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Final Fantasy

What FF7 character are you? (boys) What character is your soul mate? (girls)

Cloud StrifeHe is strong but often unconfident. He has no idea who he was who he is and will often try to find his way. He doesn't like to put his friends in trouble and will do anything to protect them.
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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Quiz

You are very observant of the small things. Rank: FF7AC - S Class
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You are a swordfighter!
You're a swordfighter! You are strong, brave, and
probably the leader. You carry a huge sword and
have powerful physical attacks. You can take on
almost any enemy, any time, and usually have
great limit breaks. Everyone likes you!
Swordfighters: Cyan Garamonde, Cloud Strife,
Squall Leonhart, Tidus, and Auron.

A cool Final Fantasy quiz: What type of FF fighter would you be?
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You're The Bombshell.  Raaawr!
Gotta draw a crowd somehow. You're all show and
nothing more. Your personality is not
original, and is basically a knock-off of a
damsels. Sure, you look tough but you're not.
Sex appeal is your number one weapon... but
your back is paying heavily for it. Remember,
you can't keep a man forever simply on looks.
Try and find yourself instead of copying

Example of a Bombshell: Tifa Lockheart.

What female stereotype of Final Fantasy(ps) are you?
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