rosa lives here and travels around Mt. Iselina in a Godos.

Cronos Fortress: The Republican army slowed the Imperial army down when they lured them into a trap and then sacrificed the fortress and blew up a big part of the Imperial army's Molga unit.

Mt. Osa Base: The place where the ZG, the first Gojulas, was stored and used in battle. Later the base was blown up in order for the Republic to defeat a large part of the Imperial army and force the Empire away from New Helic City.

Mt. Osa: A volcano. Missiles were launched into it in order to make it erupt and blow up Mt. Osa Base. Van and Raven fought their final battle with their first Zoids, the Shield Liger and the Saber Fang, here, and Van won and Raven's Saber Fang was destroyed.

Ruins #4 ("Gurreall Ruins", SP unknown): Rev Raptor sleepers guard these ruins. Van and his friends find the first hint of the Death Saurer here, a small carving in stone.

Abandoned Mines: Prozen's hired gang to kill Rudolf chases Van and Rudolf throughout these mines.

Imperial Base #1: Located on a mountain. Van, Irvine, Rudolf, and Zeke were held here, but the no-name soldier helped them escape.

Small Village #3: Irvine and Van brought medicine to the sick children in this village and Irvine was reminded of his dead sister.

Imperial Base #2: Karl Schubaltz trained with black Redlers here. Also, Rosso and Viola fought their first battle in their Storm Sworders at this base.

City of Wind: A small town near the Valley of Heroes. The three guards tend to watch over this place.

Imperial Base #3: The Death Saurer was revived here.

Ruins #5: O'Connell called Fiona and Van to check these ruins to see if there was any sign of Zoid Eve. Riece made her first appearance here.

Small Village #4: Riece took control of this village using Specular's psycho waves, but Van defeated her.

Small Village #5: Thomas made his first appearance here and helped Van defend it from bandits.

Other Base #1: This base is located on a mountain near a town and belongs to bandits under Hiltz's orders. A cave is located near this base in which Hiltz finds something (a Zoid core perhaps) that he needs for his plan to succeed.

Other Base #2: This base is located on a cliff and belongs to the group of people using the Whale King to collect Zoid cores to experiment on.

Imperial Base #3: Van and Thomas had to stop Riece from blowing up this base. The explosion would have wiped out a good deal of both Imperial and Republican territory.

Republican Base #2: This is the base Raven and Shadow attacked and Raven "awakened" when he saw Van.

Ancient Zoidian City Ruins: These ruins, usually under the sea, are accessible when the two moons eclipse, which will cause the water to be pulled away. It happens very rarely, and Van, Zeke, and Fiona were lucky enough to be able to see these ruins.

Imperial Base #4: The first Lightning Saix was tested here.

Dark Kaizer's Cave: No one except Hiltz, Riece, Raven, and their Organoids know where this place is.

Small Village #6: This is where Nichalo lived and protected Riece before he died.

Guardian Force Base: The base where Zeke upgrades the Blade Liger when it couldn't keep up with what Van wanted it to do.

Grand Prix Racetrack: Located near water, maybe on an island. Moonbay tends to race here in a Sinker sometimes.

Windeen Lake: The Ultrasaurus was hidden at the bottom of this lake to be used as a last resort. The water was drained away, revealing the huge Zoid, when the Republic and Empire were threatened by the Death Stinger.

Hidden Base: The Gravity Cannon was built at this base. The base was equipped with optical stealth technology in order to prevent it from being easily attacked by enemies.

Group of Islands: These islands are where the Ultrasaurus was equipped with the Gravity Cannon, where the Cannon was tested, and where a huge sea battle between the Ultrasaurus and its enemies took place.

New Century Zero Era:

Blitz Team's Base: A large building located in a desert where the Blitz Team stores their Zoids and Hovercargo. The Backdraft Group once tried to steal the Liger Zero from this base.

Backdraft Group HQ: A black building in a city where the Count leads the Backdraft Group.

Lightning Team's Base: A medium-sized building where the Lightning Team's Zoids are stored.

Champ Team's Base: A very large building where the Champ Team keeps all their Zoids and three Whale Kings. It is close to the Blitz Team's base.

Romeo City: Leena picked up her Gun Sniper from this city.

Fuma Team's Base: Located in the middle of a desert and marked by giant shark jaws. the Fuma Team hangs around this place until they are called.

Backdraft Group's Battle Arena: A building, the exact location unknown, where Bit battled Stoller in an arena bordered by fire before escaping. Backdraft Group members had placed bets on this battle.

Jantala Ruins: A small shack-type building where Dr. Toros, Oscar Hemeros, and Dr. Layon used to hang out before the love letter incident. It was destroyed by Dr. Layon and his Whale King. The Whale King was hit by Bit Cloud's buster slash here, as well.

ZBC Base: A small ZBC base where Storm Sworders are kept. Benjamin once tried to break into this base to steal a Storm Sworder, but he was stopped by Bit and Harry.

Backdraft Group's Base #1: Located in a very rocky place. Stoller took a Whale King and broke out of this base in order to fight Bit in an official battle.

Backdraft Group's Base #2: The Shadowfox was built by Dr. Layon in this base before Brad managed to take it. It is located in some woods near some mountains.

The Old Ultrasaurus: A broken-down Ultrasaurus located in a desert where the Royal Cup takes place. It is the same one that was equipped with the Gravity Cannon. The final battle between the Liger Zero and Berserk Fury took place here.

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