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Artemis Astarte Amenti

Age: 23

Eye Color: Dark Green

Hair color: dark brown to maroon,
depending on the light

Height: 5 ft 6 inches tall

Other: She lives off the inhertitance from her father,
all the while
following the Goddess,
picking flowers,
and acting on a whim.

The Photographic Story of My Life

Please be patient as pictures may take a while to load
When I was young, I loved to pick flowers. (I still enjoy it.)
I am told I was born to a humble farming family, but who knows for sure. I was sent to live with an old man by the name of Alexander. He acted as a father to me.
He hired tutors to teach me all I needed to know, never wanted to teach me himself for fear he might scold me. He was a very gentle man.

I beleive I studied too much. I loved relaxing along with the many animals Alexander kept about.

I thought I'd fallen in love with a man. He was very intent on pestering me, expecially while I was attempting to study...

I would have done anything for him.

But it seems I was a fool.

I was pregnant with his child and we were to marry.

He left me.
Soon after that, the baby did too.
Wether it was from netural causes is between myself and the Goddess.

When Alexander died, he left everything he possessed to me. I treasure it all.

I found where my late babies' father had gone...
He drown shortly after.

So, here I am. A woman of magic, without attatchments to hold me back from my curious whims.

I wonder where I will venture today?

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