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          This site is created to view wierd

experiences in our elementary days

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will forever change our life...

whether we like it or not...


 ||W I E R D.R E S O U R C E S||

Wierd Experiences Pt.1

Chp.6: Reset

     "Look there. I can see light." Mark said finally.

    "I see it, too." I said.

    "Let's all go check it out." Ayeza cheered.

    Jerimee stopped to wait for Michelle and Carleen to catch up.

    "I'm sorry about what happened, Carleen"

    She nodded, accepting his sympathy. I thought everyone forgot about it. I mean, we had walked for an hour. This bridge was longer than we had expected. I felt my knees collapse right now. I looked ahead, seeing that we were heading into a cave-like place. The moment we stepped in, we were immediately greeted by two figures, wearing the same black cloak that the first figure that we met back at the bridge. Both of them also had their hood on so we couldn't see their facial appearances.  I knew Carleen felt hatred when she saw them. It was their fault that Francis was dead. One of them, the shorter one, let out a cold breath before mumbling something. He was cut short when the other figure shook his head, then spoke.

    "I'm sure none of you have any idea of what you've gotten yourselves into."

    The moment I heard his voice, I was sure it was a male voice, yet again familiar. Why was there a lot of them that sounded recognizable?

    "What the hell are you all talking about?!" Jerimee responded.

    "You'll see." the other being added.

    "How come all of you have to talk so 'mysterious'?" Michelle came in.

    "Damn..." the shorter one muttered, facing to his companion.

    Jerimee gasped in surprise when he suddenly recognized his voice. "J-Jason?"

    "Hm? I'm not this 'Jason' you're addressing me. I'm one of the guardians of this deserted burial for the dead souls."

    "You mean 'cemetery'?" Mark said, a matter-of-factly.

    "Yeah, that. Anyways, I'm not Jason."

    Jerimee scratched his chin thoughtfully. "How do I know you're not Jason?"

    The shorter, dark figure looked to his companion beside him for answers. The taller one gestured him to step aside.

    "He's not Jason because I said so. And if you make a big fuss about it again, I'll banish you to the Shadow Realm. The Shadow Realm is a place where no light has ever reached in. It's worse than hell."

    Jerimee had a puzzled look in his eyes. "I thought the Shadow Realm was just a place based on a cartoon show [Yu-gi-Oh!]. It's not real."

    "You can't always believe what you see on TV."


    "Silence! Enough of this nonsense! From now on no one speaks when they're not spoken to."

    Everyone kept their mouths closed.

    The taller figure continued. "All of you have trespassed the realm of the dead. For that, you will be punished."

    "No way! Some of our friends, you took them by force! You were the ones who killed them!" Mark burst out.

    The taller figure shot him a look, I think, by the way he suddenly turned to Mark.

    "How can you be so sure they're dead?"


    "Then what did you do to them?" Jerimee couldn't bare to kept silent like the rest of us. Dealing with ghosts didn't tickle our fancy.

    "You'll find out soon..."

    "I want to know right now!"

    The taller figure shrugged. With a wave of his right hand, he gestured Carleen to step forward. She walked towards him freely, like she was dazed or in a spell.

    "Hey stop that!" Michelle cried.

    The taller figure grabbed her in the throat, squeezing on it brutally. Carleen was still in his spell, not aware of what was going to happen to her.

    "You want to know what we did to those pesky students and teachers? I'll show you..."

    He squeezed even more to her throat, minimizing her supply of fresh air. Carleen let out a choking sound.

    "Stop it!" We all cried.

    There was nothing we could do. We didn't want to see her die right in front of our eyes. All we could do was hope for a miracle. We could hear the cackling laughter of the two dark figures. They both suddenly stop, when an unknown figure came dashing into the scene, punching the taller dark figure to the ground, releasing Carleen from his grip by the process. The shorter one kicked the unknown figure, forcing it to let go of the taller figure. The unknown figure fell on its back on the ground, panting. We could all see the blood dripping from its side. Carleen slowly rose from the ground, shook her head before sitting on the ground. Everyone ran towards her to see if she was okay. Mark turned his attention to the unknown figure. He cautiously walked towards it to see if he was fine. Mark gently shook its shoulders.

    "Hey, you okay?"

    The unknown figure looked up to him, and Mark gasped. The face that he saw was very familiar. A face that he didn't expect to see again.


    The sleeves of his shirt was ripped, his pants were covered in dirt, also ripped. His arms were covered in gashes, still fresh. And so was his face. But the biggest wound he had was the one on the right side of his abdomen. Blood rushed out from it, creating a pool of red on the ground. Mark was stained from examining his wounds. Francis opened his eyes slowly. He grabbed Mark by the collar weakly, and mumbled, "Is she okay?".

    Mark turned to the others and to Carleen before he replied. "Yes."

    Francis sighed and fell into a deep sleep. Mark cried out, "Everyone, it's Francis!"

    The rest of us came running to Mark, seeing that he is indeed alive. Carleen went to Francis' side, giving him smile. He was already asleep, though, so he didn't see it except for us. It was nice to see the reunited once more. I was right. He came back to save Carleen, and us.

    The two dark figures stood to their feet, angered.

    "I hope you enjoyed your little reunion. Because now, you all will die!" the taller figure said.

    With a snap of his fingers, the ground beneath us turned to a wet, sticky, substance, swallowing us whole. We cried for our lives uselessly. We knew no one was around to help us. All we could hear was the evil laughter of the two dark figures. We fell into a dark haze, closed our eyes when everything around us whirled in our mind.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.......


    "Hey, wake up!"

    I heard a voice calling us up. We woke to our senses and realized we were all lying on the school yard hill. Right in front of us was Suren.

    "What happened?" Jerimee questioned.

    "Uh, you were playing basketball with us then you said you were gonna take a little rest."

    "I- I did?"

    "Yeah. Now come on before the bell rings."

    Jerimee stood and walked along Suren, as if nothing had happened.

    Was it just a dream? A nightmare, maybe?

    Anne trotted towards us. "Why are you guys sitting here?"

    Ayeza gave her a don't-you-know-what-happened-to-us look. It made Anne more puzzled.

    "Don't you remember anything? You know? The cemetery?" Ayeza said.

    Anne raised a brow. "I don't know what you're talking about."

    Ayeza was about to speak again, but then I told her it would be useless. "She probably doesn't remember. Come on, let's go to Reyn."

    Carleen was just right behind us. "Wait for me!"

    Me and Ayeza stopped to wait for her. "So, what about you and...Francis?" Ayeza said.

    "We're okay now. He looked as if nothing happened to him."

    "You still remember?"

    "Yeah. I think it was just a bad dream."

    "Yeah, I think so, too."

    We watched the others who still remembered the 'incident'. They all looked like nothing had happened. But it was obvious that they did. Michelle was with her friends, and so did Jerimee, Mark, and Francis. And us. I guess it was just a dream...