Explosion of Sorrow

"IÉAKI!" Rashi jumped towards them again, trying to reach and grab at DoRe's knife.
"You little bastard!" DoRe nodded his head and Rashi froze, mid-air. "I am tired of you!" he looked up. "MORIAN! I BECKON THEE!!!" Morian appeared before the group, smiling.
"Yes, m'liege?"
"Did you find the spell I asked for?" Morian's evil grinn widened.
"Yes, m'lord." Morian began to glow a deep green, her energy filling the room with a green glow.
"No-" Iñaki gasped. She knew what was coming.
[He's sending Rashi back to his realm! Stop them, Sid!] Iñaki sent to Sidney.
"No, RASHI!" Sidney jumped towards Morian, but DoRe tossed him aside with a mental motion. Rashi began to glow a deep blue. He screamed in agony. Slowly, Rashi began to disappear. The entire room grew silent and seemed to move in slow motion. Tears were being shed all around as Rashi disappeared. Time returned to normal, and Morian left, laughing maniacally. Sidney stood, a single tear streaking his cheek.
"My friend..."

In Rashi's realm

Rashi awoke in his own world. The sky was blue, and his friends were nowhere to be seen. He looked around and saw his house, and people moving around in it...

Iñaki stared at the spot Rashi had just been in, her eyes wide.
"No..." The word was whispered softly, but the intensity was felt throughout the room. The girl started to glow a deep red, her eyes wide with pain, fear, and desparation. "NOO!!" She snapped. She had endured rape, pregnancy, near-sacrafice, and nearly killing her first and only true friend. This was too much. She threw her head back and screamed, a scream which echoed throughout the world. DoRe let go of her arm and jumped back, glaring at her.
"How," he said quietly, "How can she have this much power?" Iñaki screamed again, the aura glowing brighter and darker at the same time.
"I WON'T LET YOU DO THIS!!" Her eyes glowed a deep crimson, darker than blood. Her friends backed away in as much fear as DoRe. "I will destroy everything, including you! Your damn spells can't stop me! I REFUSE TO LET YOU DO THIS ANYMORE!! You have taken my best friend! You've taken him, after all we've been through, and you've thrown him from me!"
"You can't do this," DoRe yelled above the swiftly rising wind. "You'll die too!"
"I don't care. I'd rather die and take you with me than let you live any longer!" Sidney's eyes widened, fear filling them.
"Iñaki, no!" She turned to him sadly.
"I'm sorry Sidney," she whispered as she raised her arms, glowing brighter still.
"NO! I will NOT lose you too!" He ran up to her against all the wind and energy flying around her. He reached out and held her in a tight embrace, only wincing slightly at the searing pain that raced through his body as the energy burned him. Gently, Sidney leaned in and kissed Iñaki's lips, he himself beginning to glow the same red. After a few moments, the light faded, and Sidney fell away from her, disfigured and burned from head to foot. Iñaki's eyes were wide with anguish and surprise as she slowly fell to her knees. A single tear escaped her lifeless eyes before she fell back in a disgraceful heap, eyes still staring in pain and sorrow. DoRe lay dead on the floor, his body disappearing completely in seconds. Tokia's hands covered her mouth as she stared fearfully down at the two.
"No... Aura, please no... Don't take them too..." She knelt down next to Iñaki, tears streaming down her face. Carefully, she reached out and touched her mother's hand, pulling back swiftly at how cold it felt. She shook her head, disbelief and sorrow in her eyes. Feniel came up behind her and pulled her into an embrace, trying to comfort her, even through his own pain and loss.

Rashi's dimension

Rashi cried out, grabbing at his chest.
"No," he whispered silently. "Oh gods, no... Iñaki... Sidney..." He buried his face in his pillow as two connections died and the rest slowly faded. He reached up and gently grasped the necklace that was very real. His tears flowed more freely, sobs racking his body.


Tokia concentrated, calling her powers to one place. Gently, she placed a glowing hand onto Iñaki's, sending a silver light through her body. Very slowly, life came back to her eyes and she inhaled sharply, wincing in pain. She sat up cautiously, but forgot about herself completely as she caught sight of Sidney.
"SIDNEY!" She ran to his side, falling beside him. "Sidney! Sidney, please. Damnit, open your eyes! Oh gods, Sidney please!" She fell onto his chest, harsh sobs emitting from her throat. Tokia lowered her head.
"I... I can't bring him back, not yet. Not for a long time. I'm out of energy... Iñaki, I'm sorry..." She shook her head, standing up and drying her eyes. After forcing herself to calm down, she turned to Feniel.
"Fen, you can open a portal, right?" Feniel blinked, surprised.
"Uh, yeah, I think so... Why?"
"Open one to my home. I can't stay here anymore." She absently clasped the arm band, turning her head from him.
"Are you sure? I mean, we could..."
"No. I have to leave. It's too painful..." She choked back a sob, once again closing her heart to the world. "I have to leave. I'll... I'll finish what I started in my dimension. And I'll lock away all my memories and emotions from here. I..." She shook her head, then looked up, her eyes blank and emotionless. "Please, Fen. Open the portal." He nodded, holding back the tears of remorse threatening to spill over. He closed his eyes and opened a portal to her world.
"I can't leave," Tokia said softly, "Can I?" Iñaki shook her head slightly.
"Sorry. You must stay in the dimension you were born in." The younger girl nodded, not hiding her tears as they fell.
"Good-bye, then. Take care." Iñaki nodded and walked through the portal, leaving behind the pendant that had never left her neck. Now it flew through the air, landing in Tokia's hands, as the portal closed behind her. The signifigantly smaller group stared at the spot for a moment more, then began to clean up the room...

Inaki's dimension

Iñaki glared coldly at her commerades as they all disappeared from her sight. She inhaled deeply as she absorbed their energy into herself. She couldn't work with anyone ever again. She didn't want to get close to someone just to lose them. As she sat alone in silence, she recalled the last conversation she had had with Sidney.

'Now, no matter where we go, we won't age, either of us. That way we can live together forever.'
"Forever..." She whispered it into the air as she left to finish off the Sailor Scouts. "Forever didn't last very long, did it Sid?"

New Beginnings