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Anime Series

Arc The Lad

Hunters and Monsters:Join Elk, the youngest member of the Hunters Guild, who finds himself propelled into an epic odyssey across a mysterious world in search of the enigmatic outlaw known as Arc The Lad. Together with the mysterious Lieza and the powerful warrior Shu, Elk must defeat a sinister organization that’s creating half-human monsters and find his way to Arc, whom Elk believes responsible for the destruction of his village!

Wanted:Seeking a way off the island where they’ve been marooned, Elk and Lieza encounter a frightening relic of a lost civilization. That’s only the beginning of their problems, however, for they soon discover that a bounty has been placed on Elk’s head! Now the tables are turned as the Hunter becomes the hunted and the two must flee for their lives.

Alliance:Seeking Whitehouse, Elk and Lieza find themselves lost in the desert, but being rescued may turn out to be an even worse fate! An unlikely ally comes to their aid and at long last Elk begins to learn the truth about the enigmatic Arc and the genesis of the chimeras. But truth can be a bitter pill and there’s a horrifying revelation lying in store for our heroes.

Oath of Vengence:The defeat of Galuano was only the beginning of the battle. As Arc leads the Smerian forces against Andel’s army, the sinister Clive masterminds a different assault on an unexpected target. As Shu battles Toshu and the barrier protecting the shrine is destroyed, a powerless Elk must face both his worst fears and his greatest challenge.

Day Of Reckoning :As the awesome power of the chimeras is unleashed in a wave of horror that engulfs the entire plane, the Lords of Darkness launch a new offensive against the champions of the spirits. Now the crew of the Silver Noah must faced their greatest fears and meet their ultimate challenge. Will Elk have to kill his beloved Lieza in order to save the world? Will Arc survive his final confrontation with the sinister Clive?


Fifteen years ago the legendary warlock Dark Schneider led an army of destructin on a quest to conquer th4e world. Not the money, Not for power, Just because he could. However, the good priests of Meta-Rikana magically imprisoned the vengeful wizard ending his threat. Now Dark Schneider's old comrades, The Four Lords of Havoc, are renewing the legacy of conquest with the added intention of resurrecting the Great Demon of the Apocalypse-Ansla-Sax

The Explosive Wizard:The Four Lords of Havoc had once again reached Meta-Rikana and their evil sorcerer, Kebidabu, is devasting the valiant defenders. The great priest Geo knows tat the only one powerful enough to defeat teh Four Lords of Havoc is their old boss Dark Schneider, but how can he risk his lovely daughter Yoko to break the seal, and dare he rely upon their most feared enemy?

Efreet the Fire Elemental:One of the Four Lords of Havoc, Gara the Ninja Master, senses the resurrection of Dark Schneider, infiltrates Meta-Rikana, and kidnaps Yoko. Gara hopes to lure Dakr Schneider to his fortress so that he can find out why Dakr Schneider is defending Meta-Rikana, bu tonly if Dakr Schneider can survive the series of lethal traps designed specifically to test the wizard. The final trap will be a battle between the fire loving warlock and the Great Demon of fire, Efreet! Can fire defeat fire?!

Ninja Master Gara:In order to free Yoko, Dark Schneider must defeat his old general, and one of the Four Lords of Havoc, Gara. This fierce battle will be more than bloody, its personal! After all, Gara is more than a little upset that the Exploder Wizard would betray both his comrades and their old dreams over a woman!

The Immortal King Di-Amon:The army of the Lords of Havoc resumes its attack on Meta-Rikana, and its new leader is the powerful Arshes Nei, a elfin sorceress and Dark Schneider's old lover! Naturally, their first meetings are less tahn friendly, but before they can truly confront eachother, Yoko and Dark Schneider, once again imprisoned within Rushe, are captured by the maniacal Di-Amon-a vampire aiding the cause of the Lords of Havoc.

Thunder Empress Arshes Nei:Arshes Nei, one of the Four Lords of Havoc, challenges Dark Schneider to a duel. With their powers nearly equal, the deciding factor will be their spirit, but as ex-lovers, can they really put their hearts into killing eachother? Dark Schneider can, but the results are not exactly what coudl be predicted!

The Return of Dark Schneider:Abigail, another one of the Four Lords of Havoc, attacks with his army of the undead. The soldiers of Meta-Rikana flee in horror as the corpses of the city's own army rise up to join in the attack! Arshes Nei and Gara rally a small band of heroes to counter Abigail, but without Dakr Schneider their cause seems hoeless. Will Dakr Schneider be able to save the day?-The epic conclusion!


Blue Gender

Dragon Ball

Pilaf Saga:This series starts when 13 year old boy named Goku and a teenage girl named Bulma cross paths in the mountains. From that day on their adventures of finding the Dragon Balls begin. Bulma is in search of the dragonballs because she wants to wish for a boyfriend after she finds out the legend of the Dragon Balls. The legend is that the carrier of all seven of the balls would be granted one wish, any wish, by a dragon named Shenron that lives inside of them. The problem is that Pilaf (he is the king of some small kingdom) & sidekicks Mai (a girl) and Shal (a ninja dog), wants to get the balls also to expand his reign of terror to include the entire world.Along the way of this exciting adventure of getting the Dragonballs berfore Pilaf, we meet new and interesting characters. The first person they meet is Umigame, a turtle that had lost its way. Goku helps him find his destination and it is there where he meets Master Roshi. It is Master Roshi that gives Goku his "Flying Nimbus". Only those that are pure in heart are able to ride on this cloud, and Goku is just that and more. This cloud is a means of of transportation for Goku through out the series. Later they go to a city where there is a being that is scaring everyone away. This person is Oolong, a pig that can change the way he looks, after being defeated by Goku he tags along for the excitement as well. Their next soon to be friend is a highway robber named Yamcha and his sidekick Pual, he too is able to change his appearance. Bulma and Yamcha have a "thing" going from that point on. The next to come are The Ox King (he was a martial arts student of Master Roshi) and Chi-chi (his daughter), who live and are the rulers of a mountain top called Fry-pan, where they gather a dragonball. The mountain top has caught on fire and Master Roshi helps The Ox King by blowing off the fire with a "Ka-me-ha-me-ha". After seeing Master Roshi do this Goku attempts it and does it for the first time, something that took Master Roshi fifty years to do!Goku and the others go to the palace of Emperor Pilaf to gather the dragonballs that Pilaf has collected. On their way there they are trapped and Emperor Pilaf now has all seven of the Dragonballs and is about to make a terrible wish. He wants to rule the entire world! Pilaf has all of the dragonballs and is summoning the dragon. Goku makes a tiny hole on the wall of the room that they are trapped in by using his new technique the "Kamehameha". Since the hole is too small for any of them, Goku, Bulma, or Yamcha, Oolong and Puar convert into bats and go flying towards Pilaf to try to stop him. Right as Pilaf is making his wish Oolong saves the day by interrupting the wish and making a wish of his own. A pair of women's underwear! As a result the dragonballs are once again spread across the face of the Earth and will activate again until another year. After this they are all recaptured and are place in a room where they are going to fry the next morning. It is a full moon outside and Goku is telling everyone about a monster that comes out during the full moon. No one believed him and he told them that his Grandfather Gohan was killed by one of those monkeys in the full and with his dying words told Goku never to look at the full moon. Goku said that he slept through the whole thing so he didn't remember the monster. The rest of the team are getting scared and hoping that it isn't Goku that turns into a monster by looking at the full moon. So Bulma points at the moon and tells Goku not to look over there, which causes Goku to turn. And to their surprise Goku changes into a ware monkey called Oozaru right before their eyes. As he turns into Oozaru and goes on a rampage and destructs everything in his sight, so in a way they were all saved from the room where they were destined to die the next morning, but were not saved from Goku. So to try to stop Goku they cut of his tail and it works, he changes back to his normal self and does not remember anything again. His friends decide not to tell him because it would hurt him to much to find out that it was he that killed his grandfather. Goku decides to train with Master Roshi, while everyone else decides to live in the city. Bulma gives her radar to Goku because she doesn't need it anymore, because she already has her wish. A BOYFRIEND!!! (This is when her and Yamcha really hook up) They say good bye with the hope of seeing each other again. When Goku arrives at Master Roshi's island he meets a young monk, one year older than Goku, named Krillin. Krillin wants to train with Master Roshi, but Master Roshi says that he doesn't want any disciples. He tells them that if they find him a pretty girl, he will then train them. So they do. They meet a girl named Lunch and take her to him. Master Roshi is pleased and decides to take them both as students. There is only one problem with this girl, that is that when she sneezes she becomes totally the oposite, from being a nice and sweet girl to a very agressive one, her hair color also changes from blue to blonde. After a very hard and long training they enter a Tenkaichi Budokai tournament (a martial arts tournament). This is where they were going to show all that they had learned.In this tournament Goku finds his old friends, since Yamcha signed up for the tournament also. Goku, Krillin, and Yamcha qualify for the finals. In the finals both Krillin and Yamcha are beaten by a guy that goes by the name of Jackie Chun, which is Master Roshi in disguise. Goku passes to the final match against Jackie Chun, no one is aware that it is Master Roshi. During the fight Goku turns into Oozaru, but Jackie Chun solves this by destroying the moon with a Kamehameha. Goku loses the battle and gets second place, but decides to train harder to win the next tournament in another three years and heads off to find his grandpa's four-star dragonball.

Red Ribbon Saga:Just as Goku is looking for his four star Dragonball, a military organization is trying to reunite the seven Dragon Balls. Once again evil is trying to take over the world, this time it is the Red Ribbon Army. Goku has been all over the world now searching for that dragonball that his grandpa had given him. Goku is able to anihilate the army to get his Dragon Ball back. In this series we meet many new characters, some are good like Bora and Upah (the two little indians that protect Karin Tower), Sho (a girl that lives in the mountains), Number 8 (a robot made by Dr. Gero), Bulma's parents (Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs), Karin (the cat that lives on Karin Tower), and the ones that live in the Pinguin Village (Arale, Obotchaman, Dr. Slump, Midori, Turbo, and more). Just as well, there are also bad guys like the leaders of the Red Ribbon Army (Silver, Violet, and Yellow), Dr. Gero (the scientist), the sargents Blue and White, and the main guy of the Red Ribbon Army Red Sosvy, his assistant Black, Tao Pai Pai (the world's greatest assasin), and the ninja Murasaki.Tao Pai Pai had killed Upah's father, so Goku vows revenge and gets it. He makes Tao Pai Pai fall for his own trick and so Tao Pai Pai explodes with his own granade. After destroying him and most of the Red Ribbon Army, Goku decides to revive Upah's father and he finds himself with the problem of not finding one of the Dragon Balls. He unites with Uranai Baba (the sister of Master Roshi, which is a witch) so that she can look into her magic ball and tell them where the last Dragon Ball is located.Since they had no money, Goku is to fight against some ghosts for Baba in return for her services. These ghost are Dracula Man, Tomein Ningen (the invisible man), Miira (the mummy), Ackman (the devil), and Son Gohan (Goku's grandfather). After defeating all of them, Goku finds out that Pilaf has the last Dragon Ball, in which Goku would have no problem getting. After bringing Bora , Upah's father, back to life, Goku decides to go around the world and try to better his skills. Once again the best fighters in the world are united at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai tournament. Here we meet two fighters Ten Shin Han and Chauzu (which are students of Tsuru Sennin, the brother of Tao Pai Pai), who at first are enemies of Goku, but after the tournament become good friends.The final fights include Goku vs. Krillin (Goku wins), Jackie Chun (Master Roshi in disguise) vs. Ten Shin Han (Jackie Chun intentionally loses). So the final match is between Goku and Ten, after a long match Ten barely wins. The celebrating does not last long, because Krillin is killed. Just as Goku is looking for his four star Dragonball, a military organization is trying to reunite the seven Dragon Balls. Once again evil is trying to take over the world, this time it is the Red Ribbon Army. Goku has been all over the world now searching for that dragonball that his grandpa had given him. Goku is able to anihilate the army to get his Dragon Ball back. In this series we meet many new characters, some are good like Bora and Upah (the two little indians that protect Karin Tower), Sho (a girl that lives in the mountains), Number 8 (a robot made by Dr. Gero), Bulma's parents (Dr. Briefs and Mrs. Briefs), Karin (the cat that lives on Karin Tower), and the ones that live in the Pinguin Village (Arale, Obotchaman, Dr. Slump, Midori, Turbo, and more). Just as well, there are also bad guys like the leaders of the Red Ribbon Army (Silver, Violet, and Yellow), Dr. Gero (the scientist), the sargents Blue and White, and the main guy of the Red Ribbon Army Red Sosvy, his assistant Black, Tao Pai Pai (the world's greatest assasin), and the ninja Murasaki. Tao Pai Pai had killed Upah's father, so Goku vows revenge and gets it. He makes Tao Pai Pai fall for his own trick and so Tao Pai Pai explodes with his own granade. After destroying him and most of the Red Ribbon Army, Goku decides to revive Upah's father and he finds himself with the problem of not finding one of the Dragon Balls. He unites with Uranai Baba (the sister of Master Roshi, which is a witch) so that she can look into her magic ball and tell them where the last Dragon Ball is located. Since they had no money, Goku is to fight against some ghosts for Baba in return for her services. These ghost are Dracula Man, Tomein Ningen (the invisible man), Miira (the mummy), Ackman (the devil), and Son Gohan (Goku's grandfather). After defeating all of them, Goku finds out that Pilaf has the last Dragon Ball, in which Goku would have no problem getting. After bringing Bora , Upah's father, back to life, Goku decides to go around the world and try to better his skills. Once again the best fighters in the world are united at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai tournament. Here we meet two fighters Ten Shin Han and Chauzu (which are students of Tsuru Sennin, the brother of Tao Pai Pai), who at first are enemies of Goku, but after the tournament become good friends. The final fights include Goku vs. Krillin (Goku wins), Jackie Chun (Master Roshi in disguise) vs. Ten Shin Han (Jackie Chun intentionally loses). So the final match is between Goku and Ten, after a long match Ten barely wins. The celebrating does not last long, because Krillin is killed.

Piccolo Saga:After the 22nd martial arts tournament, the one in which Goku gets second and Ten Shin Han gets first, an old enemy of humanity comes back again to scatter darkness on Earth, his name is Piccolo Daimao. He has no idea of his opponent Goku, and how strong he is. Goku's first encounter is with Tambourine (one of Piccolo's henchmen), because he murders Goku's best friend Krillin, and later with Timbal (which ends up being eaten by Yajirobe), and Drum (the demond that goes up against Ten Shin Han). Piccolo, after facing and defeating Goku, gets wished eternal life by the Dragon Shenron, which is then eliminated (Shenron). Piccolo also kills Master Roshi (in an attempt to trap Piccolo with the Mafuba, a technique that Mutaïto (Master Roshi's master) had done before), and Chauzu. After Goku was not able to keep up with Piccolo, he goes to the sacred tower with his new friend Yajirobe, and drinks the sacred water, and his powers increase. Ten Shin Han faces Piccolo and tries to do the Mafuba that Master Roshi had tried before and too fails and is almost killed, but Goku comes right at the nick of time. After a hard battle, Goku wins, but as Piccolo dies, he leaves an egg that contains his son and which is supposed to avenge his (Piccolo's) death. Goku wants to revive his dead friends, but can't since Piccolo had destroyed Shenron. So he goes to Kame's island to ask Kami-Sama for help. It turns out that Kami is the good part of Piccolo. He (Kami) revives Shenron, with the help of Mr. Popo (Kami's assistant). Shenron is revived and Goku gets his wish, to revive his friends, but he (Goku) can't see his friends until another three years (in return of reviving Shenron, Goku agress to stay and train with Kami-Sama for three years, until the next tournament where he is to face Piccolo's son). After the three years of hard training Goku enters in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai tournament. The finalist include, Shen (Kami-Sama disguised), Goku, Chi-chi (Goku's future wife and an old friend, after a fight between Goku and Chi-chi, Goku decides to marry her since he did promise when he was little because he thought that marriage was food, after the match they make an announcement that Goku and Chi-chi are going to get married), Ten Shin Han, Krillin, Yamcha, Tao Pai Pai, and of course Piccolo Jr. The first matches are Tao Pai Pai vs. Ten Shin Han (Ten wins), Yamcha vs. Shen (Shen wins) , Krillin vs. Piccolo Jr. (Piccolo wins), and Goku vs. Chi-chi (Goku wins). Then it is Ten vs. Goku (Goku wins) and Piccolo vs. Shen (Piccolo wins) The two final finalist are Piccolo Jr. and Goku, and after a long hard battle Goku wins his first tournament. Chi-chi and Goku get married and have their whole life ahead of them...

Dragon Ball Z

Saiyan Saga:Raditz is a saiyan who comes to earth to find out how Goku did destroying the earth. He finds Goku failed and told him to destoy eveyone right then. Goku refused so Raditz took his son and told Goku he had to kill 100 people by the next day or he would never see his son again. Piccolo teams up with Goku to kill Raditz. Piccolo uses a bean cannon attack 2 time and kills Raditz the second time, but goku was also killed because he had to hold Raditz from behind in a submission. The Goku was sent to the second demension to train with King Kai. He had to go across snake way which he did successfully. Then Vegeta and Nappa came to earth to do what Raditz couldn't complete. Nappa made Saibemen which killed Yamcha. Krillian killed all the Saibamen out of rage because yamcha had died. Then Nappa killed Tien an Chout su. Piccolo was also killed by Nappa when Picclo jumped in front of Nappa's enourmouse blast directed at Gohan. Then Goku came and fought Vegeta. Vegeta hurt Goku and Krillian to within an inch of there life. Then Gohan used artificial moonlight that was created by Vegeta. Vegeta was killed to within an inch of his life before leaving earth.

Namek/Ginyu Saga: Begins when Vegeta finds out about the Namek dragon balls and heads for the planet namek. Gohan, Krillan, and Bulma all go to namek to also get the dragon balls and wish back Piccolo. Goku is unable to come and must rest from the battle with Vegeta. Freiza sends for the Ginyu Force after Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillian wipe out all of Frieza's men and they get all the dragon balls are stolen from him. Goku meanwhile trains in space on his way to namek. The Ginyu force arrives on Namek to fight Gohan, Krillian, and Vegeta and get the dragon balls so Frieza con wish for immortality. Captain Ginyu gets the dragon balls from the three(Gohan, Krillian, and Vegeta) and brings them back to Frieza. The rest of the ginyu force meanwhile starts a battle with Gohan, Krillian, and Vegeta. Guldo gets killed with a surprise attack from Vegeta to save Gohan and Krillian. Then Racoom gives Gohan, Krillian, and Vegeta a serious beating. Goku then arrives and proves Racoom is no match for him after training at 100 times earth's normal gravity. When all seems lost Goku also gives senzu beans to Gohan, Krillian, and even Vegeta. Then Goku also defeats Burta and Jeice at the same time because they could't even touch him. Vegeta finishes Burta and Racoom, but Jeice escapes and tells Captain Ginyu of how Goku killed the rest of the Ginyu force by just toying with them. The enraged Captain Ginyu is not enough to beat Goku, but hurts himself badly and changes bodies with Goku. Now Vegeta kills Jeice easily and when he is going to finish off Captain Ginyu that is in Goku's body Captain Ginyu uses change now, but gohan throws a frog in the way so goku gets his body back.

Freiza Saga: At the beggining of the Frieza saga Frieza comes to find that Gohan and Krillian are making a wish. After Piccolo is wished back to earth and then to the Planet Namek. The battle begins. Vegeta is then killed by Frieza in Frieza's last form Goku arrives. Then Goku squares off against Frieza. They first start to play with each other then they get down to bissiness. Goku seems to be no match for Frieza, so he is forst to use the Spirit Bomb attack. This hits Frieza, But he some how surrves. Now, Piccolo takes a beam for Goku and Krillian is killed by Frieza. Out of total anger Goku turns super Saiyan. Frieza then throws a beam the will explode the planet in five minutes. Now, The earth dragon appears and wishes everyone that was killed by Frieza back to life, so the namek dragon reappears and gives them thier last wish: to bring everyone on Namek back to earth exept Frieza. Everyone comes back except Frieza, but Goku refuses to. Then Goku finishes Frieza but is there still time to get in a ship and go? Back on earth They wish back Krillian and Goku with the Namek Dragon balls. Goku survived somehow. Then they wish back everyone that was killed in the battle ith Vegeta. When will Goku return, or will he never return?

Trunks Saga: The Trunks Saga begins when a Robotical Frieza, and his father King cold come to earth. About 10 minutes afterward Trunks from the future comes adn killes both Robotical Frieza, and his father King Cold. Trunks is Vegeta and Bulma's son from the future. He gives Goku an antidote that will heal a sickness Goku will get in the future because in the future Trunks is the entire earth's special forces because everyone ealse is dead.

Android/Cell Sagas: The Android Saga begins when everyone is waiting for the Androids to show up, and Yanjerobe shows up to give them senzu beans that koren made for them. Then Androids appear and go into the city so the Z gang can't find them because their power can't be read. After they are found they go to battle in a safer place although the city is already destroyed. Goku starts to easily beat Android 19 when his heart virus attacks. Yamcha takes Goku home when Vegeta shows up and has a new trick. Thats right he can turn Super Saiyan now. He then easily destroys 19 and then 20 runs. Vegeta gets a senzu bean and goes after him. Then everyone else follows him. Piccolo requests to battle with 20 when he is found. Piccolo is just about to kill him when Trunks from the future retuns to tell them the androids they are battling aren't the same, and aren't even close to as powerful as the andriods Trinks knows.. This gives time for 19 to escape. Then Bulma tells every on that 20 is really Dr. Gyro. Dr. Gyro escapes and goes to his lab and wakes 17 and 18. Then 17 and 18 destroy the control that can be used if they are malfuntioning to turn them off. Then the Androids kill Dr. Gyro Now Trunks must relive his biggest fear... Seeing his dad die. When the Androids awaken 16 they left to kill Goku and didn't pay any attention to Vegeta. Then Vegeta chases after the Andriods so he can fight them. The rest of the gang follows him and although Vegeta is super Saiyan he is still no match for Android 18. When Vegeta is almost finished off, Trunks from the future steps in with his sword, but the Sword is shattered because the Android is so powerful. Then 17 goes to help out 18 when Piccolo and Tien interfeir. Then after the z warriors exept Krillian are taken out the Androids leave to find Goku and kill him. The Androids decide to search by car and go to Goku's house. Meanwhile the Z gang is revived with senzu beans. Vegeta leaves to go somewhere to train. Piccolo goes to Kami's lookout so he can fuse with Kami. Krillian and Trunks go to move Goku from master Roshi's and Tien goes to get Chaut Su. Bulma sends Trunks a fax of a time machine that was spotted by someone. So Gohan and Trunks go to check it out and meet Bulma there. Trunks then finds an egg inside the capsule and check the machine and finds that it was on earth for four years before it runs out of energy. Trunks also finds that it isn't the capsule he used to get to this time period, but he finds it has the same marking "hope!!" on it so it must also be his Trunks also finds a molted skin of the animal. Then on the news they find a strange animal has been sucking the life out of people. Then as soon as Trunks gets to master Roshi's he leaves again to go to the city were these stange things are happening. Then the seen switches to Piccolo who is fused with Kami and has become a Super Namek is in the city already and finds it is a creature that drains life out of people and gets thier power. This creature is named Cell. Cell has come from the future in Trunks's time capsule. He got the capsule by killing the Trunks from the future. Cell was created by Dr. Gero's computer. Cell was told that in order to become perfect it would have to absorb android 17 and 18. So Cell killed Trunks from the future for his time capsule, but had to turn himself into an egg to fit into the machine. Although Cell is very powerful he is no match for the Super Namek and runs so he can absorb millions of people and gradually increases his powerlevel and later meets up with Piccolo. For Cell the setup is perfect Piccolo has started to fight the androids and Cell is able to find them all together and it is easier to absorb everyone because they are all together. Then although android 16 puts up a good fight, but is beaten and has part of his head blown off. Cell then absorbs android 17 and turns into Pefect Cell. Then android 18 is absorbed and Cell turns into ultra perfect Cell. Meanwhile Goku gets better and tells Vegeta and Trunks that they can go into a room called the hyperbolic-time-chamber where you can train fo a year inside and it really takes only a day. However since Piccolo and Kami had to merge to become more powerful Goku teleports to namek and gets Dende to become earth's new guirdian. In this new form Cell creates "The Cell Games". Goku is the first to fight Cell in the Cell games but failes. Then Gohan starts to fight Cell. Cell then releases mini blue cells called Cell Jrs. As the Cell Jrs. start to beat up everyone,Gohan turns Super Saiyan level 2 out of rage. Next in fear of Gohan, Cell is about to self-destruct and destroy the planet when Goku quikly teleports him and Cell to King Kai's planet where everyone is killed exept one of Cell's cells survives and Cell regenerates. Then Cell returns to earth and stats killing every Z fight one by one, starting with Trunks. Trunks is the only one killed because Vegeta attacks Cell out of rage. However cell counters with a beam. Before Vegeta is hit, Gohan takes the hit, disabling one of his arms. Next Cell and Gohan each shoot a giant Kamahaha at each other, making the beams go back and forth, back and forth, etc. Then Piccolo, Tien, and Krillian try to hit Cell from behind to distract him. This doesn't work. However, Vegeta hits cell from behind with final flash which, in turn gets his attention. This gives Gohan the chance to finish Cell.

Great Saiyaman Saga: When Cell is dead everyone goes to Dende's lookout to summon the dragon. The dragon is summoned, Trunks is revived, and Android 18 wishes herself human. Trunks then returns to the future and kills android 17, and 18. He also kills cell in his weakest state. The reason Android 16 wasn't killed was that he wasn't activated! Goku can't be wish back for a third time though. In the next demension a contest is held were Goku and this other extremely powerful guy, named Pikon,fight for the championship, and as usual, Goku wins. Since, Goku won he got to be trained by the Grand Kai, but however since it was such a good fight the Grand Kai trains both Goku and Pikon. The next episode is really corny. It is just about Gohan going to high school, but it does introduce three new main characters- Goten, Trukns, and Videl. Goten is Goku's second son that Chi Chi had after Goku was killed by Cell. The next few episodes are about training and stuff.Goten and Trunks become good freinds. Also, Gohan gets a girlfriend named Vidal, who sadly is the daughter of Hercule. Uhu, this is the guy who stole the credit of killing Cell from gohan. Also, Bulma makes an identity for gohan so he can stop crimes and not have to reveal his true identity. Krillian marries 18.

World Tournament: In the 25th world's strongest tounament junior division Trunks and Goten fight in the final round and trunks wins. Unhappy with the competition Goten and Trunks beat up on one of the adult competitors, so they can enter the adult competition. The way that the adult competition is judged is that there is a machine that measures the strength of the persons punch. Hercule goes first and gets something like 117. I shows some other people that have punches that range from 70- 97. Then 18 goes, and although she is told to hold back, she gets a 550 something. The judges assume that the machin is broken, then they "fix" it and 18 goes again, and gets a lower score, but still higher than Hercule. The other Z fighters do do to, except Gohan and Vidal get held up for some time, because Vegeta just used weak strength, but not nearly weak enough, and blows the machine up. Later, however Gohan and Vidal go, and make it into the tournament. The first round krillain fights some fat guy, Gohan will fight a mysterious man, and piccolo fights another mysterious man- the Supreme Kia, the guy that created the next dimension. And Vageta gets his wish to fight Goku, in the first round! However, during his match Gohan goes super saiyan, and these wierd guys, who have viens poping out of them absorb Gohan's pure energy, and run. The gang, with Supreme Kia follow after them, but make themselves unnoticed, to find Bibidi's son Babidi's ship. Supreme Kia's friend heals Gohan, and Gohan, Vidal and the guy go to catch up the gang, but Vidal is holding them up, and decides she will go back to the arena. The crowd is infuriated the tournament is taking so long. But since there are only five people, Hercule offers to fight a five way. The match begins, 18 and Trunks and Goten disguesed as Mighty mask both nock out there opponents right away, leaving 18, Trunks and Goten, and Hercule. 18 and the children begin to fight, and after much time 18 figures out why her opponent is so strong, and cuts thier disguise in half exposing the youngsters. As soon as this happens the kids take off. 18 then goes down, and Hercule tries to hurt her, but can't. 18 then gets Hercule in a headlock, and offers to lose on purpose in return for 10 million $$ instead of 1 million$$. 18 then flies off Hercule as if she was puched then Hercule hits her as hard as he can and she thought that was supposed to be weak, but after he says that was his hardest she goes flying out of the ring. Then, Hercule explains how he had a punch that had a delayed reaction effect.

Babidi Saga: Meanwhile, the z warriors are spying on Babidi and find that Dabura is one of his henchmen. Then Dabura spots them and come over and kills the mysterious man who was named Kavito, then spits on Piccolo and Krillain, and they find first hand that it turns people to stone. Then they go inside and Vageta, Goku, Supreme Kia, and Gohan follow. Thier first opponent is Pwi Pwi and he is the weakest. The Z fighters anxious to fight do a Rock, Paper, Scisors to see who goes first, and Vageta goes first. Then Babidi, in the bottom of the ship changes the room into pwi pwi's home planet which is 10 times earths gravity. Big Deal! Who Cares!! Vageta has trained in 500 times Earth's Gravity. Vageta easily beats Pwi Pwi. Unlocking the door to the next of two more levels. Goku fights som big guy in the dark, and turns S.S. so he can see him. The guy can eat energy though. However, Goku, with his ingenious fighting skills makes this guy eat too much and explode. Next, Gohan- the weakest, fights the strongest of the three. None other than Dabura. This battle is going for Dabura when dabura says he has to leave, because of a new recruit. This recruit is Vageta. However, Vageta is so strong that his powers are just increased by Babidi, but Babidi can't control Vageta like he does other people. Vageta explains that he wanted to beat "Kakarot" so bad that he allowed Babidi to make him strong to close the gap in thier powers. However, Gohan and Supreme Kia continue down. However, by the time they reach the bottom, Buu is already hatching. It is at this time that Gohan realizes that when 2 extreme powers like Goku and Vageta fight that so much pure energy would be absobed every time Goku was punched. after Buu hatches Gohan has a go at him after Buu kills Dabura. Gohan is hit to Kingdom come and lays in some foresty area. At this time we see Goten and Trukns arrive and find Piccolo and Krillian as statues. Trunks accidentally nocks the statue over. When Dabura is killed they come back to life, but that means Piccolo is dead. Right? Wrong, his head was untouched, so he was able to regenerate his body. Now, Vageta tricks and knocks out Goku. Then takes a senzu bean and goes to fight Buu. however Vageta isn't strong enough!! even with his enhanced Babidi skills. But he has one sacrificial technique strong enough to kill Buu. He uses the technique, but Buu, like Cell Regenerates his body by pulling all the molecules together.

Majin Buu Saga: Vegeta now gone leaves the z fighters in a scramble to kame's tower. In the meantime majin buu travels the world creating havoc, with babidi commanding him.Several plans begin next, Supreme Kai and kabito take Gohan to their home planet to obtain the legendary Z sword with the legend meaning whoever wields the sword shall be undeafeatable. Goku wakes up meets the others and presents a new plan of FUSION, but it requires two fighters of similar size and strength....Trunks and Goten! As the z fighters prepare Babidi searches for them in revenge, he finds out that Trunks' home was capsule corp, so goku has to pull a SUPER SAIYAN 3 to lure Majin Buu away while trunks grabs the dragon ball radar in the house.While Goku confronts Majin Buu and Babidi he makes it clear to Majin Buu that Babidi is just using him. After Trunks has cleared out Goku instant transmissions outta there and Buu gets rid of Babidi. After the ssj3 goku has to return to the other world and joins Gohan at Supreme Kais planet. So after that, Buu goes crazy and kills half the world, builds himself a clay house made out of humans, gets a pet dog, and a servant named HERCULE(Mr. Satan)! Even though Hercule only went there to try and stop him but plays house wife in the mean time...Eventually Hercule uncovers a soft side to Buu and gets Buu to promise to never kill again.But then some physcos show up and shoot Hercule then Buu is outraged one side wants him to kill the physcos the other side wants him to stay good. So Buu splits into two Buus.The Evil one beats the good one in a fight then absorbs him to become powerful. Now, Super Buu flys off straight to Kame's Lookout and confronts the z fighters.

Fusion Saga: Krillin sneaks Trunks and Goten in the the time chamber to finish the fusion training. In the meantime Buu kills every single human on the planet, except the ones at Kame's Lookout(dont worry Videl's safe)Finally Piccolo takes Buu into the time chamber. Gotenks, the singular entity of Goten and Trunks begin to fight Super Buu, it seems to be a draw so Piccolo destroys the time chamber door so they can all live happily ever after in there for eternity! Then Buu goes crazy and some how creates a dimensional portal then escapes, leaving the others trapped. After a while... Gotenks does the same and they continue their fighting outside. Then Gotenk's time is up and they split into Goten and Trunks leaving Super Buu the chance to absorb them. Now its Gohan's turn, after realizing he cant stop him... he also gets absorbed.

Kid Buu Saga: To be continued......

Dragon Ball GT

El Hazard

Esca Flowne


Final Fantasy Legend

Volume 1
Planet R's luminous existence is maintainted by four magical crystals, each regulating a different essential element: Earth , WAter, Fire and Wind. Long ago, sinister dark forces stole teh crystals and threatened to destroy the planet. But, the courageous heroes fought desperately and defeated the dark forces to restore the planet to its peaceful state.

Two hundred years later - The great fight ha sbeen long forgotten and again, three crystals have been stolen. The young descendants of the ancient heroes, Linaly and Prettz, are all that reamain to protect the crystal of wind from the evil forces. Ifi the two can manage to escape fro Rouge, the leader of a leather-bound army of femae pirates, they must still pass through the many dangerous obstacles that protect the magical crystal. Only the chosen one will survive the passage.

Volume 2
Three of the sacred crystals have been stolen by a mysterious evil, and planet r has been thrown into a state of total chaos. The unthinkable happens, when Linaly, along with the foourth and final crystal, is catured by the evil force adn taken to the black moon to initiate the transformation into the ultimate evil: DEATHGYUNOS - Bringer of darkness, Lord of Oblivion!

In a strange turn of events, Rouge must team up with Prettz and the Kingdom of Tycoon's royal legions to fighta comon evil. As planet r is literally torn apart by its own natural forces, it is a race against time for teh fearles heroes to travel to teh black moon, take on a mechanical army of alien soldiers and retrieve Linaly and the four crystals, before the DEATHGYUNOS force is set free. It is an all out battle to the death with the prize being the fate of the universe.

Final Fantasy Unlimited

Flame of Recca

Galaxy Angel

Gate Keepers

Gundam 08th Ms Team

Gundam 0083

Gundam Wing

Gundam X

Knights of Ramune

BLAST OFF! Featuring the talents of: ·Katrumi Haregawa (THE SLAYERS, THE SLAYERS NEXT and MAZE TV SERIES) ·OraMu Horivihi (CUTEY HONEY) POWER CORRUPTS To save the galaxy from impending doom, Holy Virgin, Cacao and Parfait are sent on a mission through time and space to retrieve the Fourth Warrior, Ramunes the champion of the Galaxy. Unfortunately Cacao and Parfait discover Ramunes -- at the helm of the Marauding Giga Genos invasion fleet! World by world, Ramunes is determined to bring the entire galaxy under his tyrannical heel. With the help of a plucky orphan, an annoying, loudmouthed "spiritual Advisor," a prototype mecha and Cacao's Holy Magic (which can have some really interesting side-effects), our heroines have to save the galaxy from its greatest hero and the might of the Giga Genos fleet. If only they had instructions for the Mecha...

Lost Universe

Magic Knight Rayearth

Mysterious Play

Oh My Goddess

Outlaw Star


Record of Lodoss War

Lodoss, the accursed island. Born in battle and baptized in fire, it has seen wars ravage its kingdoms for thousands of years. Now, an evil beyond any it has ever faced before is awakening, and a party of six are drawn together to battle for the future of everything dear to them. Among them: Parn, a young fighter who lacks experience and is driven by his desire to redeem his father's tarnished name; Deedlit, a young and haughty elf who is both attracted to the young fighter and infuriated by his lack of interest; Ghim, a grizzled dwarf warrior haunted by a personal failure; Etoh, a young priest; Slayn, a skilled magic user; and Woodchuck, a cynical but good-natured thief.

Six who barely know each other. Six who must learn to act with a single purpose. Six who are destined to become heroes as they encounter enemies and allies beyond their wildest imaginations. loin the quest - the war for the future of Lodoss has begun!

The fall of Myce has dragged Parn and his friends into the midst of the invasion of Lodoss, and now they race against time to warn the remaining free kingdoms of the impending peril. As they attempt a dangerous short-cut through the Forest of No Return, the King of Valis sends his daughter to confer with the King of Alania. But fate once again intervenes, and the party must do battle with Karla, the mysterious "Grey Witch", as she attempts to kidnap Princess Fianna.

Having rescued Fianna, the six heroes are honored guests at a lavish court party where Pam meets a powerful new ally: Kashue, the warrior king of the desert kingdom of Flaim. But Karla's mysterious plans continue to touch everyone in King Fahn's palace, as Kashue is targeted for assassination.

As Emperor Beld's dark forces approach Valis, Parn and his friends seek out the sage Wort to learn about Karla's origins and her real intentions. Racing against time, a desperate attempt to stem Beld's invasion begins to take shape.

After learning all they can from Wort, the heroes return to Valis to report their findings to King Fahn. But the tide of the invasion is turning steadily against them, as Beld's forces sweep across the island. Finally reaching Valis, they advise the King that Karla is the last descendant of an ancient kingdom of sorcery who has appeared throughout Lodoss' troubled history to shape it according to her whims.

Pleased with Pam's success, King Fahn invites him to serve in his army of Holy Knights, an offer which the young fighter quickly accepts. Meanwhile, Chim leaves his friends behind to pursue his own personal quest....

Once on the blazing battlefield, Parn confronts the Black Knight, Ashram; the man upon whom he swore vengeance at the fall of Myce. And two kings, once friends, face each other in a duel to the death. But sometimes even kings are pawns when a witch controls the chessboard!

The War of Heroes has left Lodoss in turmoil, and it is clear that Karla must be stopped at any cost. Pursuing Chim to Karla's castle at Lake Stillness, the heroes encounter the mercenary fighter, Shiris, and her berserker partner, Orson. Though they met at the point of each other's swords, they are soon valuable allies.

At Karla's stronghold, Ghim faces the witch in a duel of wills in an attempt to free Leylia. As his friends come to his aid, the shocking reasons for Karla's treachery are disclosed.

Meanwhile, the forces of Marmo are in disarray as Ashram prepares to take up the struggle where Beld left off. Urged on by the dark wizard Wagnard, he sets off for Fire Dragon Mountain to obtain the Scepter of Domination. But VVagnard has plans of his own, as he dispatches the dark elf Pirotess to kidnap Deedlit. Ambushed in the forest, Deedlit is soon fighting for her life. But new allies can show up when least expected!

The journey to Fire Dragon Mountain becomes a race between Kashue and Ashram, with the Scepter of Domination being the prize. But the scepter is guarded by a formidable obstacle: Shooting Star, one of the last of the ancient dragons of Lodoss. This foul beast has terrorized the surrounding villages for years, and now he must be killed if the scepter is to be recovered. As both sides clash, Shooting Star awakens to protect his holy relic....

Meanwhile, the evil of Kardis the Destroyer stirs beneath the dark island of Marmo, and Nagnard takes the final steps towards her resurrection. As he plots for his chance at godhood, Kashue and the others prepare for one last assault on Marmo. Since no one is prepared for the powers Wagnard has already gained from Kardis, he succeeds in kidnapping Deedlit. But not even Wagnard can know that Karla is still plotting to prevent any one man from controlling all of Lodoss. The final armies are assembled as the war for Lodoss' future builds to a climax.

As Kashue and the remaining armies of Lodoss cross the southern straits enroute to the dark island to stop the resurrection of Kardis, Parn and his friends arrive just ahead of them. With Deedlit's eternal life about to be sacrificed to Kardis by the now power-mad Wagnard, they have no time to lose! But the island of Marmo holds a frightening trump card: the evil dragon Narse. This remnant of the ancient dragons stands ready to fight the forces of light while Nagnard proceeds with his dark ceremony far beneath the earth's surface.

As Parn and the others rush to stop this dark rite underground, Kashue and his army face the demonic forces of Kardis on the surface. With Karla and Wort standing by to watch humanity fight for its destiny, there are surprises in store for all sides.

Man against wizard. Dragon against dragon. Light against darkness. This last chapter in the record of the war for Lodoss can now be written!

Rurouni Kenshin

In the period of time when Japan was undergoing its transition into the modern world (for you history buffs, this is after Commodore Perry's arrival in old Edo in the mid-1800s), the samurai was quickly becoming an obsolete piece of tradition that was hindering the new government's ability to solidify its power. Using the Hitokiri (lit: man-cutters - professional killers), and the conscript army, the government was able to put down the rebellious samurai once and for all. of those Hitokiri, the most powerful and deadly of the lot, the one named Battousai...gained a conscience. The deeds he had justified in the name of the new order...had cost him his soul, and he could no longer serve the government in his duty. He swore he would never kill he became a rurounin...a masterless wanderer who would use his powers to protect, rather than kill. In a time when law was not yet just, and the lawless were still strong, only he was there to protect the innocent from those who would take away what little freedom they had. And he used his real name: Himura Kenshin. Can Kenshin hold his word that he would never again kill? Or will the onslaught of new threats finally force him to become yet again the Hitokiri who relishes the sheen of blood on his sword?

The Meiji era, in Japan, marked the end of the Shogun and the Samurai. The story begins in Tokyo, where swords are outlawed, with Kenshin, the wandering samurai. While wandering he bumps into Kaoru, a young swordswoman, who he helps prove and stop an evil murder from killing her. Kenshin decides to stay at the Kamiya School and help out Kaoru. On their way out to eat they run into Yahiko, a pickpocket who use to a the son of a samurai, and Kaoru decides to help Yahiko become free of his debt and eventually takes hi on as one of her students. They encounter Sanosuke, who beats up a bunch of rowdy drunken rebels, later Gohei (the false Battousai) contracts Sanosuke to kill Kenshin. Kenshin defeats Sanosuke and they form an alliance and become friends.
Kurogasa, a manslayer, has been murdering Imperialist politicians every chance that he gets. When Kurogasa learns of Kenshin he steals Kaoru and forces Kenshin to become a manslayer again with her death. When Kenshin is about to kill Kurogasa Kaoru breaks out of the trance and stops Kenshin from changing back to what he use to be. Kurogasa kills himself and says that Kenshin will not escape his past and that he will be watching him from hell. Sanosuke drags Kenshin out to play dice when Sanosuke learns that one of his friends died from an opium addiction. A woman named Megumi asks for their help from men that are chasing her. Protecting Megumi makes the Kamiya School a target of the Oniwaban Group.
Sanosuke learns that Megumi is the maker of the opium that killed his friend. With the threat of a fire set to the Kamiya School, Megumi returns to Kanryu, the man that forced her to make opium. Kenshin and Sanosuke rush off to protect her as they promised they would. With the defeat of Hannya, the demon faced member of the Oniwaban; Kenshin fights the leader of the Oniwaban Group, Aoshi. Aoshi seems to be nearly undefeatable with his kodachi, a sword between the length of a katana and a dagger, and his mastery of kempo. Kenshin prevails and defeats Aoshi. Kanryu, still sore about being called scum by Aoshi, rolls out his gattling gun. The 4 members of the Oniwaban jump in the way to save their leader’s life. Kenshin destroys the gun and knocks out Kanryu. When the police get there, the bodies of the Oniwaban Group are gone. Yahiko, working on his swordsmanship, bumps into a girl his age named Tsubame, a new waitress at the Akabeko. Blackmailed by a group of thugs, Yahiko jumps in to help Tsubame from doing something she doesn’t want to do. Yahiko prevents the robbery and learns the truth behind using a sword to protect people. Kaoru’s new student is a sumo wrestler named Toramaru. His old sumo school has a grudge against him. Toramaru shows he has the power to be a world-class sumo wrestler and defeats his teacher. After Megumi escaped from Kanryu’s deadly opium cartel, she has become a trusted country doctor. But Lord Raikou, a fake faith healer, is only interested in profit and disgraces Megumi’s name. With the life of a sick girl on her deathbed, Kenshin and Sanosuke step in to stop the false healer and to save a girl’s life. Sanosuke’s teacher and friend, Heihachiro, was once an assassin like the Battousai. But he has put away his sword in order to teach children. When the Jinpuu Squad start looking for Heihachiro and threaten to kill the children that he teaches unless he joins them, Sanosuke and Kenshin fight to save Heihachiro’s promise of never picking up a sword again. Wielding a deadly sword style that needs no second attack Toma, the leader of the Jinpuu Squad, fights Kenshin and draws his blood. Their next target is Lord Yamagata the leader of the Imperial Army. Kenshin takes Yamagata place and deflects the Shiden Blade. The dirty politician that was using the Jinpuu Squad to kill his competitors is caught and put in jail. When Yahiko visits a circus, he meets Marimo, the flying girl. It’s up to Yahiko and Kenshin to defend her against a rival circus, which employs killers from the revolution.

Sakura Diaries

Chapter 1:Urara likes Touma. Touma likes Meiko. Meiko might like Touma, but Meiko will only date a college boy. So what's an under achiever like Touma to do? Well, if you're Touma, you'll lie and say you got into the most prestigious university possible. And if you're Urara, will you keep his secret? Or will you use that secret to ruin his chances with the other girl?

Chapter 2:Since the red-hot redhead Meiko only hangs with college studs, Touma tells her he was accepted into Keio University. Now all he has to do is show up at classes he's not enrolled in and take tests he'll never pass. But preppy Mashu also has the hots for Meiko, and he's not buying Touma's alleged academia. Love-struck Urara knows he's lying too, and she'll do anything to get Touma. But if she confronts him, will Touma come clean? Or will his anger take on a dangerous sexual edge?

Chapter 3:A man can only take so much. So, after being pushed beyond limits he can take, Touma aggressively answers Urara's advances. But when the morning comes, Urara's more angry than aroused. So angry, in fact, she just might have to put her lips to work in a different way, by telling Meiko Touma's dirty little secret. But it turns out Meiko's got a secret of her own. And now Touma may be the only one who doesn't come out on top.

Chapter 4:Urara and her cousin, Touma are deciding on their futures. Well, at least Tomoe is. Urara is planning her life around him. If he goes to college, she’ll go with him. If he doesn’t go, neither will she. Her best friend, Kohmi, is starting to think this is not such a good idea. Touma and Urara finally have a head-to-head conflict that ends with Touma leaving his cousin to pursue his own life. Left without her safety blanket, Urara must learn how to live life on her own.

Shamanic Princess


Slayers Series 1
It is a world of fantasy, where magic rules and monsters lurk around every corner. A world of dragons, knights, and wizards. Good versus Evil; light versus Dark; A world populated with Heroes and Villains. There's cute little Lina, a fireball-throwing sorceress who steals from the bad and gives to herself. Gourry, a handsome mercenary swordsman who is as loyal as a mans's best friend, but not quite as smart. The mysterious Zelgadis, who is after Lina in an attempt to recover a magical item that can bring about the end of the world. And the great humanitarian sage Rezo, who appears to help Lina fight Zelgadis' plans for world distruction. The fate of the world rests in Lina's hands, and she'll face everything from easily spooled dragons to maniacal berserkers in her quest for treasure. Grab your sword and shield and join Lina as she saves the world while increasing her loot in one wild adventure.

Just when you think you've got things figured out everything completely changes. Take Zelgadis, for example. When last we saw him, he was defeating a weakened Lina and capturing her for some nefarious purpose. But now he's helping her to escape and trying to heep her alive at every turn, fighting his own henchmn, Zolf, Dilgear, and Rodimus. And t hen there's Rezo, t he Red Priest. Why is this legendary humanitarian now trying to kill Lina and her newfound bodyguard? Things definitely aren't what they seem, as Lina is drawn deeper and deeper into the battle for world domination. And to make matters worse, she still can't use her magic powers to defend herself! Now she's running for her life, fighting monsters at every turn, and (worst of all in her opinion) she can't even find time to have a decent mail! What's the real story behind the mysterious statue she possesses? Why does everyone want it? can she trust Zelgadis, or is this just another one of his cunning plans? But most importantly, can she survive being kissed by a fish?

When last we left out reluctant heroes, Lina and Gourry found that they are in possession of the most powerful magic amplifier in the world - the Orihalcon. Now, the guts who have been trying to kill them are on their side and join the fight again the rebirth of Shabranigdo, Dark Lord of the Monster Race. While trying to figure out what to do, Lina and her new companions are summoned to Rezo's tower by an offer they can't refuse. There, they discover why Rezo has been literrally tearing up half the countryside looking for them. Not only do they have the sole object that is needed to ressurect Shabranigdo, but now, they also have front-row seats to the evernt that may bring about their own death! He's big. He's mean. He has the powers of a god. And it'll take more than a fireball or even Lina's powerful Dragon slave spell to save the world from him. Out herors might be caliant, but are they good enough to defeat Shabranigdo? Be sure not to miss this thrill - a - minute volume of The Slayers!

Now that Shabranigdo has been defeated and Zelgadis has left for parts unknown, Lina is back to her old treasure-seeking self. When Prince Philionel of Seyruun travels the land, Lina sees an opportunity to be the perfect candidate for hoining the royal family, which means...more treasure! but Prince Phil isn't quite the sort of handsome, refined gentleman Lina imagines and Amelia, his daughter, an ever-so-cute corceress in training doesn't help matter much. It's bad enough for Lina that her Prince Charming turns out to have all the charimsa of a troll, but when Amelia decides that the great sorceress Lina Inverse would be a perfect crime-fighting role model, well... Let's just see if Lina and Gourry can come out of this nightmare with at least a few gold coins in hand. Don't miss this exciting, action-packed, and trasure filled final volume of The Slayers!

Slayers Next - Coming soon

Slayers Try - Coming soon

Slayers - The Motion Picture:

One's cool...
One's hot!
One's busting out all over...
...And the other's not!
Enveloped in mists, the island of Mipress has been shrouded in mystery since the dawn of time! Now, two mighty sorceresses will attempt to pierce the veil of secrecy and silence that has hidden the horible truth about Mipress from the eyes of men for hundreds of years! Join the short-statured and even shorter tempered master mage Lina Inverse and her over endowed associate Nahga the Serpent as they untangle a Dreamweaver's spell and find themselves ensnared in a deadly web of intrigue and danger! Phantom dragons, amphibious demons and the promise of aesthetic enhancement...yeah, the SLAYERS will be there!

Slayers - Dragon Slave

Too Much is Just Too Much!
The very utterance of the name Line Inverse sends shivers through those familiar with the exploits of the perrless sorceress. This horrific reputation draws some like a moth to a flame. Needless to say, Lina isn't exactly flattered. The Bounds of Sanity Do Not Restrict a Mother's Love There is no force greater than a mother's love, and as Lina discovers, none scarier. Looking for easy cash, Line and Nahga take up babysitting, in the most disturbing sense imaginable, as the effeminate son of a noble family searches for the heroic achievement that will earn him instant fame and a position in the Royal Guard. Caught in a bizarre family struggle, Lina's endurance of the absurd is put to the test in slayers Dragon Slave!



Yuyu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi is the toughest kid in town, but when he unexpectedly sacrifices his own life to save a child from a deadly traffic accident, everything changes. Because of his noble sacrifice, Yusuke gets a second chance at life. He returns to Earth from the Afterworld, with amazing new powers at his disposal, but if he wants to live again, he must use them to do good deeds. Yu Yu Hakusho follows the adventures of this reluctant hero and his uncanny companions as they defend an unsuspecting world from the dark creatures and powerful monsters that lurk in the shadows. Anime Star-ALL your anime needs!