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          This site is created to view wierd

experiences in our elementary days

in S.M.G. Some are unforgettable and

will forever change our life...

whether we like it or not...


 ||W I E R D.R E S O U R C E S||

Wierd Experiences Pt.1

Chp.4: Graveyard Hell

    The next day, we spent most of our time searching for survivors, in and around the school. This time, though, we searched in the very depths of the school. The janitor's room, the mechanical room, and even the roof. We had to check everything. While the others are searching, including myself, Francis decided to investigate Michael's note to find some clues as to where he could be. He insisted Mark should help him.

    The two boys sat on the table in the library. I guess me and Ayeza did a very good job. The bookshelves were pushed up so that it didn't litter the floor but the books were still cluttered around. Mark shoved some books crowding the table. Francis pulled out the note from his pockets to start their examination.

    "I understand there's a lot of spelling mistakes, but what does it mean?", Mark queried.

    "That's what were going to find out."

    The two read the note over and over again, trying to figure out the true meaning of the message. Mark thought he was going to lose his mind if he read it one more time. Unlike his doubtful friend, Francis stayed focused, not caring how boring and confusing their investigation was.

    "Maybe we should try writing down the words that have spelling mistakes. Maybe it'll help." Mark suggested.

    Francis agreed at the idea, took a pen from Mark,  picked up a book from the floor, tore a page from it, and started writing down the words that had spelling mistakes on the back. At first it didn't make any sense.

    "It's still doesn't make sense. We'll never figure it out. Michael could be turned into one of those hideous demons, or worse...dead" Mark  sounded hopeless.

    "Don't jump to conclusions."

    Hours had passed, and it was already 6:00 PM. Jerimee walked in to check out the scene, hands in his pockets, whistling a tune.

    "Figured out anything yet?"

    "No." Francis answered, his full attention at what  he was doing. "We listed the words that had mistakes to help us figure out something."

    "Let me see."

    Francis handed him the paper where he listed the words. Jerimee silently read it, expressionless.

    "Aam, vvery, heere, Marrk, dgreatly, sorryy, faraaway, orr, gdon't...It looks to me that Michael spelled these words purposely for a reason."

    "That could be a possibility."

    "It's not a possibility, Francis, it's actual." He then laid the paper infront of Mark before leaving.

    Mark rested his chin lazily on the edge of the table glanced at the note infront of him. Then it hit him. His eyes bright up when he figured out something. Francis looked at him perceptively.

    "What is it?" Francis couldn't bear to wait for Mark to tell him his thoughts.

    "What's what?" Mark asked dumbly.

    "You know what I mean. You just figured out something. I can tell by the looks of your eyes."

    Mark straightened his posture before he replied. "I think these letters form something. Look..."

    He pointed at the extra 'a' in 'aam, 'v' in 'vvery', 'r' in 'orr' 'e' in 'heere', 'r' in Marrk, 'd' in greatly, 'y' in sorryy, 'a' in faraaway, and the 'g' in don't.

    "These letters could be an anagram. I don't exactly know what the word is, though."

    Francis smiled brightly. "Mark, you just hit the jackpot. This is exactly what were looking for. We're on the right track and all we have to do is unscramble the letters."

    It only took him 10 minutes to decipher the anagram. It spelled: GRAVEYARD.


    "So where exactly is this 'graveyard'?. I don't think there's any around here." Michelle asked.

    "I know. We're still stuck." Rosie commented.

    "Are you sure  Michael's in a graveyard? It's not like his dead and was buried." Jerimee added.

    "What else could it mean?" Francis said, frustrated.

    "Hey, he did a very good job. At least give him credit." Mark reacted,  defending his friend.

    "He's right, you know." I said.

    Jerimee sighed. "I'm sorry, Francis."

    "Apology accepted."

    Ayeza and Anne came in the library, catching up with everyone. "What's  going on?"

    "Mark and Francis found out that Michael's somewhere in a graveyard, but we have to find out where this place is." Jerimee exclaimed.

    Anne raised a brow. "There's was supposed to be a graveyard near this school, but I think it was abandoned. They thought it was haunted. Not many people know where it is, but I do."

    "Anne, you're a genius!" Jerimee excitedly declared.

    "Uh-oh, Anne's smart now, eh?" Alvin mocked.

    "At least she knew, not like you, Alvin." I said, just to shut him up

    Jerimee told  everyone to be quiet. "Thanks to everyone, we have successfully found Michael, technically. So by tomorrow, were gonna go save Michael!"

    Mark disagreed. "No way. I think we should start looking for him right after we eat. We can't wait any longer."

    Everyone else seemed to agree and go with Mark's plan.

    Jerimee had to give in. So it's decided. As planned, we started our walk to this graveyard where Michael's supposed to be. Anne gave the directions. Before we knew it, we were there. Anne was right. It does look haunted. It was like nobody ever came to visit nor tidy up the place. Weeds were growing like wildfire, creeping on the tombstones, which were cracked slightly as if someone tried to open it. Carleen bent to tie her shoelaces when she saw a familiar name on a tombstone beside her. Her jaw dropped, gasping so deep that she almost choked. SHANNON DENNIS. All of us turned to see what was wrong. She had a terrified look on her face, hysterically pulling the weeds on the other tombstones that had cover their names. It revealed more familiar names, from names of students to the name of teachers. Our eyes grew wide with terror.

    "Don't just stand there, dammit! Help me dig them out! They could still be alive!" Carleen cried frantically, between sobs.

    She was kneeling on the ground and started digging on Shannon's grave. She totally lost it...Some of the guys pulled her up from the ground, forcefully. She clutched Michelle's arm with her dirtied hands, quietly sobbing. Francis had a pleading look on his face, feeling sorry for Carleen for the first time, I think. We managed to get our courage back. We knew it was useless to dig them out. They were obviously dead already. It hurt, we knew, but we had to kick out the thought of it. I bet some of them were still breathing when they were buried. Imagine, being buried alive..., I thought. I started scanning the dark regions of the graveyard, the area where the huge oak trees shadowed on. It was all frightening. Just thinking about it would make your skin crawl. We were so occupied by Carleen's panicky actions that we didn't notice what was in front of us.  Up ahead, there was a small, cracked wooded door, which was open. A faint, soft glow seeped from the door, tempting us to go inside this door. There was a funny odor coming from it. I couldn't make out what it was, though.

    Michelle broke in. "Shouldn't we check the area here first before we go inside? I mean, there could be some people still alive here, probably hiding..."

    "No, let's do that later." Jerimee insisted.

    What if there was no 'later'?,I thought.

    We vigilantly stepped inside. There wasn't anything inside, except the narrow hallway, the stone walls, and the torches hung on the side of the walls. We went deeper, not knowing what to expect. Then right there, was something none of us had expected. It was far too horrid to even imagine...

-->>Chp.5: A Painful Death