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Saiyan Armor

Worn mainly by the saiyans and freezer's henchmen, this armor is the best and is widly used throughout DBZ. Almost everyone wears it in battle, Freezer himself wears it. The Saiyan Armor stretches to any size, width is usefull when a saiyan goes Oozarazuu. There are two versions of the saiyan armor: 1) this was padded shoulder blades wich extend from the side of the wearer; 2) this one gives maximum mobility to the wearer because it has no arm padding.

Namekian Clothing

Namekian Armor is made up of a white turban, a white cape, and purple clothing. But can also be missing some of these components. This is the outfit that all Namek Warriors wear. Some like Piccolo's are weighted and help to increase strength in training. Since Gohan greatly admires Piccolo, he made himself an outfit that looked exactly like Piccolo's. Gohan is the only Non-Namek to ever wear Namekian Armor.

Goku's GI

Outfit Goku's figthing outfit, or at least the red fighting outfit he wears is called a Gi. The trainers sign on the back and the small one on the front is called the Kanji. The sign on the back of his suit was given to him by King Kai while trained by him. It is basically a blue vest underneath with a red karate type clothing over it. He wears special shoes too and most of it is weighted clothing. Similar outfits are worn by Krillin, Gohan (after Piccolo's training), and Goten.

Fusion Outfit

This outfit is worn by Gotenks and Gogeta (although they are different colors). It is composed of white pants, the fusion jacket, and shoes. Gogeta and Gotenks' tops look like a waistcoat with orange padding around the top of the arms. This outfit is only worn by Gotenks and Gogeta, since they are the only two fused people that used the fusion dance. Vegetto has gloves like Vegeta and white shoes, dark blue pants and a top like Goku has.