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Orisha's Analysis on Jack Sisco:

Name: Jack Sisco (Other variations of his last name include Cisco, Sisqo, Sisquo or Sisko.)

Occupation: Mercenary (Later, becomes a member of the Lightning Team)

Age: 17-18 years old

Date Of Birth: Jack Sisco's DOB was not disclosed to the public by the official source material so it remains a mystery.

Gender: Male

Race: Biracial (possibly mixed with Asian and African ancestry)

Height: 6'2" to 6'4"

Weight: 164-178 lbs.

Eye Color: Gray

Hair Color: Dark purple

Known Relatives: None

Zoid: Lightning Saix

Episode appearances in Zoids New Century Slash Zero (Zoids/Zero anime): #5-High Speed Battle: Transforming into Zero Jager, #11-The Sensational Three: Rematch with Jack Sisco, #23-The Dragon Awakens: The Berserk Fury Enters the Fray, #24-The Tournament of Heroes: The Royal Cup.

Voice actor: (English) Brian Drummond

Character Analysis:

Right from the very beginning, Jack Sisco made a clear statement about himself. Cool, laid back, calculating, driven, yet cocky and arrogant which are typical characteristics of a ‘Type A’ personality. In episode five of Zoids/Zero, we see him refusing offers to join other zoid teams unless they choose the right card from his deck. Harry Champ finally won him over but it was, unfortunely, a short-term partnership. When Jack and Harry team up, they face off with the Blitz Team. They had completely different goals in mind, Harry wanted to impress Leena while Jack wanted to impress, body. All Jack Sisco really cared about was winning, and keeping his share of the prize money. Jack is a mercenary; a zoid warrior for hire and the only thing he is interested in is money and profit. That is the only reason why he joined the Champ Team in the first place because of Harry's vast wealth. Jack also likes to gamble, a lot. Well, money and mercenaries do go hand in hand, so it’s to be expected. Jack Sisco may have his faults but that what makes him so interesting...and real.

In episode eleven, when Jack became a member of the Lightning Team, he told the Tasker sisters his reasons for joining up with them. They really didn't care, one way or another, but he told them anyway and he made his point quite clear. They fully understood the capabilities of the Lightning Saix; they understood the Saix's limits and could control them perfectly. Their skills with the Lightning Saix is what won him over, not their appearance. With the sisters' beauty and brains, and Jack Sisco's cool intellect and brawn, they made an explosive combination that made everyone else sit up and take notice of them. It worked out to Jack Sisco's advantage; he got his revenge against Bit Cloud by defeating the Blitz Team. Jack does show a belligerent attitude but yet, an incredible intellect that makes him appear older than he actually is.

In the case of Zoids/Zero, the show's main protagonist happens to be Bit Cloud and the person who challenged him the most is Jack Sisco. When Jack and Bit finally did face off, Jack mistakenly assumed the Liger Zero (Which had transformed into the Liger Zero Jager) was no match for his Lightning Saix. It quickly became a speed match as the two zoids tried to outrace each other, giving Jack a rare adrenaline rush. In the end, when Jack lost to Bit, there appeared to be no hard feelings between the two of them. Yeah, right...

That friendly "What's your name, warrior?" feeling quickly changed into "Gonna get some payback!" hostility. This is where things went into overdrive and the rivalry really kicked into high gear. O' Jackie boy wanted revenge against Bit for defeating him, thus, taking away his title of 'The man who never loses.' Throughout most of episode eleven, Jack taunted Bit constantly, calling him an amateur and in battle, Jack complimented on the Liger Zero but not its pilot. He knew that the Liger was a great zoid but Bit wasn't taking the zoid battles seriously. In the end, Jack got his revenge; the Blitz Team got a serious beat down by the Lightning Team.

In episode twenty-three, not only did Bit and Jack face each other again, but also they face off with another zoid warrior. This is where Vega Obscura defeated these guys in a video game battle. Later, when the battle between the Blitz Team and the Lightning Team was interrupted by another intrusion of Vega’s, Jack was not too pleased about that. Meaning, in other words, he wasn't going to get paid and you know how Jack is. Jack tried to over take Vega, only to be defeated, along with the rest of his teammates. Once Vega was temporally side tracked, it was business as usual between Bit and Jack as they rematch (yet, again) in episode twenty-four but this time, following the basic storyline all shows must follow, the hero and his team wins at the end. Jack, being the pro that is he, took his defeat very well, vanishing off the series for good.

For a person to appear in just four episodes and make such a big impression with the fans shows how much of a great character Jack Sisco is. Jack loves to prove himself to be the best and he knows it. After all, Zoids is a show about people beating the crap out of each other, so competition would be a natural occurancy. It makes for an interesting plot and character interaction for most viewers. The hero may win in the end but the anti-hero is always the more interesting one when it comes to looks and personality. In other words, Bit may be the series’ hero but Jack is one of the coolest character in Zoids/Zero, IMO.

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