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- P R E V I O U S  S T O R Y -

After their school and the city was attacked by demons, a  group of grade 8 students' lives were changed forever. They  were forced to embark on a perilous journey full of suspense, danger, hopes, and sorrows. They encounter terrifying misadventures and difficulties along the way like an abandoned cemetery, a kidnapped friend, a mysterious note, two dark hooded figures, and two chickens.

If you missed the previous one, let me review the main characters once again:

?: This girl's name is still unheard of yet plays a significant role in the story. The whole story of the previous one was narrated by her. Other facts about her are still mysterious.

 Jerimee: The leader and the control center of the group. Whatever he says goes. In the past, before the dreadful incident, he used to be very witty. Currently, he is quite serious.

 Francis: Referred to as 'Jerimee's second-in-command'. Like Jerimee, he used to have some humour up his sleeves until the attack. He is now serious and dislikes Carleen.  As a side note, he excels in the art of Taijutsu (hand-to-hand combat).

Mark: He's very VERY indifferent, but when the occasion arises, he can be very VERY dangerous, if he had to. An example would be when his best friend was abducted. He didn't show his dangerous side though.

Ayeza: One of the most uselful people include Ayeza, a skilled writer who's goals are still unknown. She's also one of the logical ones. Her recklessness could be her downside.

Carleen: She whines and she cries, only because she's the most sensitive one. She dislikes Francis who in turn dislikes her.

Michelle: A top athlete in the school, she's the fastest runner in the group.

And now, you may read the sequel to the previous story; Wierd Exp.2