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Street Fighter Alpha The Movie



I got this movie for about $25, so it didn’t break the bank like what the anime at the local comic shop around here usually does ($50, Yikes!). But I think it was worth it. Read on for the rest!


Hmmm, nice casing. Shows Ryu in the centre, striking a fighting pose that I find looks a little odd, but pretty cool none-the-less. Around the sides are a few people from the movie, and in the back you can see Akuma back on, arms spread out. Above it says Street Fighter Alpha in typical Street Fighter fashion. On back it gives a rating from Gamer’s Republic, 5 stars of course. The little summary is there to tell about the movie, and also the “DVD Special Features” is listed too. Also, the label on the DVD looks like it was printed off on my old Epson P2, or in other words, looks pretty crappy. It’s nothing I really care about, but some of you may so I thought I should mention it anyway (aren’t I nice J). All in all, nothing special, but nothing I would call tacky.


  If I had to sum up the video in one word, I would probably say “Clean.” The colours are fairly vivid, and the animation looked good too. Once, maybe twice I saw a scene that was awkwardly animated, but it wasn’t distracting enough for me to go “What?.” Another thing I have to mention is that a few times during my second viewing I noticed that weird-messed-up-really-pisses-me-off-vertical line, sort of like the thing u get if you mess up the tracking on a VCR, appeared. It happened when a scene was changing, like if two people were having a conversation and then it changes to a sunrise, for example. Now if I were to see this in an older show, like Gundam 0079 or Macross, it wouldn’t be that big a deal. But when I see it on a fairly new title like this, it can’t go unannounced. Most people probably won’t care about something like this, I probably shouldn’t care either, but it’s just annoying to see this moment of character development and then whrrtz! There it is. AHH! Well anyway, enough of that. The video overall, I’d have to say is pretty good, and don’t let my little rant make you think it’s all bad. It’s nice and clean, as I said before, and is a pretty good package. It’s kind of hard to say it’s average quality or whatever, because at the time of writing, I haven’t seen a whole lot of anime DVD’s. If I HAD to say something, I’d say it was a little above average, but it’s hard for me to judge.

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