Iñaki’s eyes widened at the glowing energy flying straight at her and the huge Demon behind it. "Oh. My. GODS!! What the...?!" She took in a sharp breath as the ball hit her. After blinking a few times to clear her head, a slight yelp leapt from her throat, and then a curious smile crossed her face. Xantus looked her, slightly worried. "Are you all right?" "Yeah, fine... I can see you." "What?" "I can see you!" She paused, and the smile disappeared as her eyes widened even more. "And the Demon behind you!!" "Fear not Iñaki," the Demon said silently, sending shivers down her spine. "I bring a message from Rashi." "Rashi...? The Demon card?" "Yes." "Wow. How weird. What message?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After relaying the message, the Demon took off, back in the direction it had come from. Iñaki watched after it for a while, shrugged, and turned to Xantus. "Okay, lead the way." "What?" "We're going after him. Lead the way to the uncharted territories."

"Master Rashi." the demon card returned to Rashi, who was finishing off a group of golden fairies. "Yes?" "I delivered the message, and the gift was also received to her." The demon smiled a chilling grin, but had no effect on Rashi. "Good...now, return to your card confined, if you will." Rashi spoke to the demon as if it were a good friend. The demon returned to its card and Rashi spun around to face a large, dying tree. He reached in and pulled out a large fairy (about 3 feet tall) and ripped off her wings, smiling. With a glance of hatred, she burst into gold and silvery flames. The energy left behind was absorbed into his palm. ***** later **** Rashi stood atop a Large plateau, over looking the charted territories on one side, and the uncharted on the other.... He looked hard across the charted side and focused in on two figures walking through the abyss.... "What?!" he looked harder at the figures, focusing on Iñaki’s partner the most. "It…can’t be..." Rashi's eyes widened and he let out a gasp..."Xantus..."

Iñaki sighed at Xantus's silence and seeming refusal to move. "Y'know what? Never mind. I'm tired anyway. I'm going to sleep. G'night!" The silent figure watched as she lay down, caught slightly off guard, but smiled a small smile and turned to keep watch. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Iñaki sighed slightly. "Damnit, I hate dreams. They usually wake me up in tears..." She looked around, confused by her surroundings. "Iñaki..." "Who's there?" She turned towards the voice, but saw no one. "Please help me..." "Show yourself or leave me the hell alone!" Iñaki turned to face a bright shimmer, but nothing more was visible. She shivered slightly. "Who are you?" "You don't remember me?" "I can't see you. How am I supposed to..." She fell silent and turned away. "No, I don't. I remember your presence, but I don't remember who it belongs to." "You promised you'd never forget me." "I probably promised it on this!" she screamed, brandishing the armlet, a tear falling from her eye. "...Yes, you did." "Well, I don't even remember what it is." She took a deep, slow breath, trying to calm down. "Please, either open my memory or leave me in peace. I can't fear sorrow and pain every time I close my eyes." "I'm sorry Iñaki... I can only help you remember. I wish with all my heart I could open your memories, selfish as I am." "Sid... Please don't leave me alone or questioning! Why can't I remember you?" "Please... Keep trying..." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xantus looked down at Iñaki as she cried quietly in her sleep. Iñaki sighed and became silent, another piece of a painful memory replayed...

Rashi stood atop the mound and watched from a distance as Iñaki cried in her sleep. He let his head slightly fall. "She's remembering Sidneil." At the thought of Sidneil, Feniel and Folken returned to his memory. He turned around and looked up at what would be the sky and thought of the past few days...or months....in this shadow realm, it seems all time is lost to him. He thought of his last moments in Animelity. Then being in his own realm again. Then being sucked into this one. His face twisted into a disgusted look as he remembered the day he came to this wretched place. A unicorn walked past him slowly, knowing he was there. He looked at it with disgusted eyes. "I hate this place!" he screamed as he hurled a fireball at the beast, leaving only its energy behind as so many things have so far. He took it too. He walked to where the unicorn once stood, and picked up its horn, which is always left when a unicorn dies. He turned and looked down at Iñaki again and summoned the demon card. "Yes, master?" "take this to Iñaki with this note. See she and that scoundrel Xantus are not awakened, do you understand?" "Yes master" and he was off. As the demon flew in one direction silently, Rashi turned in the other and started walking. He ended up walking through a dense forest, lined with dark plants and full of dangerous creatures. All seemed to move when he walked through, however. He sat by a large lake that reflected an invisible moon and thought of the letter he had just sent: "My dearest Iñaki, I am sending you this unicorn horn to protect yourself. If you keep it with you, it will protect u from all evil and hatred. This world is too dangerous for you to be unguarded. " It went on to say: "Also, watch Xantus. He is not what he appears. With love, Rashi Koherea" A single tear fell from Rashi’s eye as he stood up and dove into the water, chasing after a shining silver mermaid: to take her life.