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Wierd Experiences Pt.1

Chp.1: The Trouble   

    " You can come, too, if you want.", I said.

    Anne winced, the wound on her finger hurting her. "Alright", she managed to reply. "And maybe I can get a band-aid from the office downstairs."

    She followed me from behind, blowing on her open wound to ease the pain. I wished this was only a bad dream and I was at home sleeping. Recently, those hideous ghosts hay wired the school's electrical system. The dimness of the whole school felt so evil. Our only source of light was our flashlights and the bright moonlight illuminating from the windows. The rest of the group in front of me telling us to hurry up.

    Ayeza stopped to wait for me, then whispered, "Are you sure you wanna go? I'm thinking this isn't a good idea."

    I looked at her abruptly. "You were the one who suggested the idea. We've come this far and we can't back out now. It would have helped if this school wasn't located in a deserted place."

    All of us were going down the stairs, then suddenly, we heard footsteps running towards us. I turned and realized it was Francis and Suren.

    "Hurry! They're coming!", I heard Francis yell. Suren was bleeding. His arm was badly cut, due to the rough, surfaced walls of the doomed hallway. He cursed out loud in pain.

    "Dammit, hurry up! They're coming to get us!!!"

    Me, Ayeza, Anne, Alvin, Jeremee, and Michelle rushed down the stairs and out the exit beside the office. One of the teacher's car, which was a van, was unlocked and with the keys still intact inside. Everyone hopped in, waiting anxiously for the rest of the guys.

    "Look, me and Suren'll go back to fetch the others. Anybody wanna come, too? Jerimee? Alvin?", Francis asked seriously.

    Nobody seemed to volunteer to help, nor move. Francis didn't want to waste time forcing any of us to help, so he left to assist Suren, without hesitation.

    When he left, everyone was silent. Then Michelle broke the silence.

    "What do you think will happen to us?", Michelle asked.

    "I don't know, besides getting turned into one of the ghosts?", Jeremee quipped, laughing nervously. No one seemed to think it was funny, though, usually he was one of our class clowns.

    I thought I heard Alvin chatter his teeth in fear. In my opinion, most of the guys has turned into chickens. "We're the only ones left. The JKs-grade 7s and all the teachers have all been taken by the ghosts, and there's only a few grade 8s left. Who knows what they did to them.", Michelle said.

    After 30 minutes, we were all worried about the others. What if they were caught, too? No, that can't be it. Everyone in the city has been...captured...or worse.

    "That's it, I've had enough waiting. We're going back there and get the others.", declared Jerimee.

    "We'll get caught.", Michelle uttered, her lips quivering.

    "I agree with Jerimee.", I finally spoke. It was time to face our fears. It's the only way to save everybody.

    Jerimee nodded in agreement and jumped off the van, heading back towards the haunted school. I followed suit, then I heard Ayeza call.

    "Wait, I'll go with you. I don't wanna stay here."

    Alvin, Michelle, and Anne agreed, too. So they decided to join me and Jerimee to help Francis and Suren. We scurried to the office. Jerimee began to speak.

    "It'll be easier for us to find them if we split up."

    Michelle gasped in fear. "No, No, I don't want to be alone. Can I go with Anne?"

    Jerimee sighed. "Fine. Anne?" Anne nodded.

    He continued." I'll go to the hallway upstairs. Alvin, you go down the basement--"

    "Me and Ayeza'll go to the area around the library!", I quickly stated.

    Jerimee gave us the approval. "Michelle, Anne, you two wanna check the area around here?"

    They both agreed.

    A small smile played in Jerimee's lips. "Okay, let's get to work people."

    As assigned, everyone went to their designated areas.


    Ayeza cautiously opened the library door. I took my flashlight and peered inside by the window. No one seemed to be in there, I thought. But heck, we went in, nevertheless. The library was a total chaos, compared to when it was viewed from the outside. Bookshelves were topple over. Books were violently scattered on the floor. Chaos...The room where Ms. Amenta is usually found was in disarray. Me and Ayeza searched the whole library for anyone or anything that was useful. I was rummaging around the back of the library when Ayeza called me.

    "I'm gonna go search outside the library. I think it's better that way.", she said, wiping a bead of sweat on her temples.

    "But you don't have a flashlight."

    She merely shrugged and said, "So?"

    That's Ayeza alright, I told myself. So reckless...

    "Okay. Hurry, up, though. I don't want to be alone..."

    "Don't worry, I'm scared, too.", she said, putting on a playful smile to keep my spirits up," But you'll be fine, and so will I"

    I smiled back. Then, she left.

    I was alone. Here in the cold library, which was usually full of joy and excitement of kids. It was hard to continue searching without Ayeza around 'cause it was pretty scary, but I forced myself to conquer my fears. What if those ghosts find me and take me? Like they did to Reyn and Carleen...and all my other friends.


    I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I heard the eerie sound coming from under the collapsed bookshelves.

    "Who's t-there?", I queried, my heartbeat racing. I used the flashlight to investigate the surroundings.

    At first I thought it was one of the ghosts, but then when it groaned again, I realized it was more of a person's voice.

    I warily stepped closer to the bookshelf it came from.



    I was in doubt so I took my flashlight and used it so I could see who this person really is.

    That's him alright, I thought.

     His head was sticking out from the bookshelf that was pressing down on him so hard. Without thinking, I fiercely lifted up the bookshelf, even though it was terribly heavy and it only budged a bit. I was going to call Ayeza for help, but the bookshelf shifted enough for him to slip out. I dragged him farther from the bookshelves. I flipped him over and saw several scratch marks in his face. He groaned in pain again. I had to notify Ayeza right away.

    "I'll be right back, Mark. I'll just go find Ayeza to help me out."

     I stood to my feet and was about to look for Ayeza when he grabbed my ankle, incapable of moving.

    "You're not going anywhere, little girl.", he said in a hoarse voice.

    I gasped, feeling petrified when I realized this wasn't Mark...anymore. His eyes turned red with fury. It was so scary that I thought if I had looked again, I might turn to stone.

    "Ayeza!!! Help!!!", I cried in panic.

    I closed my eyes as he stood, now facing him right in the face. In an impulse, I punched his cheek. I opened my eyes and gasped at what I had done.

    Just in time, Ayeza came running to the scene. "What happened? I heard you scr--"

    Her jaw dropped in shock at the sight of Mark lying on the floor, unconscious. She hurriedly dashed towards him.   "What happened to him?"

    I grinned mischievously. "I knocked him cold."

    Normally, she would have asked me why, but by the looks of me, she didn't had to. It almost seemed like she read my eyes. She grinned back. "Let's bring him down the nurse's room so we can tend his injuries."

    The two of us bought him down the office. Ayeza carefully laid him down the couch so he can be more comfortable. She started to mend his wounds while I sat on the counter.

    "Aren't Michelle and Anne supposed to be here?", I started, absently rolling the piece of gauze around my finger.

    "I don't know what happened to them. Maybe those shitty ghosts got them, too."

    "Don't say that. It's bad enough that it's just a few of us survived."

    I sighed, and walked out of the room. "You stay there and take care of Lelis. I'll go look for the others."

    "You sure you don't need a buddy to go with?"

    "After what I did to Mark, what have I got to be scared of? I got two powerful fists right here.", I bravely said.

       Ayeza shrugged and I fled the room.

-->>Chp.2: Whispers