An Unpleasant Surprise

"I will kill you." DoRe's final words echoed in Rashi's mind.
"NO! TAKE ME!!!" Sidneil stood up from behind Rashi and iñaki."I... I LOVE HER! TAKE ME INSTEAD!!!" Dore smiled.
"No, you will be killed by your judges, now... I have no need to kill you." his evil grin widened as Sidney began to dissapear, being called by the Council.
"NO!" He vanished.
"Now, Sirah. COME TO ME!!" Rashi was thrown back and Sirah stood up, and went to stand between DoRe and Morian.
"Welcome back to the right side," Morian smiled and put her arm around her. "My love." She laid a gentle kiss on Sirah's soft lips.

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"IÉAKI?!" Rashi's eyes widened in surprise. Sirah/Iñaki smiled evilly and clutched Morian, and all three vanished.
"I-Iñaki..." Rashi sighed.
"Rashi...let me heal that for you." Feniel helped Rashi to a different room and laid him on the new bed. Sheed and Von were now in the main chambers, trying to rally a group of wizards to help.

"Thank you for helping, Feniel." Rashi smiled up at him
. "No problem, Rashi. Go ahead and take off your shirt so I can heal that damned wound properly." Feniel smiled at Rashi he removed his shirt. He healed the wound easily, then stayed there, kneeling beside Rashi's bed. "Rashi, there's something I want to tell you..."
"yeah Feniel?"
"Just call me Fen." He smiled ruefully. "Rashi I..." "Yes?" Their lips met softly, in a passionate kiss...

Feniel pulled back and looked at the ground, standing quickly.
"I-I'm, sorry, Rashi... I didn't mean..."
"Wow..." Rashi sat up and stared at his friend, eyes wide. "That"
"Rashi, look, I really didn't mean to..."
"Man, I have NEVER had another guy kiss me like that! Where did you learn to do that?!" Feniel looked up at Rashi, confusion written across his face. Rashi laughed slightly.
"Sorry, Fen," Rashi said, his laughter dying down. "Don't worry, it didn't bother me any. You just surprised me, that's all. But..." Feniel smiled slightly.
"It's all right. I'm not your type, right?"
"Well, if you want a girl's reason, yeah. Sorry."
"It's my own fault..."
"No, seriously. It's not you, it's me." Rashi laughed shortly. "Geez, that sounds like a girl excuse too..."
"It's all right, Rashi. I understand. I just thought I'd try." Rashi sighed, his smile disappearing.
"Well, what really disturbs me..." He shook his head. "That wasn't Iñaki. It couldn't be. She would have told me when we were sharing deep, dark secrets." Feniel raised and eyebrow.
"Sharing deep, dark secrets?" Rashi rubbed the back of his head, making him look almost animated.
"Yeah, well..." He sighed again. "And what about Sid?" Feniel shook his head.
"I don't know. Maybe he can convince them that it was a desperate situation."
"Well, what about you?" Feniel smiled mischeiviously.
"Whoa, wrong part of the conversation to walk in on," Tokia commented as she quickly turned and left the room. Rashi and Feniel stared after her for a moment, the both broke out into laughter.


"What do you have to say for yourself, Sidniel?" Sidneil stood before his Council, wrists manacled and wings held by sentries.
"It was a desperate situation sir," he answered softly. "I couldn't think of anything else to say."
"We took the emotion of love from you to punish you. You should not be looking for it in your prison."
"What I did happened millenia ago," he cried out suddnely, glaring hard at the Council members. The Council jumped and were surprised to see tears streaming down their prisoner's face. "Why are we still being punished?! Why was Feniel punished in the first place?! He had nothing to do with it! It's not like we caused any massive destruction." He lowered his head again, his hair covering his face. "Is it wrong to feel something that comes naturally? I didn't want to love her. I really didn't. She... She made me love her. And now I can't even save her because I'm being punished for something I have no control over!"
"Sidneil, are you quite finished?"
"No, I'm not." He looked up again, anger in his eyes. "This is supposed to be a Council of Justice, is it not? Then tell, where is the Justice making me, or anyone, a mortal immortal, and then forbidding them to love?! How is that Justice? And, when love seeps back into my mind and takes over, you punish me again, proabably with death! How is that Justice?" The Council members looked to each other, but none of them could answer him. Sidneil nodded silently. "That's what I thought. I am done now, sir." The head Councilman waved for him to be taken back to the dungeons. He followed quietly, saying nothing. He was too heartbroken to even think of escaping or protesting. "And again," he said as he left, just barely audible to the Coucil, "Again, I must break a promise and lose my honor."


"You disappoint me, Sirah," DoRe said in a calm voice. Sirah lowered her head.
"I'm sorry, Master. I had not anticipated...thus, I have found my weakness. I swear to you, it will not happen again."
"It had better not."
"Oh, come now, Master DoRe," Morian said, sliding her arms around Sirah, who stood still, her face emotionless. "I think she did rather well, all things considered. She has one that won't attack her, one that won't kill her, one that hasn't learned to concentrate her powers, and one who's defensive more than offensive. And, the bird claimed he loved her."
"It's too bad I don't return the feeling," Sirah stated bluntly, a cruel smile twisting on her face. "He'll be back, so I could easily win him over. Of course, it might be more fun to torrment him."
"Oh, you're so mean." "I know."
"Sirah," Both women looked back up DoRe, who was now standing. "You have one more chance. Don't fail me."
"I won't, Master DoRe."
"Might I accompany her," Morian asked with mock innocence, an ugly smile creeping across her face. "It might be interesting to see how they react..."
"Very well."
"Thank you Master." Morian led Sirah toward her chambers, slowly undoing her dress as they walked...


"The Council has made a decision." Sidniel was brought back into the Council room, contempt in his eyes.
"What has the Council decided for me, sir?" He spoke respectfully, but resentfully so.
"Sidniel, if you can prove your love for this...girl, then your sentence will be lifted. However, if you cannot, you shall receive death." Sidniel inclined his head in disbelief, accepting his sentence.
"Thank you, sir."
"You spoke truthfully. We have not shown you Justice. This is probably the closest you'll get to it." Sidniel nodded as he was taken out of the manacles and sent back to his friends.


"Sidney!" Rashi jumped off of the bed, embracing his friend. Feniel's eyes widened at the sight of his twin.
"Yeah," he said, wiping his eyes a little. "The Council decided to be kind and actually prove they know what Justice is for once."
"What did they say?" Sidney chuckled softly.
"They said I had to prove my love for Iñaki, or else face death."
"Well I'll be damned..." Feniel whispered, shaking his head.
"Well, it's better than it could've been, right?" Sidney laughed ruefully. Rashi looked back and forth, and the mention of Iñaki's name sent him back into his angered depression and disturbed thoughts.
`If Sidney knew…'


Sirah lay in Morian's arms, exhaustion taking over her body. She nestled closer to the woman who had taught her everything she knew, including who she loved.
`I don't know if she returns my feelings,' she thought morbidly, `But if she doesn't, she acts well.' Morian gently stroked Sirah's cheek, her lips brushing gently against the other girl's.
"Something wrong?"
"No," Sirah answered, her mind unsure. "Just over-exhausted."
"Let me help you sleep…" Sirah's eyes rolled to the back of her head as a pleasure-filled sleep overtook her…

Iñaki slowly opened her eyes, dazed. She looked beside her, expecting to see Sidney. But what she saw...

She froze, eyes suddenly very wide, her breath catching in her throat. Her mind was reeling as Morian awoke and smiled twistedly at her. Iñaki stiffened as Morian placed a kiss on her lips...

Sirah slowly became conscious, pushing back the horror-stricken part of her mind that was Iñaki. She moved into Morian's kiss, accepting it with enthusiasm.
"You know," Morian said teasingly, "you really should find a way to keep control of her when you sleep."
"We won't have to worry about that in the morining," Sirah responded, wrapping her arms around the other woman.
"We might, after our plan is put in action."
"Don't worry, 'lover mine.' Everything will turn out exactly as it should." She quickly fell asleep again, Morian still in her embrace. The other woman sighed slightly, then closed her eyes to go back to sleep as well...


'Oh gods. What have I done? What have I done? What will Sid think? Sid... Rashi... What will Rashi think? They'll hate me. Oh gods...'
'Oh, shut up and go to sleep. Annoying bitch...'

Rashi stirred and sat up in his bed. The sky outside was still deep hunter green, the usual color of night in this world.
"What are we gonna do about Iñaki?" he thought silently to himself. His stomach grumbled... "Nothing on an empty stomach." He chuckled to himself and stood on the cold wood floor. He looked down at himself; he was only wearing thin breeches. "No need to change... No one in their right mind will be up THIS early." He smiled to himself realizing he just called himself crazy, and opened his door silently, heading for the kitchen. A few moments later he was raiding the cabinents. He finallly found some bread, and some cold meat and cheese. He set them down on the table in the center of the kitchen and began to make himself a sandwhich.
"Guess I'm not the only one who has trouble sleeping, eh?" Folken's voice came from the shadows. Rashi gasped and jumped at the unexpected, yet welcome intrusion. He laughed.
"I couldn't sleep."
"And I never can." Folken stepped from the shadows and rashi blushed. Folken had apparently thought the same as Rashi did about traveling throught the castle at night. However, instead of wearing thing breeches, Folken was wearing nothing at all. "I hope I'm not underdressed." Folken smiled as Rashi's cheeks turned red.
"N-no, not at all." He tried to avoid staring, as Folken was quite well endowed.

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Folken walked over and stood next to Rashi.
"That's quite a cut you have there." He gently touched Rashi's side, observing the wound that had recently been reopened.
"Y-yeah... It was open b-" Rashi was cut off as Folken took his face in his hands.
"Rashi, I've had an eye on you since you crossed into the Escaflownian Plateu." He looked deep into Rashi's eyes. "Rashi, be mine?" Folken leaned forward and kissed Rashi passionatly. After he had pulled away, Rashi was almost breatheless.
"Yes..." was all he could mutter as they kissed again, proceeding to more intimate actions on the kitchen floor...

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