Iñaki sighed. "Great, so now we have a "shadow" following us around, our dimensions have merged into one, everything I thought I knew was a freakin' lie... AND WHY IS HE SHADOWING US?! WE DON'T HAVE INTERESTING JOBS!! WE'RE NOT EVEN PART OF THE FREAKIN' JOB SHADOW PROGRAM!!" "Iñaki, calm down," Rashi said, a worried and confused look on his face. "He's not attacking..." "Oh, yeah. He's not attacking us. He's just STALKING us!! That's just makes me feel a WHOLE lot better, Rashi. Thank you." "You're welcome!" "Don't make me slap you..."

Rashi reached out and slapped Iñaki hard." Get a hold of yourself!"

Iñaki glared at Rashi and slapped him back. "Me get a hold of myself? Do you not realize what's going on?! This is insane!!"

Rashi stood there, staring at Iñaki whom just slapped him. The world seemed to darken for Iñaki as she had another vision. Rashi stared at her.... "What’s wrong, ina--" AAHHHHH!!!! Rashi was thrown into darkness in a mere moment. ~~WELCOME TO TEH SHADOW REALM, RASHI KOHEREA.....~ a deep, ominous voice echoed....

Seperated... Again... Geez, This Happens a Lot