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Gundam Wing – Ground Zero

By: Espadon


Gundam Wing is a show that is disputed over very much. It seems that the more hardcore anime fans (otaku, if u like) dislike the show because they think the show strays too much from the original with it’s “pretty boy” characters. I’ve found that most people exposed to this show before the original Gundam have liked it and found it to be a very nice sci-fi anime show with themes a bit more complex then anything North America has to offer. But what does this have to do with the manga, you may ask? In particular, this manga. Well, you see, wether you like it or not, Gundam Wing still has some roots in the older Gundams, for example, it’s sci-fi theme and somewhat complex story lines. Oh, and of course those bad-ass Gundams. It just wouldn’t be Gundam without those. Anyway, the TV show had a movie, known as Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, that had taken place a little while after the show. This leaves a small gap in the Wing universe, and this manga tries to fill it. Questions like why was Wing Zero upgraded to Custom are answered in this manga. Now this sounds great and all, and had the potential to be a great story, but that story just goes downhill from here….


The artwork in this manga is nice. Nothing is intricately detailed, and everything is done in the familiar Gundam Wing fashion. When you just skim through the book, looking at the artwork, I’ve noticed that the artists have gone with mostly close-up shots, as I haven’t seen many other pictures in the book. But u can be pretty much guranteed there is a close-up shot per page, if not 2 or 3. The faces seem to get the emotion of the character across fairly well, although the only things expressed that I can recall are anger and surprise. Overall, a good job, and pretty standard for what I have seen in manga.

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