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          This site is created to view wierd

experiences in our elementary days

in S.M.G. Some are unforgettable and

will forever change our life...

whether we like it or not...


 ||W I E R D.R E S O U R C E S||

Wierd Experiences Pt.1

Chp.3: Save Michael!


    I aam vvery sorry I left you heere in this school, Marrk. dgreatly sorryy. At this moment, I have been taken by one of the monsters to a quite faraaway place. gdon't try to save me orr they'll get you, too.


    "Stop it, Francis!", cried Mark, sobbing, "We already know what it says!"

    Francis ceased reading, and silently read the note, thoroughly this time. Ayeza comforted Mark, bitterly weeping. The rest were stunned, including me.

    "There's something funny about this note, but I can't figure out what it is.", Francis concluded, after reading the note.

    "There's nothing funny about it, Francis! He just said he had been captured by those monsters!", Mark yelled.

    "Yo, somebody shut him up!", Alvin said.

    "Not funny, as in a 'funny joke'. Funny as in 'suspicious'.", Francis calmly replied.

    "Let me see...", Jerimee peeked over Francis' shoulder, "Nothing else is written on it, except the fact that they got him. What could it be?"

    "Oh, look.", Francis finally figured it out, "He had lots of spelling mistakes!"

    "Who cares about spelling mistakes? He could have been killed by now..."

    "But Michael would have", Francis argued, "he's very careful with spelling and he would have cared so much. See? 'Greatly' with a 'd', 'don't' with a 'g'--"

    "You are being stupid with an 's'!", Mark yelled at Francis, covering his ears so he can't here him speak no more.

    "And you are being foolish with an 'f'!", he fought back fiercely.

    "Stop it you two!", Jerimee interrupted, breaking up the dissing.

    Mark sighed, uncovering his ears. "I'm sorry, Francis. You're not stupid. You figured out what was wrong with the note, even if it was just some spelling errors."

    "I'm sorry, too, Mark. You're not foolish, either. Suren is."

    "What?!", Suren voiced out.

    Everyone laughed. 

    Michelle glanced at her wristwatch. "It's almost 9:00 PM, you guys. We haven't eaten yet."

    Suren's stomach growled. "I'm hungry...", he whined.

    "I know, I'm hungry, too. Maybe the staff room has microwavables...", Jerimee said.

    "Hello? We don't have electricity, remember? We'll have to find some other kind of food.", Michelle retorted.

    "Then let's go to the staff room right away!", Suren said, merrily.

    Mark grew upset. "I thought we were gonna look for Michael."

    Ayeza turned to answer him. "Look, we haven't eaten yet, and besides, it's getting late. Maybe tomorrow."

    I was already up the stairs with the others. "Hurry up you two!"


    "A-ha! I knew it. There's canned food here."

    Michelle walked to the cupboard where Jerimee was standing. She took one of the cans and grimaced. "Jerimee," she said, "these are cans of asparagus."

    "So, who cares?"

    "How the hell can we eat asparagus alone? Anyways, they're disgusting."

    "We have no choice, unless we can find other kinds of food, which I doubt."

    Rosie and Anne were chatting by the tables, and Suren and Alvin were fooling around with their flashlights, which was very stupid because they should be saving their batteries in case there was an emergency instead of wasting them. Me and Ayeza were in the library, using our flashlights to try fix up the library, which is where we're sleeping. Jerimee chose the library because the carpet would serve as our make-shift beds. With luck, Ayeza found blankets and comforters in one of Ms. Amenta's filing cabinets which was fairly odd, if you ask me. I helped her set-up the blankets and comforters on the carpeted floor. The carpet was clean, except for some blood trails scattered about, which kept me thinking, "Was someone killed here?"

    "Ayeza, look at this." I said, pointing on the blood trails.

    She stared at it for a moment, a bit surprised. "It's just blood." Then she finished off the job and we both went back to the staff room.

    "Jerimee, I found some bacon here! Plus some other things." I heard Mark said.

    "Good, Mark."

    Jerimee quickly looked inside the not-so-chilled refrigerator. "Yes! There's eggs, ready-to-cook fish fillets, cold cuts..." And he went on. Mark sweat-dropped*. Was he gonna list every single item on that damn fridge?

   "Alright," he finally said, "let's go outside and cook our meal!"



    "Help me with these cans of food! Woah!"

    A load clattering noise was heard. The cans which Michelle was struggling to carry went crashing on the floor, one of them hitting her foot which made her scream with pain.

    Jerimee snickered, and before he knew it, Michelle chased him down the stairs.

    "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go follow them!" Ayeza shouted.

    Anne took the cooking utensils in the cabinet. Mark helped carry the eating utensils. Everybody got excited and went down the stairs.


    The dinner went well. The fish fillets were cooked nicely, thanks to us girls. The boys collected dry branches and twigs in the yard for firewood. We ate like we were in a campfire. All of us had to sit on the cement ground. The guys were telling us scary stories, which were very dull compared to our situation right now.

    "Move over, Francis." I overheard Carleen complain.

    "You have lots of room there. Unless you've gone fat..."

    "Shut up!"

    I couldn't help but laugh. I looked across and realized Ayeza and Rosie also had a competition. After a few moments, Ayeza moved beside me.

    "That horse has hoofs harder than rocks."

    I giggled. When everyone was done, we went back inside and up the staff room. We had to clean the utensils. Unfortunately the staff room did not have a dishwasher so we had to clean them by hand.

    "Where do we sleep?" Anne asked Ayeza.

    "In The library"


    It was 10:00 already. Time sure flew by. If you're wondering how our make-shift beds were arranged, look here:

Alvin    Mark    Francis

Anne    Michelle    Ayeza

Mark    Jerimee    Me




    In case you don't know, Suren was separated from the rest because Jerimee insisted. He said he was gay. Our sleep was peaceful, yet we knew tomorrow would be different. Totally different...

*a huge drop of sweat on his head, like those in anime^_^

-->>Chp.4: Graveyard Hell