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SCOUTER A one eye piece that you can put in your ear. It is used to determine the power, and distance of opponents. All information can be seen on the green eye piece. It can also locate Dragonballs and is used as a communicator. From Saiya-jin and Freeza's technology. It also has a case that it has padding inside so that the green eye piece doesnt break.

HEALING POD (MEDICAL MACHINE) This pod is used to help people(it cannot be used by normal humans) recover faster than normal. With the person in the pod and a mouth piece attached, it is filled to the top with a special liquid. It is part of the technology that was on Freeza's space ship.

FREEZA'S HENCHMEN LASER BLASTER This laser blaster was carried by the weaker members of Freeza's crew. It is placed on the knuckles and wrapped on the top part of the arm. It has various triggers under the handle. This is Freeza's technology.

FIGHTING JACKETS (ARMOR) There are four different kinds of the fighting jacket. Version one (1) covers the shoulder, back, legs and groin. Version two (2) is the same as the last but does not have the groin covered. Version three (3) covers the shoulders, chest and back. Version four (4) which is the older model covers only the chest and back. This is Saiya-jin and Freeza's technology.

MEDICINE FOR HEART DISEASE Medicine used to help cure a heart ailment Goku has. The cure was made in Trunks's future.

DRAGONBALL RADAR The Dragonball Radar can detect all the Dragonballs on Earth and Bulma also used it to find some Dragonballs on Namek. The front piece has a display that shows where and and how far is the Dragonball. You can also set the range as to how much area you want to cover. The top button is used as an on and off switch.

BULMA'S FIGHTING JACKET This fighting jacket is like the old design battle armor that Vegeta wore at the end of the Freeza saga. It only covers the chest and back area.

TIME MACHINE Bulma invented a time machine so that Trunks can go to the past to help correct Earth's current fate. The time machine takes about 8 months to recharge for a round trip. The reason why it takes so long to recharge is because of the technology available at the time (the western capital was destroyed by the Androids, where Capsule Corporation is located). Cell also used this to return to the past to find the androids.

SAIYA-JINS SPACESHIP (SPACE PODS) The Saiya-jins space ships were used by Napa, Vegeta and the Ginyu force. Only one person can fit in one this space ship. The shape is like a round ball. The engine technology used is very powerful. The seat is very small, contains a control panels inside and around door, and has one small window in the front for viewing.

CAPSULE CORPORATION'S SPACESHIP This ship was used by Goku to go to planet Namek. Dr. Brief added a gravity machine inside of it. It has controls to change the gravity, from 1 to 100 times earth gravity. The design used was based on the saiyan space ships. This model was also used later in the series for Vegeta to train at gravity 500 times Earth's gravity.

NAMEKIAN SPACESHIP This space ship was used by Kami-sama, the creator of the dragonballs and the guardian of Earth. The ship was used to take Bulma, Krillin and Gohan to planet Namek. But it was destroyed when planet Namek exploded.

NYMBUS CLOUD This Nymbus Cloud is a flying cloud used by Goku. It was given to him by Mutenroshi. You can ride the cloud by getting on top of it. And when goku needs it he just yelled NIMBUS, (that is the name of the cloud), and it comes. Only people with a pure heart can ride this cloud.

MAGIC CARPET This magic carpet was used by Mr. Popo. He uses this carpet a lot and when he needs it he takes out a small ball and thows it on the ground and the carpet apears. The carpet only works on commands.

NYMBO STICK The Nyoibo Stick was used by Son Goku. By using commands he can extend it to any length. He used this mainly while he was young.

SENZU BEANS The Senzu Beans are used to restore health and energy instantly to an individual. Anybody can eat it, and you can take it anytime. It also works on people that are nearly dead. The senzu beans also increase your power level. Karin grows theis beans high above the earth.

BATTLE ARMOR This battle armor was created by Dr.Gero for the Red Ribbon. Only one person can fit into it. The robot has a suit boast protection for the user and it can also do a lot of damage. It also has a rocket launcher in the back.

MECHANICAL TYPE Dr. Gero is the scientist who invented and created all androids. They have artificial intelligence and personalities like human beings. Mechanical type androids are of machine type only. They are made of non-organic material. The androids that are made like this are number 16, 19, and 20 (from Dragonball Z). Number 19 and 20 can capture energy with the palms of their hands.

BIOTECHNOLOGICAL TYPE Biotechnological type 2 are not like any othat adredoids, like Cell is an organic creature that was created with the DNA of all the strong fighters that appear on earth. However, he does absorb android number 17 and 18 in his later forms, which classifies him in this category. The actual mechanics that allows Cell to absorb both androids is unknown. But one can make the assumption that he somehow plugs in the androids like an upgrade, absorbing their features and powers.

CAPSULE NUMBER 8 Capsule #8 is used when Goku and Bulma started to look for the dragonballs. Its just like a normal boat with an engine in the back.

CAPSULE NUMBER 9 Capsule #9 is a bike that was used by Bulma when Goku and her were looking for the Dragonballs. The bike was made to hold only one person, but it can hold two people.

POTARA EARRINGS The porta earrings are from the Kaio-shins and can be to do a fusion. When two warriors wear each earring on the opposite ear they will fuse into one person. The fusion is permanent and cannot be reversed.

THE LEGENDARY HOLY Z SWORD People say that if the Z sword is pulled out by a person, that person will receive incredible powers. It is located at the Holy sphere (Kaio-shin's planet), stuck in a plateau. No one was able to pull out the sword, but Gohan.

TAPION'S LEGENDARY SWORD AND FLUTE On planet Kontas, located south in the galaxy, evil warlocks unleashed a destructive creature called Hidegarn. In order to contain Hidegarn, Tapion and Minoshira (Tapion's little brother) used two flutes to contain the evil force in their bodies. A priest used a sword, which is said to be created by the gods, to cut Hidegarn in half. Tapion and Minoshira used the flutes to absorbed each half of Hidegarn. In Movie 13, Tapion gave Trunks the sword. It is unknown if this is how future Trunks got his sword but one would assume that this scenario is not possible.

MUSIC BOX (CONTAINING TAPION) After Tapion and his brother contained Hidegarn (see Tapion's legendary sword and flute) they agreed to be sealed in separate, music boxes so that they could not make the Hidegarn appear again. After being sealed they were both sent to separate areas of the galaxy to keep them far apart as possible. The music boxs are very difficult to open. Not even goku could open them.

BABIDI'S CRYSTAL BALL This ball was used by Bibidi and Babidi as an outlet to conduct magic. They can use the ball to see other places and cast spells.

CAPSULES Capsules are small and light weight. When you throw the capsule or when the top button is depressed the capsule turns into a device, like bikes or vehicle, or robots.

GRAVITY ROOM This is the Gravity room that was created for Vegeta. It was created as Goku`s spaceship that he used to go to Namek but in this one you can increse the gravity over 450 times Earth's gravity.

SAIYAN MAN TRANSFORMATION SUIT WATCH This watch was worn by Gohan so he can change his gear on the fly. Wearing his normal street cloths, Gohan can press a few buttons to transform into Great Saiyan man.

ANDROID REMOTE CONTROL An imitation of Dr. Gero's emergency stop controller, this is a device that can send radio signals to set off self destruct mechanisms in Android 17 and 18.