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Street Fighter Alpha The Movie

Page Two


English Track:

            Honestly, I really can’t stand the English track. The voices are just…so….unfit to me! Now I’m usually not picky when it comes to Dub’s, well I’m never picky about Dub’s. It’s probably because I don’t see Dub’s too often, but of what I have seen it has been fine. No problems. But then THIS comes along. I really don’t know what to say. It’s just, I dunno. I really don’t like this. Your probably wondering now, is there anything positive to say about the English Track? Well, yes. If you do like it, it comes in 2.0 and 5.1. I only listened to 2.0 since I don’t have a 5.1 setup, but ignoring the voices, 2.0 seemed pretty good. Sound was clear and there was a little directionality, but not much. Overall, I really don’t like the English Track, because of the voices, but it’s probably just a matter of opinion.   

Japanese Track:

So, after giving a bad report on the English Track, what do I think of the Japanese one? Great. Nothing spectacular, but pretty good overall. I find that the voices used are much better for the characters here, even if I don’t understand what they’re saying.  Subtitles don’t bother me, so I’m pretty good here. Sounds are nice and clear just like in the English Track, and directionality is the same. Although this doesn’t affect me, it’s important for all those who have 5.1 setups. There is no 5.1 Japanese Track on the disc, only 2.0. This is a probably a disappointment to those with 5.1 setups, but at least the 2.0 is pretty good. Overall, a good job. While a bit more directionality would be nice, this is still pretty solid.


I think that Manga Video could have done a lot better with these. The main menu contains a very basic background animation that looks like it consists of no more than 3 frames. The menu music is pretty good, and load times are fairly good too, taking a second or two at most. The main reason I think the menus could be better is that sometimes when I select the Japanese Track it plays the English one. This is very frustrating as it sometimes takes quite a bit of fooling around to get it to play the right track. I’ve only been able to try this DVD on one other DVD player, and it was a laptop, but I still had the same problems. So in the end, I’ll say that while the menus do the job, I’ve seen better. But are menus really that important? Sure! Would you like to look at a DOS console to navigate your DVD? Didn’t think so.

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