Torn Friendship

"Iñaki! NO!" Rashi hollered as he ran towards the place where Iñaki and DoRe had just stood. He began crying.
"It would appear Mist has taken over her." Tokia commented, comforting Rashi. "We'll find her..." Until now, Sidney had stood away, caught in awe.
"How can we reverse that? Rashi, don’t you have some kind of card you can use? What about the sanity card?" Sid walked over to Rashi.
"It faded away after I recharged it. I guess it was a two time use card." Rashi stood and wiped his tears away. “The real question now do we find them?"
"Can you make a new card? Like 'Direct' or something that will lead us to them?” Sid questioned
"I'd like to, but making and recharging so many cards has lowered my power. I've been feeling a bit weak. I didn’t say anything cuz I didn’t want to worry Iñaki." Rashi returned, half afraid of what could happen to Iñaki.
"Rashi..." Tokia had just now spoken up.
"What do you supposed the DoRean card does? Ever wonder about it?" She smiled, coyly.
"Well...I would assume it would release DoRean. Would that help?" He was confused as to what she may have been suggesting.
"Well...DoRean was DoRe's follower. And he could find you and Iñaki wherever you were... Maybe..." She smiled wider.
"Maybe, HE COULD FIND DORE OR INAKI FOR US!!! YOUR BRILLIANT TOKIA!" Rashi's face lit up with this idea. Rashi released the DoRean card, and before them stood a mere form of DoRean. He had become but a spirit, no longer a solid form.
"DoRean... Um... Could you help us find Iñaki and DoRe? See, she's possessed now, and--"
"As you wish, Master." DoRean’s voice was cold and hollow. He floated in the air and spun around like a compass needle, holding out his sword. "That way, near the Escaflownian Plateau" DoRean’s spirit spoke, and once Rashi had seen the direction, the spirit faded back to the card.
"Wow... Well, lets get going guys!" And they all took of in a run southeast towards what DoRean’s spirit called "Escaflownian Plateaus."

"Master DoRe." Morian bowed to him. "I welcome your return. Was your trip successful?"
"Yes, quite. Tell me, Lady Morian, how fares your master?"
"Dead, sire. He slipped away last night. And he left all that was his to you, including my services, if it pleases you." DoRe smiled wickedly at her.
"Your services could be very useful, my Lady. Have you ever been a teacher?"
"N-no, Master. Why do you ask?"
"I have a new...student for you. Take her and train her." DoRe put his hand out, and a smaller hand grasped his. He brought the hand's owner around, and Morian barely stifled a gasp.
"Th-the girl!"
"Yes. She is to be referred to as Sirah." Iñaki, or Sirah, as she now was, bowed to Morian in distasteful respect.
"My Lady, please teach me what you know. I will do my best to meet your standards." Morian nodded tightly to her, then bowed to DoRe once more.
"This way, Sirah." Iñaki started after her, then turned back to DoRe before leaving.
"Good day, Master."
"Good day, Sirah." He watched as she followed after Morian, obviously unhappy about who was training her. DoRe's smile darkened. "You will be powerful yet, my daughter. You alone shall rule all the dimensions..."

[HALT!] Clow Reed appeared before the travelers.
"What? Is everything okay?" Rashi questioned, out of breath.
[You cannot go directly into the Escaflownian Plateau. It is too dangerous, even for you, Rashi.] Reed smiled down at Sidney. [There is someone whom wishes to see you in that city.] He pointed to the east, where a small village sat. [I believe it is called Fedalius Town] He smiled again. [Go there first... Please...] And he disappeared, that same coy smile on his face.
"Well, you heard the Fedalius Town!!" Rashi and his companions ran toward the city.

"Have you sent them my way, M’Lord Reed?" a soft, kind voice questioned.
[Yes. They shall be here soon, my child... You shall soon be reunited with your brother...]

"Welcome to Fedalius Town--Home of Mystery and Lost Journeys." Rashi read. "Hm....wonder what that means... Oh well. Lets go!!" they headed into town and straight to the gym.
"Closed? DAMMIT!" Rashi stomped hard.
"Pst... You, kid..." a voice echoed from behind the gym.
"Me?" "Yeah, you... C'mere..." Sidney walked to the voice.
"Take your friend to this address...I think you will all be most pleased..." The man smiled and disappeared into the shadows, leaving Sidney standing there, holding a paper.
"What’s that, Sid?" Rashi came up to him.
"Some guy just said for us to go here... Should we?"
"YEAH!" Rashi was egging for a new adventure. “Lets go!" They ran down the street to the building which was dawned the address on the paper.
"Here it is!" They stood there and looked at it, then soon went inside.
"Hello?" Rashi called.
"I've been waiting for you," a voice came from the shadows.
"Who...are you?"
"I am...your brother..." orange eyes glowed from the shadows as the man stepped out to reveal...

"Move it, Sirah! You're slowing down!"
"I'm doing my best, Lady!"
"You're best isn't good enough!" Morian dived at Sirah, knocking her to the ground. She glared down at the girl who was now her pupil. Sirah bowed her head.
"I'm sorry, Lady. I'll try harder." She stood and bowed low to her teacher, then moved into a fighting stance.
"Enough battle training for today," Morian said with agitation. "Let's work on drawing out your power. You have a great deal of power stored in you, still lying dormant. You've regained you're previous strength from your last ordeal, so this'll be good for you."
"Very well, Lady."
"Just one thing. Do not lose your concentration. If you do, you may not survive, not that my heart would be broken. We don't know how your body will take to that amount of power being awakened at one time."
"Yes, Lady. I will try." Sirah sat in place, her eyes closed in quiet meditation. Morian stood a short way off, watching her.
'I hope Master DoRe can keep his hold on her. After this, she'll be practically invincible... Unless she dies calling her power...' As she watched, the girl began to glow a bright violet, the signal color of her power. Morian's own turquoise energy was weak compared to hers, but Sirah didn't know how to control her power yet. Sirah's face contorted into a look of pain and confusion.
"M-Master...?" Morian's eyes widened slightly.
'Shit. If that damn Jadeite is back...'


Sirah watched in confusion as an image was replayed in her mind. A dark cloud... A dust pile... A child... A sword... Blood... She watched in fascinated horror as she died at the hands of a boy, not much older than she, herself, a boy with silver hair and glaring silver eyes. Behind him stood a girl younger than herself, watching fearfully with one silver eye and one green eye. To the side of the boy was another boy, about the same age as the first. Sky-blue hair fluttered in an invisible wind, and silver eyes peered at her in pain and agony. She looked at her hand, at the weapon she was carrying. It was covered in blood... The blood of the boy with sky-blue hair. Sirah looked back up, and she was no longer looking at three companions, but at one young man.
"M-Master...?" The young man looked at her, a strange look in his eyes.
"No... That's not my name..."
"Iñaki, please listen to me! You must get out of here. You and Rashi must get as close as you dare. You and he are..." Sirah cried out in dismay as a blade was thrust through the young man's back.
"What?! We're what?! TELL ME!"
"You... You are... You are the Dark Princess... The one... DoRe...fears..." He fell to his knees, his eyes pleading. "Find Rashi! Protect him with all your power. Do not let DoRe get a hold of him. Free your mind!"
"Master? Master!"


"MASTER JADEITE!!" Sirah's eyes snapped open as she cried out in pain. Whatever her vision had been, it was forgotten as the power inside of her began to awaken.
"SIRAH! HOLD YOUR CONCENTRATION!" As Morian watched, Sirah's eyes closed again, and she began trying to ignore her pain.
"Gods, it hurts! Lady, please help me!"
"I can't do anything for you Sirah! This is your task. You either have to complete it or die trying!" Sirah screamed in pain again as a new wave of energy raced through her body.
'It's going to tear her apart,' Morian mused grimly. 'She'd better pull through this. I don't want to have to waste my energy on bringing her back.' She watched cruelly as the girl continued her self-torture, calling up more of the sleeping power. Again she screamed, her cries echoing through the dark fortress...

Meeting a Brother, Killing an Innocent