Confusion Begins

Tokia pushed away from the girl's embrace, looking at her in confusion.
"Who...?" The girl shook her head, extremely confused. " I?"
"Wolfage City." Tokia turned to look at a boy with sky blue hair. Next to him was another boy... Well, actually, they were more like young men...
"Who are you?"
"I'm Rashi," the blue-haired boy answered, a smile on his face. The other young man came up closer, looking at her curiously.
"Sidney." Tokia averted her eyes from his gaze and turned to the third member of this strange trio.
"And you? Who are you?" The girl looked taken aback.
"I'm... I'm Iñaki... Your mother..." Tokia stared at her in disbelief, then she turned her head and laughed cruelly.
"Oh, I get it. This is some kind of cruel joke, right? My mother, indeed."
"No, I really am."
"How could you be?!"
"You're barely five years older than me, first off. Second..." She turned away, her face more sad now then angry. "Second, I never had a mother. Or a father."
"What? Where did you get an idea like that?"
"Well, I've been sleeping for ten years. I... I don't have any memories of my past, of a family... Nothing! It's like..." She sighed heavily. Iñaki’s eyes softened.
"It's like you were created, at the age of ten, for the sole purpose of picking a side to fight on." Tokia looked up at Iñaki, surprised.
"How did you...?"
"Because that's the same way I felt when my Master awoke me at the base of Tokyo Tower five years ago." Suddenly, out of nowhere, Dashee appeared again, giggling his head off.
"So, wench! You don't know of your own curse? Ha! You wish to care for your child when you know nothing of the one who created you!" Iñaki looked up at Dashee, who was hovering slightly in the air, confusion on her face.
"What do you mean, 'the one who created me'?"
"She doesn't know! Hee hee! She doesn't know! And she won't find out! Not from me!" With that, he disappeared, his laughter echoing through the room. Iñaki stared blankly at the spot where Dashee had just been hovering. Rashi moved and stood behind Iñaki.
"Just ignore him, Iñaki. It's probably just some sick joke." Iñaki shook her head.
"I... I don't think so... When I awoke, it was because my Master had awakened me, not because some imp cast an annoying curse."
"Personally," Sidney said, speaking for the first time since introducing himself, "I think we should leave. With both DoRe and that DoRean guy after us, we really shouldn't stay in one place too long." Rashi and Iñaki agreed, but Tokia just looked confused.
"I'll explain on the way," Iñaki said, hoping that the girl would accept this answer. Tokia nodded and followed her "mother" out of the gym. Sidney lit a small energy ball and led the way back out of the city, through the cave.

Iñaki explained the short, yet seemingly long, journey to Tokia from when she met Rashi. Afterwards, the quartet fell to silence, moving down the mountain at a leisurely pace.
[RASHI KOHEREA.] Tokia squeaked audibly, looking around for the source of the sound.
"Who's there?!" Rashi, too, was looking around, defensive anger on his face.
"What consequen..." He was cut short buy scream from behind him.
"TOKIA!" Iñaki stared in horror at her now frozen daughter. "Oh gods, Tokia!" She moved to try and help her, but a ring of fire surrounded her completely. She jumped back, clutching at her hand, which had touched the flames. Sidney was suddenly engulfed in a pillar of water and being held in one place. The flames around Iñaki began to shrink, and she put up a shield, but it wouldn't last for very long.

[TIME IS RUNNING SHORT] Rashi stood there, amazed. Tokia was frozen, Iñaki surrounded by fire, and Sidney drowning in place. He couldn’t use his cards and his wand was locked... Locked?
"HURRY RASHI!!" Iñaki’s voice was full of fear and pain. The flames were getting too close for comfort. Rashi removed his Phoenix pendant from his necklace and held it out before him.
"TIME TO SHINE!!!"" he hollered and tossed the pendant in midair, where it stood, waiting.
[You are the world, and the world is you...] DoRe's voice echoed once again through his mind. But now a new voice added to it.
[Draw new powers... Moon... Crest... Light...] the voice was faint. [Let it flow, Rashi Koherea, my child.]

"I call upon the crescent moon,
the crest of gods, I call on too;
Phoenix wand, surrender your might,
show your power,

The pendant glowed a bright orange, and it soon gave way to a new wand. Then:

"Heal card!!!
By the powers that be,
and the powers that are,
transform yourself now

The card glowed the same bright orange and the image became more lifelike than the status type picturesque it bore before.
"UNFREEZE TOKIA!!" With that, the spirit flew from it and surrounded Tokia, unfreezing her. He looked then to Iñaki and her fire. He smiled.

"New card that’s made, I wont be afraid; FIRE! FUEL THE PHEONIX CARD!"

A new card appeared before Rashi’s glorious wand and absorbed the fire, allowing Iñaki to collapse from heat exhaustion. He turned to Sidney.

"Banish Card!
By the powers that be,
and the powers that are,
transform yourself now
" The banish card too appeared to glow orange and Rashi hollered after it.
"BANISH THAT WATER, NOW!!!" The water was evaporated by the card, and all of his friends were safe.
[GOOD, RASHI...] A figure appeared before Rashi.
"I am Clow Reed..." He smiled widely. "I have allowed you this new wand, born of emotions and not of evil."
"Evil? I'm not evil," Rashi spoke, wonderingly. "But my brother, Clow DoRe, IS." He frowned. “He granted your unspoken wish as a curse, not a blessing. I have come to help you right that wrong. Rashi, once you have fulfilled all duties needed by each anime, you will be returned home."
"And me?" Iñaki was on her feet now, listening intently while she held Tokia close.
"You and your daughter must find Jadeite's stone and resurrect him. Only then, can you return to your own time and place."
"Sidney, don’t you wanna know how to go home?" Iñaki looked at him curiously.
"I don’t," Sidney spoke softly, Causing a gasp from Rashi and Iñaki.
"What do you mean you don’t?" Rashi was appalled.
"He is of this world, my children. He has lived here all his life. This is not just some world your wish created, Rashi. It is a world which was changed by your wish." Rashi was amazed, and Iñaki was figuring it out.
"That’s how you knew Tony!! And the way to Wolfage city!!"
"Thank you Clow Reed. Thank you so very much!!!" Rashi was shaking Reed's hand off.
"One more thing, Rashi." Clow Reed reached into his sleeve, and pulled out a card. "I believe THIS is a friend of my brother's." He held up the DoRean card and heard a gasp from all...

Rashi pocketed the new "card" and turned back to Clow Reed, or at least, the place where Clow Reed had been.
"Man," he mumbled, "what is with people and disappearing into thin air?" He shook his head, then turned to Iñaki, who was helping Tokia up. Tokia pushed Iñaki away and jumped back.
"What in Aura's name just happened?! Who are you?" Before anyone could say anything, Tokia fell to the ground, falling into a peaceful sleep. Iñaki blinked, then looked up at Sidney.
"What?! Do you think she would've come with us otherwise?"
"Ow..." Sidney turned, and to his utter astonishment, Tokia was sitting up.
"Bu... Wha... How...?" Tokia stood up, glaring at Sidney. She stomped over to him and slapped him across the face.
"What was that for?! You didn't have to knock me out!" Sidney turned to Iñaki and Rashi for defense, but Iñaki just shook her head.
"You had that one coming, Sidney. One would think, after knowing me, you would know better." Rashi was too busy trying to stifle laughter to say anything, and Tokia just stood with her hands on her hips. Sidney sighed.
"Now, say you're sorry." Sidney looked at Tokia, cocking an eyebrow.
"Say you're sorry." He stared at the younger girl in disbelief.
"Do it Sid," Rashi said, still stifling laughter, "Or we'll be here all day."
"I don't believe this..."
"Say. You. Are. Sorry."
"All right! I'm sorry!"
"SINCERELY!" Sidney jumped, his eyes wide.
"I-I'm sorry."
"Uh... Knocking you unconscious?"
"And you'll never do it again?"
"START OVER!" Now both Rashi and Iñaki were laughing. Sidney looked at them helplessly.
"Say you're sorry."
"I'm sorry."
"For knocking you unconscious."
"And you'll never do it again."
"And I'll never do it again."
"Good. Now get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness."
"WHAT?!" Now the other two were roaring with laughter.
"Don't make us start again. Get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness."
"You have got to be kidding me..."
"Tokia!" Iñaki finally managed to call the girl's name through her laughter. "Tokia, that's enough. He won't do it again, or he'll be answering to more than just this!" Sidney glared at Rashi, who was still laughing. Once he finally managed to stop, he got up and picked up his pack. He, like the other two, failed to notice Tokia looking around.
"Well, I think we should..."
"Shh!" Rashi turned to her, surprised. He nearly fell backwards when her silver eye began to glow and shine as she looked around.
"When I give the word, run straight ahead." The other three nodded, all confused. Then, Iñaki felt it. Her eyes widened with fear.
"NOW!" The quartet left their spot in a head long run just as the ground where they had been exploded.
"Damn you, wretched child!"
"Why? Cuz' I don't want to die?" DoRe glared down at the travelers, hatred and anger in his eyes.
"Rashi! Don't you see the danger those two are to you? Did you not see how DoRean tried to protect her?"
"Yeah, I saw how he protected her. And then Clow Reed gave me the card he was turned into."
"Clow Reed?" DoRe spat the name. "That fool! Do not believe a word he says!" Once again, DoRe sent a ball of energy crashing to the ground, and once again it was dodged by the travelers.
"Rashi," Iñaki hissed, "Get out Eve and Mist. He won't expect it!"
"Right." Rashi reached into his bag and pulled out the two pokeballs holding the creatures that were almost forgotten. "MIST! EVE! GO!"

Enemy Realized, Ally Lost