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The Saiyans are ruthless. They love to battle and become stronger. They lived on the planet Vegeta until it was destroyed by Freezer to keep the Saiyans from uprising. He also feared that the Super Saiyan legend would one day turn real. When a Saiyan recovers from injuries of battle his power is increased to make him even stronger. This is an advantage for the Saiyans on their enemies. Saiyans have a tail, when they see the full moon light they transform into Were-Monkeys, also known as Oozaru. This is their strongest form other than Super Saiyan. Without there tail they can't transform. They send babies to weaker planets, such as Goku, but he suffered from amnesia, and could not remember his duties on the planet earth. Adults were sent to stronger planets.
Average Power Level- 3,000
Strongest Overall Saiyan- Goku (highest power level that Goku achieves: 180,000,000 (in SSJ4 form) although Vegeta also achieves this power level in SSJ4 form (but with the help of Bulmas machine the Brute ray machine)

They are a peaceful race with green skin and antenas. Nameks have the ability to enlarge themselves to any size and to stretch their arms to a size which even man can't imagine. They can also replace their body parts (if they loose an arm they can easily grow it back in seconds). One part of the body they cannot regenerate is their head, so if their head is blown off, thats it. Nameks are a unisex race (no female, no males?). Namek children are born in eggs and hatch minutes after birth. The Nameks are responsible for creating the dragonballs.
Average Power Level- 1,000 Strongest Overall Namek- Piccolo (highest power level that Piccolo achieves: 58,000,000

Humans are very weak beings from the planet Earth.
Average Power Level- 8 Strongest Overall Human- Ubu can be considered the strongest human (highest power level that he achieved: 68,000,000). However the strongest human (Ubu is the reincarnation of Buu so he cannot be counted) is Krillin (highest power level that he achieved: 3,000,000

Artificial humans created by evil scientists. Incredibly powerful, their powers vary from Ki absorbing, to regeneration.
Average Power Level- 18,000,000 Strongest Overall Android- Super Android 17

A very evil race of mysterious origin. Possesing the power of Transformation, they can change form at will. Freeza has the most forms.
Average Power Level- 2,750,000 Strongest Overall Changeling- King Cold (really the strongest one is Koola, because he can transform to a fifth form that neither Freezer nor King Cold can)

Green creatures that are grown from seeds. They are seen in the mid Saiyan Saga. Power Level of 1,200.

This is the race that at first co existed with the Saiyans on Planet Vegeta. They were very technologically advanced and invented things like the Scouter and Saiyans Space Ship. They were wiped out one night on Planet Vegeta when the full moon came out and all Saiyans turned Oozaru

Majin's are not really a race. They came be from any race, their bodies and minds are controled by Babidi. All Majins have the "M" marking on their body.