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Zoids Dictionary

I will need your help with this. If you think of a term that is not in this dictionary, then e-mail me,

CC = Zoids Chaotic Century
GF = Zoids Guardian Force
NCZ = Zoids New Century Zero

-Ancient Zoidians (CC/GF): A humanoid race that populated Planet Zi many, many years before actual humans arrived on it. Zoid Eve and Organoids are often associated with them, since they knew what Zoid Eve is and they lived with Organoids. They were responsible for creating the Death Saurer, an evil Zoid that wiped out most of their race in the end. A few members of the ancient Zoidian race, like Fiona and Riece, survived the Death Saurer's attack and went into stasis pods along with some Organoids like Zeke and Specular. It is said that the memories of an ancient Zoidian are transferred into his or her Organoid partner during their long sleep in stasis pods. They can regain their memories, though. Ancient Zoidians also have special abilities like the ability to sense water from a distance, the ability to communicate with Organoids (though Organoids and their partners can communicate as well, eg. Hiltz and Ambient who talk to each other often.), and the ability to travel through shadows. However, ancient Zoidians seem to be able to have only one special ability, since Fiona can sense water but not travel through shadows like Riece can, but Riece can't sense water. Ancient Zoidians also have very good eyesight and can fuse with an Organoid into the core of a Zoid to either help it fight or evolve.

-Arcobaleno Gang (CC/GF): The Arcobaleno Gang was led by Rosso until it was disbanded when he and Viola decided to protect Rudolf. When it was in existence, Rosso, who had been thrown out of the Imperial army, took in a few Zoid pilots like Viola to search for some way to get back into the Imperial army. They went after Van Freiheit's Organoid Zeke until Rosso was captured by the Imperial army, who had accused him of attacking their troops. His gang had attacked their troops, but they had been given orders to attacks them. Then the Imperial army twisted the situation around to put the blame on the Arcobaleno Gang when they lost the Battle of Red River. Viola and the rest of the gang freed Rosso from jail and then plotted to hold the Crown Prince Rudolf hostage for money. They succeeded in taking Rudolf, but then Rosso and Viola ended up protecting him from being killed by Prozen's men. The gang was disbanded so that the other members would be safe.

-Backdraft Group (NCZ): The Backdraft Group is an organization dedicated to creating a world where Zoid battles have no rules. They constantly interrupt official ZBC battles, take the Zoids of the losing teams, and use any means necessary to win a battle, such as using electromagnetic poles and shooting at the cockpit. The Backdraft Group is led by the Count, who is in charge of all the members of the group such as Sarah, Alteil, and Major Polta, who is the leader of the group's Gold Team. They use dark judge satellites and dark judges instead of white ones like the ZBC does. The Backdraft Group searched for and found an Ultimate X, the Berserk Fury, to use in official battles. Their plan was to use the Fury to win the Royal Cup, and take out all the ZBC judge satellites using a Death Stinger's charged particle beam (they just had the tail) at the same time, and thus take over Zoid battles. But they failed and the ZBC wiped out all the dark judge satellites, the Liger Zero beat the Berserk Fury, and the Backdraft Group was defeated once and for all.

-Battle Mode (NCZ): The rules for different battle styles, such as one on one or the old-fashioned showdown. The judges designate the battle mode using numbers. Teams can request the battle mode when they challenge other teams if they wish to.

-Beek (GF): Beek is an A.I. developed and built by Thomas Schubaltz into the core of his Dibison. It is basically like a manmade Organoid, but better, according to Thomas. It is able to analyze data of battles and other stuff to calculate the best method of attack. It can track footprints even in water, find invisible enemies, predict battle styles, and much more. The main controls of Thomas' Dibison are detachable and happen to be a gun, so Thomas can use them as a weapon. Thomas wears a small headset to communicate to Beek, who can understand his orders. When Thomas gets in the cockpit of his Dibison, he uses a helmet which is connected by wires to Beek to pilot his Dibison with the A.I.'s help.

-Black Box (NCZ): A black box is a term for an Organoid system. It is an Organoid which is permanently fused to a Zoid. It can do everything an actual Organoid can do when fused to a Zoid.

-CAS (NCZ): Changing Armor System. This system was designed and built by Dr. Toros into his Hovercargo so the Liger Zero can change armors quickly. It can hold all four of the Liger Zero's armors and Bit Cloud can control the system while still in the Liger. The system was built into the Hovercargo's main panels and can rotate around, making it very easy for the Liger to access any armor that is needed.

-Class Ranking (NCZ): The ZBC divides teams up into classes, with class S being the best, A being the second best, and E being the worst. Teams go up in rank if they gain victories, but go down if they lose. The prize money gets better as teams go up in rank. The higher up in rank teams are, the better they are, and the harder the battles are. Teams cannot challenge or fight other teams who are of a higher or different rank.

-Cockpit (CC/GF/NCZ): The cockpit of a Zoid is where the pilot sits and controls it. Cockpits can have one or two seats and be in the head, chest, or stomach of a Zoid. The Gun Tiger's cockpit is on its back, which makes it very dangerous to pilot. The cockpit contains all of a Zoid's controls, obviously.

-Combat System Freeze (CC/GF/NCZ): When a Zoid can no longer attack, then its combat system is frozen. It can only run away or defend. This happens when a Zoid takes too much damage to its weapons or body.

-Command System Freeze (CC/GF/NCZ): When a Zoid can no longer be controlled, its command system is frozen. This happens when a Zoid takes too much damage overall or is out of energy.

-Crown Prince (CC): The heir to the throne of the Guylos Empire. The Crown Prince must have the golden ring with the symbol of the Empire carved onto it in order to prove that he is the heir to the throne. Whoever possesses the golden ring has complete control over the Guylos Empire. Crown Prince Rudolf and Minister Prozen once battled over the ring for control of the empire.

-Dark Judge (NCZ): The dark judge is the judge for the battles of the Backdraft Group. It always favors the Backdraft Group's team and usually starts battles without any rules. It has no problem with illegal moves such as attacking the transport or shooting at the cockpit. Dark judges sometimes land on top of white ones when the Backdraft Group takes over a battle.

-Dark Kaizer (GF): The Dark Kaizer, who is probably Prozen, lives in the core of the Death Saurer in a cave and uses Hiltz, Raven, and Riece to carry out his plans to destroy both the Guylos Empire and Helic Republic.

-Emergency System (CC/GF/NCZ): System used to protect the pilot's life. It ejects the pilot from the cockpit of the Zoid if his or her life is threatened. Pilots have to activate the system in order for it to work.

-Equipment(CC/GF/NCZ): Any kind of weapon, armor, or other technology that can be equipped on a Zoid.

-Evolution (CC/GF): Zoids evolve into more advanced forms to meet the skill and talent of the pilot. Usually Organoids evolve Zoids, but Zoids can evolve by themselves over time. When a Zoid is being evolved by an Organoid, which has more control over what changes will take place in a Zoid, a pink form appears around the evolving Zoid. Known pink forms are a whirlwind of it or a pink crystal. Examples of evolution is the Shield Liger into the Blade Liger, and the Geno Saurer into the Geno Breaker.

-Guardian Force (GF): The Guardian Force was established after the final war between the Empire and the Republic in order to protect their fragile peace and sort out those who cause trouble and threaten the peace. The Guardian Force is often relied on in tough situations, such as the battle with the Death Stinger and the protection of the Ultrasaurus. Van Freiheit, Zeke, Fiona, Thomas Schubaltz, and Irvine, whether he likes it or not, are all members of the Guardian Force.

-Guylos Empire (CC/GF): The Guylos Empire is one of the two main powers on Planet Zi. It is led by Emperor Rudolf, whose family has always led it, but was once threatened by Prozen and the Death Saurer.

-Helic Republic (CC/GF): The Helic Republic is one of the two main powers on Planet Zi. It was formed when a group of people broke away from the control of the Guylos Empire. The people elect their own presidents, such as the current leader, President Camford.

-Hit Points (NCZ): Points gained for the number of hits made on an enemy, even if the enemy is not defeated.

-Hover Board (CC/GF): A board that hovers above the ground and can be guided by a control attached to the board. It can also be used to pull a person up the side of a wall while the person runs up the wall behind it.

-Individual Points (NCZ): Points gained by individual pilots for defeating an enemy.

-Irvine's Eye Patch (CC/GF): Irvine's special eye patch is capable of recording and playing back images that he sees, and also taking snapshots of images. It has three lenses to let him see close-ups of things at different distances. Irvine can easily rotate the lenses by pressing a button on the eye patch. He often hides a small explosive in his eye patch, just in case he needs to get out of a tight situation.

-Judge (NCZ): White ZBC judges watch the official battles and determine the battle mode, if teams are breaking the rules or not, and whether a request from a team, like for the battle to be moved to another day or for the battle to be cancelled, should be granted due to circumstances. They also make sure that no one who is not allowed in the battlefield is there.

-Judge Capsule (NCZ): Judge capsules are used to transfer judges from judge satellites to the ground and back. They are capable of withstanding intense heat and can launch back into space when a battle is over. They open up to reveal a judge when they land on a battlefield.

-Judge Satellite (NCZ): Judge satellites are large spaceships that hold many judges and can launch and recieve judge capsules. They orbit Planet Zi, have large guns, but can be shot down.

-Legendary Zoid (CC/GF): A legendary Zoid is an incredibly powerful Zoid capable of mass destruction. They are part of ancient Zoidian scriptures and are feared by most people. Two legendary Zoids are the Death Saurer and the Death Stinger.

-Memory Bank (CC/GF/NCZ): Memory banks are used to store the combat data of Zoids. The memory bank of one Zoid can be transplanted into a similar Zoid as long as their combat data is similar as well.

-Mercenary (CC/GF/NCZ): A mercenary is a Zoid pilot who works and fights for money.

-Organoid (CC/GF): An Organoid is a special Zoid that can fuse with another Zoid to enhance its capabilities. They have special relationships with ancient Zoidians and can easily communicate with them. An Organoid can also communicate using growls and roars with its human partner once they get close enough. They fuse into a Zoid's core to help it and the pilot battle. Organoids can heal a damaged or broken-down Zoid and also evolve Zoids. Some Organoids like Ambient and Specular can tamper with a Zoid's core to change its physical features, like make a Gun Sniper red with spikes, or make it bigger, like make a Double Sworder grow in size. An Organoid's partner can unleash the Organoid's full potential when it is needed. Organoids can control Zoids by themselves, but they work much better with a pilot's help. They can change into energy, sometimes colored energy, when fusing into a Zoid or flying very fast. They can open up (they are hollow inside), wrap wires around someone, and carry one person at a time inside of them. Known Organoids are the silver Organoid Zeke, the black one Shadow, the red one Ambient, and the blue one Specular. Zeke, who's partner is Van Freiheit, is a t-rex type, can upgrade a Zoid's capabilities, and has rocket booster on his back for flying. His eyes are red. Shadow, who's partner is Raven, is a dragon with wings type, flies with dragon wings, can control very powerful Zoids for a long time, and has blue eyes. Ambient, who's partner is Hiltz, is a dragon without wings type, flies by emitting energy out of boosters on his back, can alter Zoid cores to change the Zoid's physical characteristics greatly, can fuse two Zoid cores together, and has green eyes. Specular, who's partner is Riece, is a raptor type, flies by emitting energy out of boosters on its back, can alter a Zoid core to make the Zoid's physical characteristics different, has the power of controlling Zoids and people with psycho waves which Riece uses to her advantage often, and has yellow eyes.

-Organoid System (NCZ): It is an Organoid which is permanently fused to a Zoid. It can do everything an actual Organoid can do when fused to a Zoid. Examples of Zoids with Organoid systems are the Liger Zero and Berserk Fury.

-Prize Money (NCZ): The money awarded to teams for winning a battle. The amount of prize money can be changed if the battle is not appointed by the ZBC.

-Rare Hertz (CC/GF): The rare hertz is a strange pulse of waves that makes Zoids and Organoids go wild and destroy things. It moves around randomly and it cannot be predicted where it will surface next. Organoids are capable of breaking free from the control of the rare hertz, and Zoids are equipped with pulse guards that will temporarily protect them fromt the rare hertz.

-Royal Cup Tournament (NCZ): A ZBC tournament held every four years. All Class A teams can participate and the top Class B team and another Class B team, chosen by luck, can too. Teams travel in a certain area fighting in battles when they come across each other, though they can avoid battles as well. Once five victories have been gained, the teams will have been given all the information as to where the finish line is. The first team to get there gets a ton of prize money and gets to join Class S. Teams are out of the tournament when their Zoids are no longer capable of fighting.

-Sensors (CC/GF/NCZ): Every Zoid is equipped with sensors. Sensors are used to detect locations of other Zoids and such. Special sensors are required to detect Zoids using stealth technology.

-Sleeper (CC/GF): A sleeper Zoid is a Zoid commanded by a computer and is used to guard certain locations or to detect if something is carrying supplies for their side's enemy. They were used often during the war between the Empire and Republic, and their movements are often sluggish. Sometimes they are programmed to lure enemies into a trap and then destroy them.

-Stealth Technology (CC/GF/NCZ): Stealth technology is used to make a Zoid or something hard to detect by sensors. Optical stealth technology make a Zoid or something (like a base) invisible and Zoids using smokescreens make it hard for enemies to detect them. Helcats are the ultimate stealth Zoid and can even erase some of their own tracks and quite the noise they make.

-Transport (CC/GF/NCZ): A transport is a Zoid, like a Gustav, Hovercargo, Whale King, or Ultrasaurus, that can carry other Zoids to different locations.

-Ultimate X (NCZ): An Ultimate X is a Zoid with an Organoid system or black box. Two known ones are the Berserk Fury and the Liger Zero.

-Unsanctioned Battle (NCZ): A battle begun by or taken over by the Backdraft Group. In other words, any battle that is not monitored by the ZBC.

-Zoid (CC/GF/NCZ): Zoids are metallic life forms that possess superior fighting skills. Warriors by nature, Zoids are used in battles and wars. They are alive, with their hearts being Zoid cores. They can sense their pilots' feelings and use them to enhance their performance. Zoids are based on animals and can fight on land, in air, or in the sea depending on their capabilities. They can be powerful, weak, fast, or slow, but how they perform in battle really depends on the skills of the pilot.

-Zoid Battle (CC/GF/NCZ): Zoid battles are fights between two or more Zoids.

-Zoid Battle Commision (NCZ): The ZBC governs Zoid battles between teams. It is rivaled by the Backdraft Group, which was beaten in the end, and uses an Ultrasaurus as headquarters. Teams must register pilots and Zoids with the ZBC before they are allowed to battle.

-Zoid Core (CC/GF/NCZ): The Zoid core is the heart of a Zoid. If it is destroyed, then a Zoid will never recover, unless it is evolved by an Organoid. Zoid cores get their power from Zoid Eve (I think).

-Zoid Eve (CC/GF): Zoid Eve will be defined when Toonami feels like airing the last four episodes of GF.

-Zoid Gear (NCZ): Zoid Gear holds important information such as the pilot's name, identification number, team's name, and other important facts and are used to register with the ZBC for official battles.

-Zoid Pilot (CC/GF/NCZ): A Zoid pilot controls a Zoid and can be its friend and partner or its master. A good Zoid pilot can bring out the full potential of a Zoid. Zoid pilots can develop bonds with their Zoids, which will allow them to fight much better.

-Zoid Trials (NCZ): The Zoid Trials are held by the ZBC every once in a while to gather data about each team's Zoids and pilot's skills which will be released to the public in order to keep the battles fair. Zoids must run an obstacle course, which consists of dodging walls, cornering, and shooting targets, which all reflect the overall skill of a pilot and capabilities of a Zoid.

Attacks, weapons, custom parts, and such will be added later.

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