in Rashi’s world
"Saiyatsu???" a sweet voice called to him. "Saiyatsu, wake up." Rashi slowly opened his eyes to see a young and beautiful woman before him.
“A-are you my mother? or sister?" She giggled and laughed wildly.
“No, silly. I’m Aphrodite, the goddess of love." Rashi’s eyes widened. “I know you, Saiyatsu...or should I say...Rashi" she smiled broadly.
"G...Goddess?" he looked oddly at her.
"I’m here to help you return to Animelity. You will have to complete a few tasks and gain the aid of many gods and goddesses." She told him where he was to go first, then vanished. He got up and prepared his things, as her instructions echoed in his head...
[Go east. There you shall find my son, Aphroditius. He will help you across Ares' war plains. Once you pass the planes successfully, Ares will await with further instructions. be careful of him, though...and make sure Aphroditius stays with you. This world can be very tricky...] Her words remained with him as he left the house and headed east, into the familiar rising sun...

Iñaki glanced around the empty fortress and sighed.
'This place will keep too many disturbing memories. I'm leaving.' After closing down the portal to the Negaverse, she wandered around Tokyo aimlessly. Eventually, she spotted an old abandoned building, open for the taking. After a few renovations with earned money from past missions, the building was quite livable.


"And you want a job here?"
"I can assure you that I am more than qualified, sir."
"But have you ever been through training?" Iñaki smiled at the ironic question.
"Well, I haven't been through training at the Police Academy, but yes, my training is just as good, if not better."
"You don't have any recommendations," the police chief said skeptically. Iñaki sighed.
"Officer, if you don't want me to work here, just say so. It won't hurt my feelings." She looked up into his eyes, and he cringed inward. The green pools just seemed so...empty.
"I'm sorry, miss. In order to get hired here, you have to go through the academy."
"Very well," she responded, getting up. "Thank you for your time." She left the police station, sighing lightly. The sun shone down mockingly as she walked through the streets of downtown Tokyo, head lowered. She was suddenly aware of someone right in front of her, but didn't have enough time to move.
"Oh! I'm sorry," came a voice beside her.
"No, it's my fault," Iñaki responded, looking up, "I should've been watching where I was... Jupiter?" Lita blinked, then glared.
"What a greeting."
"Yours wasn’t much better. What have you done with Serena?" Iñaki shuddered slightly, turning away. Lita raised an eyebrow at her curiously.
"I..." Iñaki shook her head. "She no longer lives in this timeline."
"I sent her spirit to the future, closer to the time of Crystal Tokyo. I intend to send you all to be reborn in the future, closer to that glorious time..." She looked up at Lita, and the Scout of Jupiter saw her eyes for the first time. They were empty, empty except for pain and suffering, but even that disappeared.
"What happened?"
"She came into the training room. I'm not sure how, but... I wasn't...in my right mind, you could say. She challenged me, I accepted, I won. She won't come back in this lifetime. But she will be reborn. I plan to do the same to all of you, so you can reach your second Silver Millennium." Lita stared, confusion registering on her face.
"I don't understand. I thought you were trying to kill us?"
"No. Nor do I wish to rule this planet. That may have been my goal before, but I've had time to...straighten my priorities. You can trust me to be good to my word, and I give you my word that if you come to my address tonight with your friends, I will send you to the future. I have no reason to do otherwise." Lita nodded and took down her address, promising to stop by with the other Scouts.


"Are you sure she can be trusted?" Ami looked at her friend, concern in her voice.
"I don't know if she can be trusted, but I do know, she'll be good to her word."
"How do you know that?" Rei asked, anger obvious on her face. "None of them have been good to their word, ever! Why is she different?"
"Her eyes... If you had seen her eyes, the pain she's been through! Do you realize she's no older than we are? She's been through Hell and back from the look in her eyes. They're...almost completely empty." Lita looked at her friends, her face somber. "I trust her, guys. I don't know about you, but I'm going."
"Are you sure she'll send us to Serena?" Lita nodded at Darien, smiling comfortingly. He got up and stood beside her. "Then take us to her."


Iñaki watched as the small group disappeared, the same way Sailor Moon had. She shook her head and continued the spell, watching as each one disappeared. She smiled slightly.
"You were wrong, Morian," she whispered to the air. "It was not complete. Serena never died." She absently turned her arm band around, the last of her humanity disappearing with her memories as she locked them away for good...

Rashi's dimension
Rashi had been traveling for hours, following his heavenly spirit guide. Finally, they reached Ares's war plains. And passed with ease.
"That was WAY to easy..." Rashi’s guide spoke. Just then, Ares appeared before them.
"Leave us Aphroditius---I have a test for the boy to complete."
"No Ares, I am no--"
"I DONT CARE WHAT YOUR SUPPOSED TO DO!!! LEAVE NOW OR I WILL JUST KILL HIM NOW!!!" Ares flung Aphroditius back with his temper, and Aphroditius left sorely after telling Rashi to be careful. Rashi felt fear and sorrow building within him.
"Have we foud out how to follow Rashi yet, Fen?" Folken’s' eyes were red with weary and wet with fresh tears. “We have to get him back!"
"I'VE GOT IT!" Tokia ran into the room screaming with joy. "I can send either one of you to both Rashi AND Iñaki’s dimensions!" She looked at them both. “Who will go where?" Feneil and Folken looked at each other with competition in their eyes. They both loved Rashi and knew the other did as well...
"Teleporting to Rashi’s dimension..." There was a large bang and the man was gone. Tokia turned to the one left behind..."Your turn." She sent him to Iñaki’s realm...
"I’m glad Tokia chose me to go to Rashi’s side...I love him so much--what the hell?!" The dimensions around him began to waver, and there was a large bang... Rashi and Iñaki’s dimensions had just collided!
"YOUR FAULT!" Fen screamed at the top of his lungs.
"Go to hell!" Folken smacked him across the face and walked off to try and find Rashi...
before the collision
"Now, as for you---what?" The world around Ares and Rashi began to shake violently and there was a large explosion. Ares himself looked scared as all Hades. "No," Ares muttered
"What happened?" Rashi questioned, fearfully.
"Our dimension has collided with another... I have to go tell the gods. Be careful and prepare for anything!" Ares vanished and left Rashi where he was, alone...

"Ung!" Iñaki stood shakily, looking around. "What the hell just happened?!" As she looked around, her eyes widened. Her house had been nearly destroyed. She ran outside to look around.
'Strange... There hasn't been an earthquake in years...' Iñaki walked around Tokyo, trying to find other signs of damage. Strangely, there didn't seem to be any other damage...

Okay, we're introducing a new character, but I am not going to bother changing the format his owner wrote in. Too much work... *sweatdrop*

:Internal shot, faint light. Close up of human face, male. Long white hair, strange tattoo circles his left eye. Slight shudder of entire frame:
:Cut to Long shot of Rashi being left by Ares. Camera zooms in, a slight fear overtaking his youthful features.:
:Cut to Long shot of Iñaki, looking at a pile of ruble that used to be her home. She runs away, stationary camera rotating to follow her:
:Cut back to mystery man, frame shaking. End shaking. Male opens his eyes, totally black. Concern furrows his brow, and he realizes where he is.:
:Cut to nondescript city park. Blast of pinkish light bursts from the ground, and disappears to reveal mystery man hovering over a 4 foot crater. He glides to the edge of the crater, and lands. He looks around, what few people are in the park see him and decide to flee. There is no outward display of emotion. Inner soliloquy:
"Well, it seems the sleeper has awoken. What is this place? And what is my mission? I must find Izzy, he can tell me my mission.
:End voice over. Mystery man raises his left arm, looks down at what looks like a wristwatch. Close up as he pushes a button, and a small holographic map of Tokyo appears on the face. After a few seconds, a blue dot appears, followed by a distant red dot. He quietly nods, and begins walking away. Camera pans to look at the crater in the park.:

Of Gods and Shadows...