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Leaving so soon? ;_;
Then pls check out some of these amazing fruba pages ^-^ I promise you, they're much better then mine! *cough* anywho, if you have a fruba page and you would like me to link you pls send me your address and I'll put it up in the next update! Bye bye!

Onigiri - A Fruba site with an awesome image gallery ^-^ check it out!

Animal Crackers - This site is as cute as it's name! It has lots of fanart + Fanfiction plus you can adopt your fav fruba characters ^^

Fruit Medley - This is the first fruitsbasket site I ever went to, it has everything you could ask for...everything!!

Anime and Manga Translations - Fruba translations

Dai Bouken's Fruitsbasket Site - I love this site! It has alot of info, translations and also mp3's!

Embracing Ribbons - A new site about fruba in general

Furuba Project - wai wai! ^^ Scanned fruba manga translated into english

Fruba official keepers list - Become the proud owner of something from your fav character!

Fruitz - another awesome fruba site! There might not be many fruba sites out there but the ones we do have sure are amazing ^-^

- A shrine to Hatsuharu! kawaii~! =^^=

- A shrine to yuki! Has everything you'd want to know about him plus the cutest mousey wallapaper!

- A very large gallery to fruba and others of Natsuki Takaya's work

- This is a new page but look at the layout! so pretty *_* amazing!