Meeting a Brother, Killing an Innocent

"Sidneil." A young man, looking exactly like Sidney in features and size, but with light blue hair, and orange eyes-stepped from the shadows. He was wearing all black as opposed to Sid's all white. “It is I, you brother, Feniel."
"Fe-Feneil..." Sid’s eyes began to water up. "NO!!!!" he leapt at his brother, knocking him down. “NO! YOU CANT BE HERE I MUST KILL YOU!" The twins fought for a moment before Rashi could even TRY to separate them.
"Enough!!!" Rashi had pulled Sidney off of Feneil. He turned to him.
"What are you doing! Sidney! Listen to me!" but Sidney’s eyes were fixated on his brother... Sidney turned to Rashi, his face was evil and distorted. His clothes had been torn a bit in the fight, and Rashi noticed something he hadn’t before. On his left shoulder, just below his neck was a symbol. The dark half of a yinyang. It was glowing brightly.
"NO!" Sidney turned and ran out of the building. Rashi did not follow.
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!!!" Rashi and Tokia questioned, looking intently at Feneil.
"Forgive me. I am Feneil, as you heard. I am Sidneil's... Well, let's just phrase it 'other half.'" Feniel escorted Rashi and Tokia to a couch sitting in the corner and sat with them. "You see, a long time ago, Sidneil and I were one person. Two halves of the same whole, if you will. We were, at the time, known as YenFenile. We were a warrior whom kept an equal balance between light and dark. But a sorcerer was not pleased with us and separated us. That is why we bear these." He pulled his collar down to reveal the light half of a yinyang. "Sidneil could not handle being joined again, so he left many years ago, as he has just now. It is our fate and destiny that we should be rejoined. For us to be rejoined, we must fight and both lose. It's quite intriguing.."
"Well, if you are yin and yang.....who’s the evil one...?" Tokia questioned, acting a bit as if she knew.

Sirah opened her eyes slowly. Morian was standing over her, cruel nonchalance in her eyes.
"So, you're still alive."
"Y-yes... Lady..." She winced as she attempted to move.
"Lie still, idiot. You'll cripple yourself." Morian sighed, closing her eyes. Her hands hovered above Sirah, and turquoise energy flowed down to the paralyzed girl. Sirah yelped as the energy touched her with a sudden coolness. When the coolness disappeared, she sat up slowly, shaking her head slightly to clear it. She stood shakily with Morian's help, swaying momentarily at the movement.
"Did it work?"
"Yes, you managed to tap into your dormant power. Once you get used to it, we'll continue with battle training."
"Yes, Lady." Morian led Sirah to a small room near the training room.
"Sleep here for now. I'll come back with food in the morning."
"Thank you, Lady..." Sirah moved to the bed and fell into an uneasy sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

[RASHI!! THERE IS DANGER HERE!!] Reed's voice echoed through the building. Tokia sniffed the air curiously.
"Is that...smoke?!" Just then, an immense heat overwhelmed the room...
"FIRE, RUN!!!" All three took off out of the building. Once they were away, they stopped.
"Wow... Hey, where's Sidneil? I thought he was just outside of here," Feniel said.


Sidney ran through the town, tears flying from his eyes.
"Why...? Why did he have to come back now!?!" He stopped just outside of town near a small pool of water. He looked up at the sky and watched the suns set, sighing. “I guess in the end all equals must be balanced."
[Just as the hot, yellow sun balances the cold, dark sun] Reed's voice called softly from behind him.
"What?" he looked behind him, then at the suns again. "Oh, I get it. I had never noticed that before. The suns are two different colors: one yellow, one black. Balance!"
[This world was created on balance. Each anime in this world balances out another. Pokemon balances Digimon, Escaflowne balances Gundam Wing, and Sailor Moon balances Cardcaptors. See? They are often the same but different. Yet they are all equal to each other. That is the secret to this realm. If one could harness the power of only one of these anime perfectly, he could destroy its equal. That was DoRe's intent. He planned to force Iñaki to totally invoke her Sailor Moon abilities, thus destroying all other influences, and allowing her to defeat Rashi... It is only Rashi’s will and inner balance that can save him, and you must help. You were put with the team for a reason... Know that always, child.] Reed disappeared, and left Sidney in light tears.
"You're right," he whispered to no one, then got up, ready to return to his companions. “No... my friends." He smiled.

Sirah awoke slowly, taking in the room around her. There were no windows, so she could not tell what time it was. Sighing, she got out of bed to look for the Lady Morian. As she stepped into the training room, Sirah saw small, quick glimpses of her vision again. She shook her head and walked to the middle of the room.
"Excuse me." Sirah froze. She hadn't heard anyone come down the hall, and it didn't sound like Lady Morian...
"Who are you? What do you want? Make it good or accept your doom."
"I..." The other girl started stammering, apparently confused. "I'm sorry, but... I think I'm lost. I'm not sure how I got here, because I was at home just a second ago..." Sirah turned to face the intruder, annoyance on her face. Standing behind her was a girl, about her own age, with blonde hair, and she was wearing a... sailor suit...? Sirah blinked.
"Serena? Sailor Moon? Princess Serenity?" The other girl blinked as well, then glared and moved into a defensive stance.
"Well, it's nice to see you again, too." Sirah smiled viciously, then in one swift movement, Serena, or Sailor Moon, rather, was trapped inside a large sphere.
"What is it with villains and spheres?!"
"They're convenient and easy." Sirah waved her hand through the air, and Serena started screaming as she was hit with electric energy. Morian entered the training room, an annoyed look on her face.
"SIRAH! Why are you awake? What's with all the screaming? Some of us are still sleeping!" Sirah dropped her hand, stopping the energy flow. Serena fell to her knees, gasping for breath.
"I'm sorry, Lady. There's an intruder, and I thought I'd have a little training session of my own." Morian rolled her eyes, her hands on her hips.
"Why couldn't you wait until morning?!"
"I didn't know what time it was... There are no windows. I just assumed it was morning."
"Well, it is now. Finish the twit off and come to breakfast."
"Yes, Lady." Morian turned and left, leaving Sirah smiling cruelly at Serena.
"Please... Let me go..."
"You look so pitiful. The last time someone spared your life, she was nearly killed by you. Do you remember that, Princess? You begged that your life be spared, and then, when you were free to leave, you picked up a sword and ran her through!"
"Wh-what are you talking about?!"
"Oh, don't you think I know? You hadn't died after Beryl's blast, and you saw me working near your beloved Prince. You staggered over and were easily defeated. I showed you pity and mercy because everyone else was dead, and you were weak. So, I let you live and turned to continue my work. Not an hour later, you picked up the Prince's sword and ran me through before I could finish the final spell! Because of you, my Master's soul has been trapped inside a stone for nearly a century! I will not show you mercy a second time." Serena stared at her, dumfounded and stricken at such an accusation. However, her bewilderment did not last long, as new round of electric energy started up. Again, the barrage stopped, and Serena was near her life's end.
"Please... I beg you, let me live... Please..." Sirah smiled grimly, looking down at the fallen girl.
"You have ten seconds left, Serena. Say your prayers and send your good-byes."


Morian watched from the shadows, a look of determination on her face.
'Come on, Sirah. Kill her and it's permanent. You're almost there.'


"Time's up." Sirah held her left hand before her, much in the style of her old Master. Above her hand, a small energy ball formed. Serena cringed at the all-too-familiar feeling of her own energy being drained.
"This... is torture," she wailed as her life force slowly drained from her.
"It's everything you deserve. However, unlike most who drain energy, I'll use this to gain more power for myself." She raised her right hand above the left, speeding up the energy gathering. As she watched, Serena began to disappear before her eyes, her cruel smile widening with sick pleasure. Serena let out one last scream of pain before she disappeared completely, leaving behind only and empty locket. Sirah picked up the locket and held it before her. As she stared at it, a violet flame engulfed it, and it vanished from sight. Sirah looked around the training room, satisfied.


Morian smiled, pleased with her progress.
"It's complete."

"Sidneil?" Feniel's voice echoed from behind him. “I’ve found him, guys!" He hollered to the companions behind him.
"Hey... I was just trying to find you." Rashi smiled at him, comfortingly.
"Really?" Sidneil looked around at his... friends. “You...were worried about me? Even after what Feneil told you?" His eyes were full of hope.
"Of course. Besides..." Rashi began.
"Worry not, brother... Your--OUR secrets are safe." Feneil smiled at him. It was quite an emotional time... Even Tokia’s eyes began to water.
"I'm glad you guys still want me with you... Now lets go find that babe of mine!!" Sid jumped up and whooped as they all ran north, the direction were everything in the world seemed to be...

An Unhappy Reunion