Souls of the Past Reunite

"NO!!" Rashi felt the anger within him flood his soul. "DoRe, you BASTARD!!" his voice was cold and fierce.


"Damnit" DoRe watched as his newest minion was killed. "I never expected that bitch to succeed. Did you, Morian?" he turned to his right, where Morian stood, in perfect health.
"Not really, M’Lord." She smiled evilly. "She did do well against my twin sister, though." She laughed "it was so easy to convince my twin and wipe her mind." They both laughed maniacally.


Rashi's cries and anger grew more abundantly. The coldness in his voice was frightening his travelers. He turned to Tokia.
"I want vengeance, do you Tokia?"
"Yes, I do." She cried a silent tear. "A lot."
"Then come on. I have an idea.” He led Tokia away from the others, who watched with curiosity.
"BY THE POWER OF DORE, AND THE POWER OF REED. JOIN OUR TWO SOULS, SO VENGANCE WE'LL ACHIEVE!!!" Rashi vanished with this chant, and he and Tokia glowed their power's colors. Their souls began to join, and they stood there, as one, turning to the twins. “Join, so we may be on our way, dragon brothers." The twins did so. Rashi turned toward Iñaki’s body, and told the twins to carry it on their back. Then he stood there, and yelled into the sky:
"We are Ratokshi! We WILL DESTROY YOU DORE!!!!!" and they began to run west, where they were sure they'd find DoRe...


"NO!" DoRe’s eyes glowed with rage. "That bastard has figured out how to fuse with another! NO!"
"Why the fear, M’Lord. You should have no trou--" Morian was cut off by an angered DoRe.
"No" she spoke softly, and felt a feeling of dread with in her. She disappeared...

"Ratokshi." The dragon turned to his companion. "Please realize that we will need to rest and defuse. Fusion takes a great deal of energy, and it takes more energy to maintain the fusion. It will be harder for you since you have never been fused before."
"Very well," came the cold answer. They landed and defused, and sure enough, Rashi and Tokia were both exhausted. Tokia's eyes were wide as she stared at the ground.
"Rashi, what just happened?" Rashi shook his head in response. He was shaking furiously, his eyes still cold and full of malice. The twins defused, and Feniel walked over the Rashi.
"Don't worry," he said gently. "We'll make DoRe pay one hundred fold for this. Sidneil is at least as angry as you." Rashi turned his head to look Feniel in the eyes. The other gasped silently at the pain and passion in Rashi's eyes.
"I understand that Sidney...cares for her," he said calmly, an edge in his voice, "But you don't know what Iñaki and I have been through. I promised her I'd help her get home! And now I..." He looked back at the ground, a tear escaping and hitting the dirt. "Now I can't..." Sidney walked over to the other three, Iñaki in his arms.
"Get some rest," he said quietly. "You'll feel better. Don't argue with me, I know what I'm talking about." With that, he turned and walked away, lying down with Iñaki’s body a little ways away. The other three watched him for a while, then lay down as well and fell asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sirah slowly opened her eyes. She turned around slightly to find herself in the arms of a sleeping Sidney and smiled maliciously.
'I could win him over, at least,' she thought silently, then gently leaned toward Sidney and kissed his lips. Sidney's eyes fluttered open, and he smiled slightly. Her eyes were green again, at least.
"I'm ready when you are," she whispered silently, then hesitantly reached out and took off his shirt. She placed her hands gently on his strong chest, and his own hand met hers. Their eyes met, and Sidney's smile had left his face.
"You're not healed yet," he whispered back. "Hand of Silent Death."
"Sid..." Once again, Sirah’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Sidney kissed her forehead, then put his shirt back on. He held her close, then closed his eyes and concentrated. His energy began glowing around him, and then it moved to surround Iñaki as well.
'I'll help you,' he thought with determination. 'I'll bring you back, for Rashi's sake. I owe it to him.'

Tokia went over to Rashi, and nudged him slightly.
"nnggg..." Rashi stirred a bit and opened his eyes.
"Rashi, I was just thiking... Why did Iñaki call you saiyatsu? And how did we fuse?" Rashi was now wide awake and very conscious of his surroundings.
[If I may, I can answer that.] Clow Reed came from behind Rashi and sat down on the ground to speak. [Rashi, Tokia--I was hoping I wouldn't have to reveal this for quite some time, but your souls took over and fused before I could stop you.] He now had both of there attentions. [Rashi, what can you tell me about your family?] Reed smiled and looked at Rashi.
"Well..." He thought for a moment "Oh my gods!! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MY FAMILY!! I can't remember anything before waking up in this new world!!!" His eyes were wide and questioning as he looked at Reed.
[Allow me to tell you. Your name is Saiyatsu. You are the son of Mamatsu and Papatsu. You have four siblings.] He smiled widely [Your twin sisters, Saiyamiyatsu, Maiamyatsu, of whom you are a tripelet, and the younger ones, Ramiatsu and Ryariatsu] He looked at Tokia. [Ryariatsu, meet your brother.] Tokia's eys grew wide.
"Does that mean that Iñaki is Mamatsu??" Rashi asked queitly.
[No, she is not...] he was interupted by a loud crash.

Sidney opened his eyes, cursing under his breath as the ground shook slightly. His aura disappeared, and stood to see what was going on.
"Sidniel! Feniel!" The dragon twins looked up toward the machine at the sound of their names, both smiling slightly.
"Von? Is that you?"
"No, it's Allan. What do you think, Sidniel?" Von jumped down out of the Escaflowne suit and embraced his friends. "Been a while, ne?"
"Yeah, it has. How's Fanelia?"
"Well, it's not destroyed, I'll put it that way." Von glanced around at the group of people with the twins. "It seems you've gained a small band...or something."
"Yeah, right," Sidney laughed. "Von, lemme introduce everyone."
"What a good idea! How else am I to know who they are?" Sidney rolled his eyes and ignored the teasing comment.
"This is Rashi, a good friend of ours who isn't even from this dimension."
"Well, another Hitomi wanna-be, eh?"
"No, not really..." Rashi said, scratching his head slightly.
"I'm sure you know Clow Reed," Sidney continued, raising an eyebrow. "He seems to have just popped in out of nowhere once again."
"I have a tendancy to do that," Reed commented, smiling. "Hello Von."
"Reed." Von inclined his head in greeting.
"This lovely young lady," Sidney said, "is Tokia. She should really be in diapers still, but seeing as we ran into a damned imp..."
"I don't mind being older than I should be," Tokia shot back, glaring playfully. "Don't make me make you apologize again." Sidney shuddered, winning a snicker from Rashi and a confused look from Von. Feniel and Reed, both just looked up toward the sky. They hadn't been there to see it, but they'd heard all about it.
"Uh, long story. Let's not get into that..." Rashi lost control and let out a loud guffaw before regaining control of himself. Von stared at him for a moment, then just shook his head.
"What about that one," Von said, nodding toward the body on the ground. All humour left the scene quickly, and everyone fell silent.
"That," Sidney said, his eyes closed, "is Iñaki...or her body, at least." Von looked over at her again, his eyes slightly wider.
"DoRe took her mind," Rashi said, anger building up inside of him again, "And we couldn't find any other way to stop her." Tokia choked back a sob, and Rashi held her in a tight hug. Von looked at the ground, then back up at Sidney.
"I'm sorry." Sidney smiled sadly, shaking his head.
"It's all right," he said. "We're going to get our revenge on DoRe, if it's the last thing we do."
"I'd offer my help, but something tells me this is your battle." Sidney nodded in confirmation and thanks. "Well, you all look tired. Emporer Sheed's palace is near here. He has offered to accomodate myslef and my friends for a while."
"Thank you."
"Don't thank me. Thank Sheed." Sidney walked over to Inaki and picked her up gently. He and Feniel called their wings and took off into the sky. Von Returned to Escaflowne, offering a shoulder to Rashi and Tokia, who accepted the ride gratefully. Reed opted to leave for a while, promising to talk to Rashi and Tokia more later.


'I am not Inaki. I am Sirah. My Master and creator is DoRe. I do only his bidding. I must kill Rashi, Saiyatsu.'
'I am Inaki, not Sirah. I despise DoRe. I was not created. I follow only myself. Rashi is my friend. I can't kill him.'
'I must kill him. He is dangerous to my Master's plans and future.'
'I do not serve DoRe! I will NOT kill Rashi.'
'I must kill Rashi. It's all lies. They lied to me.'
'No, DoRe lied.'
'DoRe speaks only truth! I serve only DoRe. I am his servant, his creation!'
"Shh." Sidney helped Iñaki sit up, wiping sweat from her brow. "You're okay, Iñaki."
"NO, DON'T CALL ME THAT!!" Rashi and Tokia burst into Sidney's room, worry on their faces. Their worry quickly became confusion when they saw Iñaki standing in a defensive position. Feniel, Von and Sheed came up behind them, their eyes filled with just as much confusion.
"I-Iñaki?" Rashi came up beside Sidney, his eyes now filled with hope. "Oh, gods, please tell me I'm not dreaming..."
"I am not Iñaki," she growled dangerously, her eyes narrowed to slits. She jumped at Rashi suddenly, calling her weapon and running across his side - the same area DoRean had hit him on their first day. Rashi fell to his knees, grasping his side.
"Iñaki!" He looked up at her, tears streaming down his face. "Why...?"
"My name is not Iñaki. It is Sirah. DoRe, my Master and creator sent me to kill you, Rashi."
"I don't understand! We've been friends since day one..." Iñaki's eyes widened, and she dropped her weapon, staring at him.
"You helped me on our first day here. Don't you remember? When DoRean..."
"NO! It's a lie! It's all lies! You've lied to me from the start!"
"If it's a lie, then why are you afraid to hear it!"
"I won't listen!" She turned to leave, but was stopped by Sidney, who pulled her to face himself.
"Iñaki, listen to me. Listen to me!"
"NO! LET GO OF ME!" Sidney shook her hard, causing her to look up in surprise.
"Now you listen, and you listen good. Maybe so far everything that you've been told is a lie, but there are at least two things I know, I know are true. The first thing is that Rashi is your friend. He has been since you two first met. You have no reason to kill him, regardless of what DoRe told you!" Rashi looked up at Sidney, general surprise registering in his eyes as he watched. "The other thing I know is true is that I... I feel something for you." He shook his head slightly. "I'm not sure what it is. I've never felt it before, and it scares me. You know why? Because it might be love. And the reason that's bad is because I've been forbidden to love. I can't feel love! And if it is love..." He looked away from her fear-stricken eyes.
"If it is love, and my punishers find out, my consequences will be severe, but what they do to you will be even worse. And I couldn't stand that. Especially if you didn't love me back because of some stupid spell!" Tears fell from his eyes and he pulled a scared and confused Iñaki to himself in a tight embrace. "Iñaki, please... Come back to me..."
"I... I lo..."
"NO!" She pushed back from him, her expresion one of sadness and confusion. "Stop this! You're lying!"
"Iñaki, I wish I was lying! For once in my life really wish I was lying, but I'm not!" Suddenly, the wall behind Iñaki blew inward, sending everyone flying towards the door. When the dust cleared, DoRe and Morian were standing menacingly in the new hole.
"MASTER!" Inaki got to her feet and began to run towards him, but was stopped with a blast of energy, aimed straight at her. She was so surprised, she didn't have time to dodge. The energy formed a bubble prison around her. She looked at DoRe questioningly.
"Sirah, have you betrayed me?"
"No, Master! I would never!"
"Then why is Saiyatsu still alive?"
"Please, Master, give me another chance. I will kill him, I give you my word!" Rashi looked up at Iñaki, his eyes filling with tears once more.
"Iñaki," he whispered inaudibly. "Please fight it." He stood, ignoring the pain in his side. He winced visibly as DoRe closed his fist, sending energy raining down upon the girl in the prison, causing her to cry out. The bubble shrank to fit around her like a body suit. She stood more out of will power than strength as another downpour of energy was let loose.
"Master, please..." She suddenly remembered Serena's death at her hands, and she felt sick. "Please, let me go..." Rashi walked carefully up behind Iñaki and wrapped his arms around her, ignoring the pain from the energy prison around her.
"Let her go, DoRe," he said quietly, his eyes glowing an orange tinge. "Let her go now." Bright orange energy began rippling and crackling around him, dispensing the energy prison around Iñaki. She fell unconscious in his arms. He held her close, unwilling to let go. "I'm not going to lose her again," he said softly, steady anger in his voice.
"Neither am I," DoRe responded, his own voice full of malice. "I lost her twice already. If you try and take her again, I'll destroy her, and you as well."
"You can't do that," Rashi said, glaring. "I won't let you."

An Unpleasant Surprise