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This story is FICTIONAL but the characters are real! Enjoy your stay here and don't forget to sign my guestbook!! PEACE OUT!![::W E I R D::] Sign my WIERD Guestbook!

          This site is created to view wierd

experiences in our elementary days

in S.M.G. Some are unforgettable and

will forever change our life...

whether we like it or not...


 ||W I E R D.R E S O U R C E S||

Wierd Experiences Pt.1


    The cold, night air swept inside the still room from the open window. He pulled up his comforter close to his neck to keep himself warm. A loud ring was heard, and he awoke from his slumber, groaning. Hesitantly, he picked up the phone to answer it.

    "Yeah, whatta ya want?" he mumbled, yawning.

    "Francis, it's me, Mark!"

    "Mark who?" 

    "Mark Lelis! Now hurry up and get dressed! We're going to that abandoned cemetery."

    Francis instantly sat upright. "Say what?!"

    Mark shushed him. "I'll explain later. Now come on, I'll be waiting in front of your house."

    Francis put down the phone, then got dressed. What was Mark up to now?