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Dragon Ball Gt Episode List

1. The mysterious Dragonballs appear!! Goku becomes a child!?

2. I am the Leader! Pan Flies into Space!!

3. The Ultimate Moneygrubbers!! Imegga, Planet of Merchants

4. Wanted!! Goku is a criminal!?

5. See, the Strong Guy!! The Bodyguard Rejjik

6. It hurts, eh!? Goku the dentist

7. Beloved Honey!? The Betrothed is Trunks

8. Goku also Thunders!! The Whiskers' Power is at Full

9. Damn!! Goku Leaps into the Trap Planet!?

10. Dance Attack!? Boom-shakalaka!!

11. The Curse of Ruudo!? Pan turns into a Doll

12. The Oracle of God is REALLY Troublesome!! Soldier Ruudo

13. This is Father and Son? The Riddle of Scientist Myuu

14. Can We Get the Rhythm Down Perfectly!? Capture Ruudo!!

15. "I Can't Take Anymore!!" Pan Runs Away!?

16. Machine Planet M2... Gill the Backstabber!?

17. Waiting for Pan!! The Tactical Strike to Rescue Goku!!

18. Yo, Some Data is Missing!! Goku's Ultimate True Determination

19. Set Out and Attack!! The Mighty Mutant Rirudo

20. Surprise!! Goku's Attacked By a Metal Storm

21. What is this!! Goku is Turned to Metal

22. Violent Ambition!! Birth of the Evil 'Baby'

23. A Hidden Crisis!? A Spacewrecked and Mysterious Boy

24. Bebi's Counterattack!! Target the Saiya-jin!!

25. Oh no!! Bebi Has Appeared on Earth

26. Gohan and Goten... The Worst Brotherly Spat!?

27. Ambition Achieved!? Vegeta Possessed

28. Goku Returns... "All of Earth is My Enemy!?"

29. This is Really Bad!? Super Saiya-jin 3 Fails!!

30. Goku Has Passed On!? "I'm Dead."

31. What the...!? The Sky of Suguro-ku Studio is Collapsing

32. Goku Returns!! Angry Fighter Uubu

33. Eat This, Bebi! New Uubu's Killing Light Ray!!

34. The Transformation Fails!? Giant Ape Goku's Rampage!

35. Final Strength! Gokuu Becomes Super Goku 4!!

36. Immortal Monster!? Atrocious Giant Monkey Baby

37. Bebi and Goku -- Double KO!!

38. From Everyone's Power... The Revival of Super Goku 4

39. This is How it Ends! At Last, Bebi's Extinction

40. Earth Explodes!! Piccolo's Serious Determination

41. Tenkai-Ichi Budoukai. Who Will Be Satan's Successor?

42. Die, Goku!! The Revived Strong Enemies Escape From Hell

43. Hell's Devil Fighters!! The Revival of Cell and Freeza

44. The Ultimate Android! The Two #17s Unite

45. Hurry, Goku!! The Plan to Escape From Hell

46. Crash!! Super Goku 4 vs Super #17

47. The Big Reversal! Goku's and #18's 2-Step Attack Explosion

48. This is a Surprise! Shenlon is the Enemy?!

49. The Strongest Enemy!? The Fear of the Underhanded-Trick Using Dragon

50. Saiya Power Dies in Honorable Defeat!? Electrical Fighter Uu Shinlon

51. Ryuu Shinlon! Looking for the Big Tornado Attack's Weak Point

52. Pan, Look Out! To be Possessed by Chii-Shinlon

53. Pan Dies!? The The Tears of 10x's Kamehame-ha

54. 6000 Degree Celsius Power! The Fighter of the Sun

55. Bulma Begins Working on Vegeta's Makeover Plan!

56. After the Sun, Comes the Freeze! The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers

57. The Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy!! The Ruling Evil Dragon

58. Counterattack Returned! Super 4 is Surpassed

59. Friend? Foe?... Were-monkey Vegeta on the Rampage

60. Fu--sion!! The Ultimate Super Gogeta

61. I WILL Win!! Goku Swallows the #4 Dragon Ball (Suushichuu).

62. To the Rescue!! Goku's Final Assistant Appears

63. The Miracle Turnaround Victory!! Goku Pleads with the Galaxy for Help

64. Goodbye, Goku... Till the Day We Meet Again