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Final FantasyBy: Geiger9
Final Fantasy. The name is synonomus with great gaming moments. The Final Fantasy series has always delivered in terms of plot, graphics, and fun. The series has spawned 11 games on console and a few on handhelds too. Final Fantasy was originally a failing companys' last effort at a game hence the "final" in Final Fantasy. That company was Square. But this fantasy didn't end too soon....

The game starts off by choosing 1 of 6 classes: Fighter, Black Belt, Thief, Black Mage, Red Mage, and White Mage. Each class will have the chance later to "upgrade" into a better class, fighter into Knight black belt into Ninja for example. The gameplay is simple but effective. Directional pad for moving, A for making choices, B for cancelling. Simple stuff.
Cart Info:
Release date:
Japan: December 18, 1987
USA: July 1990
Size: 2mb

As for graphics well, it IS the NES after all, but they get the job done. The backgrounds in the battles dont cover up the whole background but, enh, I never cared. Also when you go into an inn or shop don't expect to walk into a store. A menu pops up so you can buy things. I liked the way the characters looked in battles, despite the fact they took a step and then used their weapons. The spell animations are weak too.
The sound is ok considering its the NES. The music in the field is catchy and I liked the battle music. The victory fanfare is ok as well. And well... thats pretty much all there is to say about the sound!

Despite some of these problems I listed, the game is very much enjoyable. RPG fans will definitely want to get this as a collectors item I know I did! I bought it off some kid for 50 cents, what a bargain! Non-RPG fans might not like this game too much because it requires a lot of time in levelling up. And if they did play it, later on in the game they would find it hard to progress because of their low levels. I even had a hard time finishing this game and I was at level 28, which ain't that bad. The ending.. ok i wont spoil it for you, but be warned, don't go expecting anything spectacular. Character development wasn't part of the plan I think, because we know little of the four light warriors other than they will save the world with the four orbs. The 6 character classes are diverse and they are accurate. For example the White Mage is good at magic and magic only. The Fighter can only learn magic when he receives a "gift" from Bahamut. The magic system isn't the kind I'm used to. You have to buy magic and then use it on the person you want to learn it. I guess they're kinda like scrolls or something. There is no MP, you can only cast a spell a certain amount of times, and that amount increases as you level up. And there's one thing about the battle system that ticks me off. Say if you told one guy to hit an enemy and the next guy to hit that same enemy. If the first person killed the enemy, your next guy will attack an empty space!! How annoying is THAT! I don't know what Square was thinking on that one. I guess they wanted you to think during battles hehe.

Out of 5: