A Vision of Mistrust

"Rashi, HELLLLLP!!!" a large beastlike machine was attacking Iñaki, who was in full armor.
"INAKI!!!" Rashi’s voice seemed to echo a bit. "WHERE'S SIDNEY!!??" He hollered to Iñaki. Overhead, Sidney flew over the monster, Rashi could see an evil look on his face.
"Time to die, BITCH!" he yelled as he dove at Iñaki, then: “THAT CHILD IS MINE, NOW!!!" Sidney's sword sliced right through Iñaki and she fell apart, bleeding profusely.
"NO!" Rashi hollered.


"Rashi, RASHI WAKE UP!!" Rashi awoke with a jerk as he looked up at Iñaki.
"Iñaki!!" he reached out and grabbed her in a deep hug. “You, you were killed in my dream!"
"W-what!" Iñaki was appalled. "BY WHO?!" "What’s going on guys?" Sidney called in a groggy voice from another bed.
"Him" Rashi said in a stern voice, filled with anger.
"WHAT?!" Sidney sat up erectly, shocked.
"I had a dream, and in it Iñaki was being attacked by some big machine thing" Rashi briefly described the machine thing to be like a giant suit of armor in style.
"Sounds like a Gaymeloth," Sidney spoke softly.
"Well, whatever, you flew above it, then dove at Iñaki, screaming 'time to die' and 'the child is mine now'" Rashi held his head, repressing the anger.
"It was just a dream, Rashi" Iñaki spoke softly, caressing his hair.
"BUT IT FELT REAL!! I COULD FEEL THE HEAT AND SMELL THE BLOOD!!!" Rashi snapped at Iñaki, then quickly apologized for it.
"Sidney, I..." Rashi’s voice was weak. “I don’t think you should travel with us anymore..." he spoke softly, but knew he had heard him.
"WHAT?!!!" Sidney yelled angrily.
"Now, Rashi, don’t exaggerate. Sidney has not showed us any reason we should fear him." Iñaki was not the least bit afraid. "Besides, DoRe said he was trustworthy, didn’t he?"
"Yeah, he did," Rashi stated, "right before he tried to kill you..." Rashi’s eyes met Iñaki’s... They were full of anger, but Iñaki just looked past it.
"Rashi, Sidney is NOT leaving the group. We need him and he needs us. That's final." She had a tone in her voice so hard and stern, Rashi knew he could not argue.
"Fine, but don’t think I wont have an eye on you, Sid." Rashi glared at Sidney, who had moved to stand behind Iñaki.
"Fine," Sidney said, and went back to bed.
"Rashi, do you want me to sleep with you tonight?"
"It'd make me feel better about your safety."
"Okay." Iñaki smiled and crawled into bed with Rashi and she fell asleep on his chest. Rashi stayed up, afraid of not only the dream but of what may be true about Sidney... Could he be trusted? Rashi didn't know... But he hoped he would have his realizations reversed and see that Sidney COULD be trusted...

The next morning, Sidney woke up and headed straight for the shower.
"We really need to find hotels or something more often. I can't stand not being able to use soap." The sound of water running through pipes woke Rashi, who had finally managed to fall into a light and restless sleep. Iñaki was still sleeping in his arms. He looked at her and smiled softly. She looked so innocent...
"WAUGH!" Both Rashi and Iñaki jumped. Iñaki sighed and got out of the bed, strolling over to the small make-shift cradle that had been set up in the corner of the room.
"Hey," she cooed gently, picking the child up. "What's wrong? You hungry?" Rashi watched as his friend carried the newborn Tokia around the room.
"So... Are you gonna bottle feed or breast feed?" Iñaki looked up and shrugged.
"Probably breast feed. It's more reliable." She walked over to the bathroom door and knocked on it.
"I'm in here!" Sidney called from inside.
"I know. Are you done showering? You can dress in here."
"I need to use the bathroom," Iñaki answered, peeved.
"All right, fine." The door opened, and Sidney walked out with a towel around his waist. Iñaki entered the bathroom without a word and closed the door behind her. Sidney stared after her for a moment, then shook his head.
"She's opted to breast feed," Rashi informed him, annoyance at having to be in the same room as Sidney apparent in his voice.
"Oh," Sidney said, shrugging. "Okay. Her kid, her problem, her choice. I don't care." Rashi glared at Sidney, who ignored him as he dressed. A few minutes later, Iñaki left the bathroom, Tokia once again asleep in her arms.
"You guys almost ready? We need to be going soon." Sidney and Rashi both nodded and followed Iñaki to the front desk. Tony took their room key and offered rations for their journey, which they gladly accepted. Once they had left the inn, Rashi smiled adventurously.
"Time to get another badge…"

They stepped out of the inn to greet another glorious day.
"The Gym's over there" Iñaki commented when she noticed Rashi was looking around, confused.
"Great!" Rashi led them to the gym, and the three slowly entered.
"Hey, it looks abandoned!" Sidney commented. "HELLOO?" His voice echoed through the hollowed building.
"Come here," a light voice echoed back from the back of the gym. The three decided to follow it.

In the back, they came upon the actual arena area, which was also empty.
"Hello?" Iñaki called.
"Hello," a mischievous voice echoed. An imp appeared before them, about the size of Eve if it stood on its hind legs. "M'name's Dashee!!! To win a badge, break my spell!!!" he giggled profusely and disappeared.
"What spell?" the three looked at each other, mystified. Soon, the room grew dark and Dashee's voice echoed through the blankness.

"Though young at heart,
a noble breed;
let Sidney’s age,
now take heed.

"That made NO sense" Iñaki giggled, but before they knew it, Sidney had shrunk to the size of a child.
"SHIT!" Rashi hollered and called forth his wand.
"You have two minutes--use only the powers you now possess, and no inventing cards!!! good luck!!!" Dashee called from nowhere.
"NOW we're in trouble..." Rashi took a bit to think.
"I can't think with you giggling like that, you annoying imp!!!" Rashi hollered as Dashee's voice echoed around him.
"Can't think, eh? Well your time is shortened...THIRTY SECONDS!!" the annoying laugh now became malicious.
"SHIT! This guy is CRAZY!!!" Iñaki hollered over the howling of Dashee.
"That’s it!!!" Rashi smiled "The sanity card!"
"But Rashi, it was only a one time use card!" Iñaki responded, amazed.
"Who says I can't recall it?" Rashi raised his wand.

"DoRe card of one time use,
I know your powers I did profuse;
now recharge them all, and come to me,
so I may restore, the age of Sidney

The sanity card floated about Rashi and let out a bright light. Soon the whole room was normal again, and so was Sidney.
"NO! YOU LITTLE BITCH, YOU BROKE MY SPELL!!!" Dashee appeared again, now Rashi’s size and he threw a badge at him. “Take it then!!" He turned to Iñaki. "You, you little wench!!! You gave him the idea, for that I curse you!!"
"Ha! your spells wont work on me, imp!" Iñaki bellowed at him, half humored, half angry.
"Well then!" the imp's eyes meandered down to Tokia. "They'll work on her!"

"Age of one,
not of newborn's fun;
be not born again,
but grow to age of ten

The imp giggled and disappeared. Before the group’s eyes, Tokia grew to the point where Iñaki had to set her down. She soon stood on her own, and appeared the age of approximately ten. The group was dumbfounded. Tokia was a mere two feet shorter that Iñaki. Her hair was quite curly, and inverse from Iñaki’s; where Iñaki’s hair was red, Tokia’s was purple, and where Iñaki’s was purple, Tokia’s was a rich green, like DoRean’s. Tokia looked up at her mother to reveal one emerald green eye, and one silver. She was apparently the perfect equal amounts of DoRean and Iñaki...
"TOKIA!!!" Iñaki cried out and held her daughter close.
"Interesting..." Sidney and Rashi smiled at the girl whom, just an hour earlier, was being breastfed...

Confusion Begins