11/09/02: Just starting. Nothing much. Come back later or just visit some pages that are up!

12/07/02: Whew! Finally, I've updated after almost a month without updates! Alright, I've done a lot of things. I changed the layout, added some pics, other stuffs and still some things I have to work on. Please be patient. I'm really pissed 'cause my hit counter reset itself to zero when I changed the layout!! Think about all the thousand of hits it counted! *sniff*

12/23/02: changed the layout...in case if you don't know, ::mai:: means things about mai, ::me:: means things about me (NOTE: this is a personal page so i have the right to add my stuffs here.), ::links:: means about links, ::xtra:: means extra things (games, blah....), ::clqs:: means cliques, ::gbk:: means guestbook, ::jrnal:: means my ujournal (my live journal which is available for the public's viewing), ::updts:: means updates. got it?

12/27/02: changed the darn bgsound again. heck, it's Christmas so i put an appropriate song. hope you like it.

12/31/02: what a great resolution. i've added a new section. check out ::mai:: and go to ::why?::. NOTE: this section contains a lot of criticizing and if you can't handle that then don't go there. i don't want people sending me flames because of this and that. you have been warned. well, happy new year, ciao!

02/05/03: how many days have passed since i last updated this site?:/ anyways, i changed the layout and added a new section( try and find it!)just for fun!^_^

02/10/03:if any of you guys have a site that's Yu-gi-Oh! related or any anime fansite, inform me and i'll post it in the link section so other people can be aware of it. it's a good promotion thing, if you ask me.

02/15/03:see? its not messy anymore, marion! i changed the layout a bit. sweet!

05/03/03: it's been awhile, i know. but i'm working on a new site (not an anime site). you can access it here   

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