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Saya - "Buffy move over"

Saya is the films leading character. Her real age is unknown and even though she looks as though she should still be at school, she has been around since the 1800's at least.  She is a mysterious, brooding protagonist, and is  played by the vivacious Youki Kodoh, who recently made her Hollywood debut in the feature film Snow Falling on Cedars.
She is the last remaining "original", a loner cast out by humans and beasts alike. The official Manga site puts it quite well:
"A loner expelled from human society as well as the domain of beasts, paying heed to no one, beholden to no one - this beautiful nocturnal creature simply roams the darkness, bringing about a cruel destiny to all those who cross her path. Only undying legends will forever capture the tale of this accursed creature"

Chiropterans - "Vampires???"

Chiropterans, aswell as being the fodder for Saya and her razor sharp sword, are also the stuff of legend. It is believed that the popular vampire myth evolved from sightings of the chiropterans. Some think the chiropterans evolved from the experiments carried out by the "Eternal Life Project", who attempted to create an eternal being through mixing vampire and human blood. Like vampires these evil creatures are blood sucking and have the ability, through the use of their skin and bones which can shrink or expand, to change form. This ability has enabled them to hide amongst humans. However they are not un-noticable by all...