Enemy Realized, Ally Lost

Eve and Mist flew out of the pokeballs toward DoRe, but with a wave of his hand, he returned them.
"NO!!!" Iñaki hollered, as DoRe threw another ball at them, this one barely missing herself.
"THATS IT!I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!" Rashi turned and stood still.
"I believe Clow Reed, and YOU ARE THE ENEMY!!" He called his wand, and stood poised. waiting.
"YOU BASTARD CHILD! I SHOULD NEVER HAVE GRANTED YOUR WISH!! NOW YOU DIE!!!" He threw the largest of his energy balls yet at Rashi.
"Ung!" Rashi hit it with his wand like a baseball, it flew right back at DoRe and knocked him to the ground.
"Now, NO MORE LIES!" Rashi hollered and held his wand in one hand. He stretched his other out before him and held it, palm up.

"Phoenix card,
to which I have not made,
but future references
will be said,
Bind card,
discard no former might,
and draw your powers,

A card appeared in Rashi’s hand, and he released it with his wand. Instead of a human shaped spirit, long vines and chains spewed forth from the card, reaching out and binding DoRe to the ground.

"Now, NO MORE LIES!! Tell us what you know!" Anger flashed in Rashi's eyes. He seemed almost willing to torture answers out of DoRe.
"He won't tell you anything." Rashi turned to look angrily at Tokia.
"He won't answer questions. You know he won't."
"Then what do you suggest we do?" Tokia walked past him and looked cruelly down at the disgraceful, bound heap.
"I'll handle it."
"What? How?" Tokia turned and smiled shrewdly at her companions.
"I have my ways..."
"But, Tokia... We don't even know what powers you have, if any!" Tokia ignored Iñaki's frantic calls. Her eyes glinted with a sort of madness, the madness of knowledge that one so young should not possess.
"What are you going to do little girl?" DoRe taunted. Tokia dragged him up to a sitting position, forcing his eyes to meet hers. Her silver eye gleamed as he met her gaze. Iñaki's eyes widened.
"NO! Tokia, don't!"
"What?" Rashi turned to her, confused, but Iñaki had sunk to her knees in a trance that Rashi knew all too well. "Shit, not again! Not now!"


Tokia looked around the empty plane, vaguely interested in the interplanetary mindscape that had been created.
"Oh, DoRe," she called mockingly. "I know you're here. And if you don't come out of hiding, I'll drag you out."
"You don't have that power," DoRe answered calmly as he appeared before her.
"Maybe not in the physical plane, but here I do. You are completely under my control and command when we're here. It's a…a gift from Iñaki."
"She doesn't possess this power!"
"How would you know? Unless you know who `created' her, as the imp said."
"You won't get any answers from me, little girl. I only know as much as you."
"Well," Tokia answered, smiling, "I guess we'll just have to see about that, won't we?"


"Iñaki, snap out of it! Iñaki!" Rashi sighed with frustration.
"Rashi, calm down," Sidney said. "She'll be fine."
"We don't know that, Sidney! She hasn't completely regained her strength yet! In case you've forgotten, or hadn't realized, her strength and energy are drained whenever she goes into this trance!"
"No, I hadn't realized that…" Sidney looked at Rashi, hurt. "Rashi, I don't know why you think I'm the bad guy! What have I done to pass on this misconception?"
"It's just an intuition. I'm hoping that I'm wrong, but I'm usually not."
"Well," Sidney whispered, "I hope you're wrong too."


"Hm. How interesting… Well, I'll leave for him to find out on his own." Tokia smiled slyly as she backed away from the bound DoRe. "I have the information I came for." She walked over to where Rashi and Sidney were once again ignoring each other grudgingly. She looked at Iñaki, whose eyes were wide and empty.
"So, did you find anything?" Rashi asked as she came over.
"Yeah… You might want to question him… What's up with her?"
"Recurring vision," Sidney said flatly.
"Oh, boy. Here it comes…" Both Rashi and Sidney sat down next to her, but Tokia opted to stay a bit farther away.
"NO! Sidney! Where are you taking her? Sidney, please! No… Oh gods, NO! AGH!" Sidney suddenly seemed very worried.
"What? Iñaki, what's wrong?"
"WHY?!" Sidney and Rashi jumped back at her outburst. "Why did you take her? Why did you…kill me…?" Even as she spoke, her eyes returned to normal, and she fell into Rashi's outstretched arms, exhaustion taking her. Sidney stared, face blank and eyes wide. Rashi glared at him for a moment, then quickly retrieved the pokeballs that had been tossed aside by DoRe. He released Mist and Eve, and they both blinked, confused.
"Don't worry about it, Eve." Mist floated cautiously near DoRe, humorously attempting to glare him down. [Mist…] The ghost pokemon blinked, then cocked its head once side.
[Your time is now. Go, Mist. You know what you must do.] Mist turned from DoRe, seemingly no longer interested in the captive. He floated over to his trainer's side, attempting to comfort her.
"Mist…?" The pokemon smiled and disappeared. "Mist?" Iñaki looked around, confused. "Mist, where are you?"
"Ghast…" Suddenly, Iñaki's hands flew to her head.
"Iñaki?" Rashi looked at her worriedly. "Iñaki, what's wrong?"
"Iñaki?" Sidney stood up and walked over to her side.
"NO! GET AWAY FROM ME, BOTH OF YOU!" Iñaki jumped up and shoved both Rashi and Sidney away. When she looked up at them, her eyes were pure black. Tokia stared, horrified. Iñaki dashed to DoRe's side and quickly unbound him.
"Iñaki! What the hell are you doing?!" Sidney ran to stop her but was stopped in his tracks as she hurtled crackling, violet energy at him. Once DoRe was free, he stood up, his arms open and welcoming. Iñaki ran to him, glaring at those she had once called friends.
"Iñaki!" Rashi stared at her, completely confused. She and DoRe promptly disappeared from sight, leaving Rashi dumbfounded, Sidney angered, and Tokia enraged as the sun slowly peaked from the east.

Torn Friendship