Well, we're now on the third part of the story. It gets strange yet again. *sweatdrop* Okay, so it's a strange story. So sue me!! Oh, no, please don't. Uh, forget I said it! *heh*

[So the egg has been seeded, young DoRean?] a deep voice bellowed.
"Yes, liege." DoRean smiled evily. "Happily done, as well."


Rashi and Iñaki woke up late, wondering what happened.
"What ha-" Just then, DoRe appeared.
"Rashi... You have been strucken with amnesia. Try your best NOT to remember the events which have happend.It is the 4th day of your journey. You have the Pink Badge. That is all you need know."
"Yes, Master DoRe." Rashi nodded as DoRe disapeared. He looked at Iñaki, who had fallen back asleep.
"Good idea." He layed next to her and drifted off to sleep yet again.

Iñaki awoke the next morning, feeling groggy and dazed. She looked around with tired eyes, confused as to where she was. "Wow... Talk about strange... It's, what, the fifth day? It seems like it should be longer but has lasted such a short time, y'know?" Iñaki nodded, ony half comprehending what he was saying. After a five minute stare into space, the two got up and started walking, taking a quick drink from a stream not too far off.
"Y'ever notice how there's always a stream handy here?"
"It's a world created by my dreams. It's GOT to accomadate us." Rashi shrugged, and continued walking. They slowly began to wake up after what seemed an eternity of rest. After a while, Mist and Eve were put into their pokeballs for some rest. The morning was pretty quiet for once.


"DoRean!" Morian came storming into his quarters, outraged.
"Yes, M'Lady?"
"You seeded the girl?"
"Yes, M'Lady."
"Orders, M'Lady."
"Yes, M'La... Morian."
"Why her? Why did he choose her?"
"I don't know. I don't read minds, Morian. That's supposed to be your job."
"DoRean, you disgust me, you know that?"
"Yes, Morian. You've told me."
"Do they know we're working together?"
"Good. It's better for them to think they have two enemies. It'll keep them on the run."
"Why do you care that the girl was seeded?"
"Well, I said I was going to get a new Harem girl for Lord Miran. He prefers girls who've had no experiece."
"He can still have her. After she isn't needed." Morian sighed and stormed back out of DoRean's quarters.
"I'll never understand men."
"You're not meant too. Like men aren't meant to understand women."
"Shut up, DoRean!"
"Yes, M'Lady."
"No you're not!"
"You're right, I'm not!"
"Oh, go ta' Hell!"
"Too late."


At about mid-afternoon, Rashi and Iñaki stopped for lunch. It was something discernable for once: rabbit.
"This is pretty good. I don't think the pet shop would appreciate me buying 'em just to eat 'em, though."
"No, I should think not." Iñaki laughed at Rashi's pointless comment. It was fun not worrying about anything. Then a thought crossed her mind...
"Hey Rashi, why hasn't anything attacked yet?"
"I don't know. Why?"
"Well, it's kind of weird, don't you think?"
"I don't know. I don't remember what happened the last three days."
"I could've sworn we've been attacked by something every day we've been here..."
"Well, I don't remember it." They shrugged after a moment and finished their meal, making sure to hide all signs of them being there. They started off again at a decent pace when Iñaki stopped. Rashi turned to look at her.
"Something wrong?" Iñaki's eyes were extremely wide. She looked down at her stomach and back up at Rashi.
"Rashi, c'mere. Reach out with your mind. How many lives do you detect?" Rashi closed his eyes and concentrated for a moment.
"Let's see. One, two... that's the pokemon... Three, four, you n' me, fi..." He opened his eyes and looked up at her. "Five? Iñaki, why are you giving off two life signals?"
"Rashi, you don't think..."
"No... I told you already..."
"I know but... did we have any... strong drink?"
"No... We're underage."
"But what's underage here?"
"I'm sure I'd know if I had any 'strong drink' as you called it."
"Then who...? How...?" She shook her head and looked down at her stomach again. Like a bomb, her meditation vision came back and hit her. The dark clouds... Rashi as dust... Her being overshadowed... But it continued...
"R-Rashi...?" Rashi ran to her side and helped her sit down.
"What? What is it?"
"You remember that weird vision I had?"
"Yeah, vaguely, why?"
"Well, I know who the dark cloud is..."
"Who?" She looked up at him, her eyes filled with confusion.
"It's... It's me... I'm the dark cloud that turned you to dust... But there was another dark cloud... A dark cloud that...consumed me... I still couldn't tell who it was but..." She shook her head, now more confused than ever.
"What do you mean, you're the dark cloud?"
"I... I don't know... Rashi, we've lost time, and something horrible happened in that lost time. But because we don't know what, we don't know what to do about it..."
"Master DoRe said not to try to remember. It couldn't be that important..."
"It might explain the extra life force I'm carrying. It might explain the first dark cloud." Rashi shook his head. Things were just too confusing now...


DoRe watched the two from a far distance.
"I think I may have made it worse. I know the girl will try to remember, but Rashi didn't really have anything to forget except anger..." He shook his head, wondering if maybe he should not have interfered.


Iñaki and Rashi headed out again, both contemplating the strangeness of the whole ordeal. Iñaki had stated very firmly that she didn't care who the father was, she was not, under any circumstance, giving up the child. But... How long would it take this child to grow? What if the birth started in the middle of a battle? What if Iñaki died while giving birth? There were so many questions running through their minds, most of them "What if" questions. By nightfall, they had coverd a good deal of ground and were in a mountain range. They found a small cave to camp in for the night. It was very cold, so a fire was built. The two fell asleep, still contemplating the day's findings and wondering what the next day would bring. This really was a strange and mysterious journey.

Rashi and Iñaki had been awake long before sunsrise.((**yes, sunSrise...remeber,there are 2 suns!**)) and were now coming to another city. They stood at the border, and read the sign:
"Menisiatown: Home of the Raging Hormones"
"Hm...frightening" Iñaki commented. "Let's just get out of here quick, okay?" Rashi nodded in agreement.They walked into town and headed for the pokemon center, so they could get directions to the gym.

They walked into the doors to find a half naked Nurse Joy making out with a large guy behind the counter.
"Um, excuse me, where's the gym?" Rashi questioned hestinatly.
"oooO OH OH! OHHHHHVER THAT WAY!! WOOOO!" Nurse Joy had apparently reached her climax and Rashi and Iñaki ran from the building in the direction she pionted.
"Okay, that was freaky" They came upon a large building shaped like a... giant penis.
"Um...o-k.." They slowly walked inside...

Once inside they could hear loud moaning and screams. The sounds where not wat scared them. It was the whips and chains that scared them. They found the arena on their own, and happened to be in time to watch a battle. The gym leader was using the Nidoking/NidoQueen lines. His opponent lasted not very long.

Rashi battled the leader quickly and won easily. He and Iñaki rushed out though, not wating to see what else this gym had to offer...

"Rashi, this place scares me. Can we leave now?" Iñaki inquired.
"Yeah, let's jet..." And they ran out of town...

"Oh shit..." Rashi turned to look at Iñaki, surprise registering on his face.
"I've lost my pendant."
"Oh shit."
"That's what I said."
"Please tell me you didn't lose in that town..."
"I don't know where I lost it, but the town is our best bet."

Back in the town, things had... livened up a bit as night fell. There were girls on every street corner in lots of makeup and very little clothes.
"Hey cutie! Why don't you take me to your place toinght?" The girl winked at Rashi, who shook his head and kept walking, now thoroughly traumatized.
"Pst." Iñaki and Rashi stopped, turning towards the sound.
"Who's there?"
"Just a guy. How'd you like to see a pretty thing here?"
"How'd you like to see the inside of your face?"
"Oh c'mon, missy. I didn't mean anything like that, honest!" The speaker came out of the shadows. He had an innocent smile on his face and something in his hand.
"And just how many girls have you laid? Do you think I'm really that stupid. I've been in this town long enough to know what's running through everyone's mind." She glared at him, her pupil-less emerald- green eyes meeting his shining gray ones. They were almost a hypnotizing silver...
"What've you got," Rashi spoke up, looking at the guy's hand. He smiled and let the object fall. It was...
[My pendant!]
[Great, now what?]
[Easy. We bargain.]
"What do you want for the trinket?" Rashi blinked and stared at Iñaki, but decided not to say anything. "Well, this hear 'trinket' as you called it cost me a pretty penny." He turned to Rashi.
"How much?" The guy grinned.
"A night with your dame."
"WHAT?!" Both Rashi and Iñaki were thoroughly disgusted. Iñaki's eyes got dangerously narrow.
"I'm willing to pay with money. However, unlike these other girls, I am not willing to pay with my body."
"Oh, c'mon! A little birth control and..."
"HELL NO!!" The guy blinked as she jumped back and Rashi stood in front of her.
"You damn idiot, she's pregnant!"
"Oh, gee thanks, Rashi."
"Well what was I supposed to say? It's against our religion? Like he's gonna buy that."
"Wait, she's pregnant?"
"What, are you deaf? Yeah! She's pregnant!"
"But she don't look it..."
"That's because I only recently got pregnant."
"Oh. So, who's the lucky father? Is it you?"
"Uh, no."
"Actually, we don't know who the father is. In fact, we don't know what happened the past, what, three days?"
"Yeah, that's about right." The guy smiled.
"Man, you two musta' been drinkin' some strong shit." Iñaki's hand went around the guy's throat and lifted him in the air a bit.
"How much do you want for the pendant?"
"Hey, I told you my price." She dropped him, sighing in exasperation.
"I can't believe you would make someone pay with... with sex!"
"Yeah well, it's a tough life. I wanna have at least one night of fun before mine ends." Rashi rolled his eyes and looked to Iñaki.
"Well, look at the bright side, Iñaki. At least you don't have to worry about getting pregnant. It's already happened!"
"Thank you Rashi. You're not helping at all."
"Oh, was I supposed to be?" Iñaki growled slightly, startling both Rashi and the other guy. She turned and glared at him with contempt.
"Why can't I just get you one of those girls on the street corners?"
"Because they all avoid me."
"They avoid a guy who wants to have sex?"
"I don't know... I think they think I'm a S&M bondage fan."
"Oh, geez." Iñaki and Rashi both backed up this time.
[Iñaki, you're not really gonna go through with this, are you?]
[Rashi, what other choice do we have? He won't take money.]
[But what?]
[I don't know... I just don't like the thought of it...] Iñaki took Mist out of his pokeball. The ghost pokemon looked at her, a bit confused.
"What do you think Mist? Can we trust this guy? Is there only one way to get my pendant back or can we convince him otherwise?" Mist smiled and disappeared. Iñaki and Rashi walked back over to the guy.
"Okay," Rashi said with disdain. "Before we agree to anything, you get to meet a friend of ours."
"Oh yeah? And who's that?" Mist reappeared in front of Iñaki, a protective look on his face.
"Here's the deal. One way or another, I'm going to get that pendant. So, if you can pick up my good friend Mist here, then I'll sleep with you tonight and take the pendant tomorrow. If, however, you can not pick him up, then I get the pendant now and I'll sleep with you when I feel like it before I die. Either way you'll have your 'one night'. That is my final offer. Take it or leave it."
[Are you sure this is a smart idea?]
[It all depends on Mist.]
[That's what I mean.]
[Oh, just trust him. He knows what's best.]
"Um... Al-all right then." He headed over to Mist to attempt to pick him up. He circled the pokemon, taking a long time to decide how to pick him up.
>Mist... He will be important on your jouney... He must go with you...< Mist nodded slightly as the female voice faded away. The guy reached down put his hands around the pokemon to finally attempt his task. His hands went right through Mist all three times he tried. Iñaki then proceeded to bend down and pick him up easily.
"Okay, guess you're travelling with us. Hey Rashi, we have a new team member."
"Whatever. I'm Sidney."
"I'm Iñaki, and this is my travelling partner Rashi. Welcome aboard our roller coaster adventure through Heaven, Hell and all that lies between." Iñaki snatched the pendant from his hand and put it around her neck. She and Rashi turned to leave, Sidney right behind them.

New Friends, New Powers