A New Unkown Danger

"AAGHH!" Iñaki wailed in pain, sweat beads pouring down her face. Sidney turned and glared at DoRe.
"What the HELL did you fucking DO TO HER?!" "It wasn't me, dear boy. It was the card. I merely create them, I do not decide what they do."
"You could have warned us, you son of a bitch!"
"My, my. What language."
"English. And damn proud of it." Sidney turned back to Iñaki. Rashi was by her side, a look of confusion and helplessness on his face.
"Oh gods... Rashi, it hurts!"
"Iñaki... I-I don't know what to do!"
"Move Rashi, lemme handle this." Rashi turned to look at Sidney, his face more confused than before.
"But, Sid..."
"Just trust me. I know what I'm doing." Rashi moved aside and Sidney sat down at Iñaki’s head. Gently, he lifted her head and back into his lap so that she was in a slight sitting position. "Rashi, go to the other end and be ready to catch."
"Would you prefer the baby fell and hit the ground?"
"Then go down there and get ready to catch!" Rashi complied, and Sidney turned his attention back to Iñaki.
"Oh gods..." Iñaki let out another scream of pain.
[Iñaki] Sidney had his eyes closed and his hands on either side of her head. [Iñaki, I need you to listen to me. I can help you, but you have to let me.]
[Oh gods, Sidney it hurts so bad...]
[I know, but you need to listen. Start taking deep breaths. In and out, slowly. It'll help. And you need to push. If you don't, the child won't come out.] Iñaki did her best to slow her breathing, but it really wasn't easy. Sidney looked up.
"Rashi, do you still have the Calm?"
"Yeah. How did you..."
"No time. Get it out and use it. Her body's going into shock from the sudden growth and cramping of her stomach."
"Right." Rashi ran and got the card quickly, calling his wand at the same time. The spirit was released and it flew to Iñaki’s side.
"No!" DoRe waved his hand and the spirit was tossed aside. Sidney and Rashi both looked up.
"What the hell are you doing?! We need that card! If she doesn't get some help, she'll die."
"It would be best if she died."
"What?!" Rashi got up and stared at DoRe in disbelief.
"That child should be killed as well."
"Like hell, I'm gonna let you get close enough to touch it!"
"I don't need to touch it," DoRe grinned almost maniacally. "Please, Rashi, understand it's for your own good."
"Ah, she's been a good companion to you, but now Sidney's here. He'll be just as good a companion, I'm sure. He's strong and can fight. It'll be fine."
"No, it won't." Rashi stood up, anger and betrayal in his eyes. "I'm going to have to ask you to leave. If you refuse, I will make you leave."
"OH GODS!" Rashi turned at Iñaki’s out burst. Standing before she and Sidney was DoRean. Rashi's memories came flooding back to him, and he fell to his knees, his eyes wide. DoRean turned to DoRe.
"So, you think you can easily destroy her? She still has a part to play, DoRe, and you know it."
"She can no longer play that part because of you, you fool! Everything has gone wrong!"
"No. Everything you planned has gone wrong. You have no right."
"Oh, and I suppose you had a right to put her in this state in the first place," Rashi said, glaring at DoRean. DoRean smiled wickedly back.
"I never said that. Will you still let the child live, now that you know who the father is?"
"It's not up to me. And you will have no part in raising it."
"RASHI, GET OVER HERE!" Rashi ran back to his post and called the Calm card once again, and again DoRe tossed the spirit aside. Then he locked the card and wand so they could not be used.
"Shit," Sidney said, anger and worry rising in his voice. "Never mind the card. Just come back and get ready to catch!" Rashi moved back to his position, anxiety and nervousness replacing the anger. DoRe and DoRean were still facing each other.
"You know I will kill her if this does not," DoRe said, his voice calm and menacing.
"You can't kill her, DoRe. I don't know why you think you can."
"I can because I am not of this world. That is why I can also kill the child." DoRean glared hard at his opponent.
"You will not touch my Master's child," he growled dangerously, drawing his sword to prove his point. DoRe smirked, then sent a ball of green energy toward DoRean. He jumped out of its path, and it landed not two feet from the three travelers.
"You fool, you'll kill them all!"
"No, it would not harm the other two." DoRean ran forward, a war cry escaping from his throat. DoRe dodged the attack, then called forth his own blade.
"Rashi, its coming. Be ready!"
"I'm ready, Sid." Sidney closed his eyes once more, his hands still on either side of Iñaki’s head. He started glowing a pale yellow, and two balls of energy formed at his hands.
[Forgive me, Iñaki. We need to get this done and get out of here.]
[W-what are you doing?]
[I'm going to send a small jolt of energy through you. It will push the child out completely and attempt to heal you a bit in the process. It's gonna hurt like hell, but...]
[Do it.]
"Rashi, it's coming on the next one. Do. Not. Drop. It."
"Okay." With that, Sidney sent the energy straight at Iñaki’s stomach. She cried out, and sure enough, the child was out with that push. Sidney picked up Iñaki, and Rashi held the child, and the three-now-four ran from the battle that was still going on behind them.
"Sidney..." Iñaki fell unconscious from blood loss and exhaustion, and Sidney only prayed that she'd last until they could find a hospital.
"Rashi, follow me. I know somewhere safe." Sidney turned and started heading up a small mountain range. His power was still visible around him as he dodged into a cave, and Rashi kept up. They ran through the cave, deeper and deeper, turning left, turning right, going straight, until a light was seen at the end of a tunnel and they ran through it... And into a large underground city. They stopped and looked around, Rashi in awe and Sidney smiling.
"Welcome to Wolfage city. There's a hospital here we can take her to." Rashi began to descend towards the city, Sidney beside him. He looked down at the sleeping infant in his arms, a little girl with fair hair, quickly becoming the same deep red as her mother's. Rashi felt numb. DoRe had tried to kill Iñaki, and may have succeeded...
"Sidney..." Sidney turned around, and Rashi placed the child onto Iñaki’s lap, then quickly turned and ran a small distance. He fell to his knees and vomitted, sick with anger and worry and fear... He stood back up, wiping his mouth, and pick the child up, and once more they headed for the city...

DoRean and DoRe continued to battle until the ravelers were well out of site.
[DoRean, you IDIOT!!!] DoRe bellowed in the same deep, mysterious voice heard only so often to those on the travelers' enemies' side.
"M-master?" DoRean dropped his sword and stared in awe.
[Yes, you FOOL!! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING! You forced me to out myself to the three as the enemy!!]
"M-master? I-I'm sorry," DoRean bowed his head in shame. “But, why did you want to kill the girl if you ordered me to seed her?"
“I’m sorry. I'll never fail you again, master"
[You're damn right you won't.] DoRe waved his hand in front of DoRean.
"NO!!" DoRean’s form changed slowly and he shrank into the size of...a Clow card. DoRe grabbed the card and palmed it angrily. [Now, to finish what I started.] He sighed. [As if it wasn’t hard enough to create an evil ghastly.] He began moving toward the mountains [I only hope that ghastly can achieve mind control on its own, now that my trust with them is broken...] DoRe vanished into thin air.

The people of Wolfage city stared at the two young men as they entered the town. Strangers were rare and not always welcome. Sidney ran, non-stop, until they came upon a small building near the center.
"This looks like a Pokemon Center," Rashi commented doubtfully.
"It is," Sidney said, "But it's also a hospital. Why don't you tend to the Pokemon while I take Iñaki and the baby to the hospital wing."
"I don't know. I wanna make sure she's okay, too."
"I know, I know. But you can come down after seeing to the Pokemon." "Fine," Rashi said, sighing. "That'll work." He gently set the child in her mother's lap once more, then ran ahead to the Pokemon Center. Sidney waited until he was out of site, then turned down a side ally and to the back of the building. He entered silently, creeping through the halls, when suddenly...
"All right. Stop where you are and put your hands in the air."
"I would, but I've got a child and unconscious mother in my arms. She needs help fast."
"Why didn't you go in the front?" Sidney turned around, his face weary and anxious.
"Because I wasn't sure how many people would remember me or how they would react to my return." The security guard who had stopped him lowered his gun, his eyes wide.
"Tonik, can you help me out here?"
"Sure! No problem!"


"There you are!" Nurse Joy smiled warmly. Although the rest of the town seemed tense at Rashi's presence, she was as cheery as always.
"Thank you. Could you point me in the direction of the hos..."
"Rashi!" Rashi turned to see Sidney standing at the entrance to the building, his arms empty. He ran over to his companion.
"How is she?"
"Not sure. I dropped her off and came back to get you. Follow me, and keep your voice down." Sidney led Rashi out of the Pokemon Center and down the dark alley to the back of the building.
"Hey, Sid, where are we going?"
"To the hospital wing that's not supposed to be here." Rashi stared at the back of Sidney's head for a moment, then continued to follow him. They entered the building and were met by the security guard.
"Hey, Sidneil, who's that?"
"He's a friend, Tonik. He won't tell anyone."
"How much does he know?"
"Little to none."
"How much do I know about what?" Rashi stared at Sidney, or Sidneil as he'd been called, in confusion.
"Don't worry," Sidney responded. "You'll find out soon enough."
"Sidneil!" There was a call from further inside the building. "We need your help back here! Bring Tonik too!"
"We'll be right there!" Sidney turned back to Rashi. "Rashi, my friend, there are very few whom I actually trust, but after the last couple of days, you and Iñaki are among those few. What you see here, you can never, ever tell anyone. Understand?" Rashi nodded dumbly, utter confusion apparent on his face. Tonik and Sidney turned and headed towards the inside of the building, Rashi following curiously behind. What he saw in the next room astounded him. Iñaki and her child were on a small pedestal in the center of the room, and around it were...
"Not exactly," Tonik said with a short laugh. He closed his eyes, and from his back burst a pair of beautiful white wings. He then went to join the circle around the pedestal. Rashi turned to Sidney in utter astonishment.
"I'll explain later, I promise," Sidney said, amused by Rashi's expression. Then he, too, closed his eyes and from his back sprouted a pair of ebony-black feather wings. He then jumped into the center of the circle and stood above the pedestal, his wings outstretched and his arms extended above his head. He was glowing that pale yellow once again, and all the others in the circle glowed a deep blue. Slowly, one by one, those in the circle extended there arms straight and slanted up toward Sidney, or, more accurately, his hands. As they did this a beam of blue light shot from their hands to his, and Sidney's energy aura turned a dark green. Once the entire circle was contributing light, Tonik looked to Rashi, an amused smile on his face.
"You wanna help? Come sit down and focus your energy toward Sidneil. He'll do the rest." Rashi nodded and sat down next to Tonik. Then, he closed his eyes and concentrated, focusing his energy around himself. It sprang to life, shining bright orange about him. Then he, like the others, extended his arms and sent his energy towards Sidney, causing the aura to become a paler green than before. Sidney opened his eyes and carefully lowered his hands, allowing them to hover over mother and child. A slow, steady pulse of energy leapt from Sidney's hands to Iñaki and her child, each pulse moving through their entire bodies. This went on for ten minutes, at least, then Sidney lowered his hands completely, blocking energy flow. Rashi lowered his hands to his head, feeling dizzy and light-headed. Sidney walked over to him and sat down.
"You okay?"
"Yeah... Just a little dizzy..."
"That's to be expected," Sidney laughed. "You've never used you energy for that long span of time at such a high, concentrated level. It takes some getting used to, trust me." Rashi looked up at Sidney, curiosity filling his features.
"Sid, who are you?" He looked around at the other figures laughing and talking. They were mostly guys, but there were a few girls spread out... Sidney smiled slightly at the now chattering circle.
"Some of them are Guardians, as my friend Yue was." He turned to Rashi, who looked surprised. "But I... Tonik and I, and a few others, are... Well, I guess you could call us 'fallen angels.' Except for Tonik and myself, all the men here are Guardians. The rest of us are known as Demanges. Once, we were great warriors, known in religions as 'Arc Angels' but now..." He sighed, looking at Tonik, who was talking with one of the young women. "Now we are know as 'Betrayers'. We only ever had one rule to follow, and that was to never love. It seemed so easy, but... I was the strongest. Emotions were my weakness." Sidney looked up into Rashi's eyes, his own with the looked of held back tears. "I fell in love, Rashi. I fell in love with a human, A human whom I was later sent to kill. And when I didn't complete my mission due to pity..." He shook his head. Rashi smirked at him.
"Well, we can't all be perfect, can we? And it seems that the main thing we have in common as companions is relationship problems." Sidney and Rashi started laughing, then both turned to look at Iñaki. "Will she be all right?"
"Hopefully. I think we got her here in time. Barely." Rashi and Sidney stood up and walked slowly over to the pedestal. As they watched, Iñaki’s eyes slowly opened, and she looked up at them, dazed and confused.
"R-Rashi? S-Sidney? W-wha...?" Rashi helped her sit up, and she looked around the room, still dazed.
"Are you okay?" Rashi asked, sitting next to her.
"I... I don't know..."
"Well, you look like shit," Sidney commented, "Just in case you were curious." Iñaki smiled slightly at this, then looked down at the child in her arms.
"DoRean... DoRean is...?"
"No, his master. DoRean merely delivered the seed." Iñaki looked up at Sidney again, and her eyes widened slightly.
"Sid...ney?" He smirked at her confusion.
"I'll explain later. Have you decided on a name for her yet?"
"For who?"
"Your daughter!" Sidney chuckled at her dazed expression.
"Oh." She looked down at the child in her arms once again, a thoughtful look on her face. "Tokia." Sidney stared at her in surprise.
"W-where did you get that name from?"
"I'm not sure... I... I think it was...my grandmother's name..."
"I thought you didn't remember your family," Rashi said, confused yet again.
"I don't, or didn't... That's all I can remember, though..." Sidney's eyes softened a little.
"That...was the name of the human...I fell in love with," he whispered softly. All in the room turned to him, astonishment on their faces.
"Sidneil, you know the rules..."
"I know, Tonik. I know. But we're leaving as soon as Rashi battles."
"What? Why?!"
"Because otherwise everyone here is in danger." Tonik fell silent, sadness filling his features.
"I'll miss you, Sidneil."
"I know, my friend. I know."


Tonik, or Tony as he was known in the city, offered them rooms in his inn. They gladly accepted and went to sleep as soon as they were settled in. It had been a long, tiring day, and they were going to need all the strength they could get in the morning...

A Vision of Mistrust