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Release Dates

June 10
Dragon Ball 22: Commander Red: Korin's Tower
Dragon Ball 23: Commander Red: The Battle is Won

July 9
Dragon Ball 25: Fortune Teller Baba: Five Warriors
Dragon Ball 26: Fortune Teller Baba: Yamcha's Fall

August 27
DragonBall 26: Fortune Teller Baba: Surprise Reunion
DragonBall 27: Fortune Teller Baba: The Seventh Dragon

October 1
Dragon Ball 28: Unknown
DragonBall 29: Tien Shinhan: Tournament Day

Dragon Ball 20: Unknown
Dragon Ball 21: The Pirates Cave

Dragonball Z:

July 23
Fusion: Ambush
Fusion: Hope Returns

August 13
Movie 6: Return of Cooler

September 17
Fusion: The Last Saiyaman
Fusion: Internal Struggle

October 29
Kid Buu: Regression
Kid Buu: Saiyan Pride

December 3
Kid Buu: Vegeta's Plea
Kid Buu: The Price of Victory

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