The Story Begins

Hey all! Basically, as people add to the RPG story, it'll be posted here.

his is a land...
A land we all know, but one moring, 17 year old Rashi Koherea awoke to find his world had changed...
All his favorite anime (and others he knew not of) had clashed with his world and was now reality...
No, it was Animelity...
This new land holds many mysteries and secrets, along with new friends and abilities. As he gets dressed and ready to meet the new adventures before him,he discovers a small pokeeball...
In it holds his very first adventure...
A young Eevee whom he names "Eve"...

The emerald-green eyes scanned the horizon. What was this strange place? How had she gotten here? And why? Iñaki was not frightened or worried, just curious. She wandered around the land for a while, noticing strange differences in the scenerey. The landscape was beautiful, but it wasn't the Negaverse, nor was it Earth. She could see none of her comrades, so she assumed they were not here.
"Master Jadeite, are you here?" she whispered into the breeze. She was given no answer, and she resumed her walking. As she walked, the green grass seemed to disappear and give way to rocky soil, and she stood a moment to get her bearings. While scanning the new enviornment, a small gleam caught her eye. She walked over to the object and picked it up. It seemed like a small marble, and next to it was a...a pen? There was a small dent in the ornament of the pen cap, and she assumed that's where the marble went. She carefully placed the marble onto the ornament, hoping it would stay in place. As the marble touched the fire shaped ornament, it locked into the center flame and the entire ornament fell off the cap and into her hand. It was connected to a chain.
"How peculiar." Iñaki pocketed the pen and put the pendent about her neck, deciding she should look around a bit more...

With Eve in hand, Rashi stepped outside and looked into an Emerald green sky...
"Hm..odd...." Although it had only been two hours since he awoke in this strange land, he adjusted quickly and did not find the sky color a too odd... He wondered what else was different.
"Eee?" Eve cocked her head as she looked at Rashi with bewilderment.
"I dont know wich way, Eve. You choose." He watched as his new friend looked one way, then another. Then finally she stuck her nose in the air and motioned to walk north.
"Good choice, Eve. Let's go!!" As they walked, Rashi noticed a shadow in the distance. Unfortunately, it was early, so most everything was still a shadow.
"Who could that be?" he wondered silently. "Well, it never hurts to ask, does it Eve?" He smiled as they took to a slight jog toward the shadowy figure...

Iñaki glanced over to the side, decidedly ignoring the stange body of water. She walked through the small wood surrounding her, trying to make sense of the sudden changes in landscape. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a bit of movement. Her green eyes scanned the surrounding wood, and she moved toward the edge of the trees. There was a boy standing outside...a house? A house in the middle of nowhere... How peculiar. With him was a creature that looked to be a cross of a fox and a rabbit. It had bright black eyes and light-brown fur. Iñaki watched the boy for a few moments as he looked around. The sky seemed to have changed colors from saphire blue to sea green. Curious. She looked back at the boy as he spoke. He started walking in her general direction, but she noticed movement somewhere beside her. Her eyes narrowed slightly at the large beast that lay in wait for the boy to come closer. It had not yet seen her, so she was safe. Her eyes closed, and she reached out with her mind.
[Can you hear me?]

As Rashi approached the shadow, he heard a voice in his head.
[Can you hear me?]
He looked all around and decided this girl must have telepathic powers.
[Yes, i can hear you. What is your name? I'm Rashi Koherea] he replied with amazing ease.

DoRean lifted his nose in the air.
"Ahh...Mystical beings...Good. It's been awhile since I've fought with another." He lifted himself into the air and started floating north.

[Good. Don't approach any closer. There's a creature over here. I'm not sure what it is, but it's nothing like the one you've got. My name, by the way, is Iñaki Ibon.]
Iñaki stepped out from the woods with her back to the boy, who had called himself Rashi. Slowly, she walked until she was even with him.
[What are you doing?]
[The creature has not seen me yet. It is focusing on you.]
[Not to worry] Iñaki smiled. [It won't be around for much longer.]

Rashi stood in a defensive, yet frightened stance as Eve sniffed out the air, and the young woman approached the creature. Just before the creature struck, a mysterious young man lept at it from the bushes to the right.
"Keeeeya!!!!" With a slice of his sword, the young man defeated the creature. He turned to Rashi.
"I am DoRean. I am a mercenary, I have been sent by Lord Derachin to kill 'The One Not Of This World' and you are he......Rashi!" He leapt at Rashi, sword in striking position; Eve tried to tackle him but was tossed aside.
With one foul swoop, Rashi was cut, his side bleeding profusely.
"W-why?" Rashi cried out to the sky: "Help. HELP!!!!"
A glowing light began to shine from Rashi's chest. With a blinding flash a creature, closely resembling a human, appeared. It held up a wand bearing a Zodiac Taurus sign in the center of a circle. On the top of the circle sat a cresent moon and star. Mysteriously, knowledge was bestowed upon Rashi . He took the wand from the creature and stood, staggeringly.
"Yes, I know what to do gaurdian. You may leave." And the creature dissapeeared, leaving behind a small rectangular card
Reaching inside his coat, Rashi found yet one more card. He held it up and read it. 'The Banish'. He tossed it up and it floated a few feet above him. Holding up his staff, he chanted:

"By power of cresent,
moon and star;
by ancient forces,
near and far.
Banish card!
I call your might,
releave me of
my dangerous fight!

A magic force began floating around DoRean, and he was blown away, not to be seen. After the card had returned to being a card and was replaced in his pocket, Rashi fell to the ground, tired from exhaustion.

Iñaki stared at the fallen Rashi for a moment, stunned by what she'd just seen. He'd protected himself with a card and a wand? She walked over to him, carefully inspecting the wound.
"This isn't too deep. It won't be hard to clean if you've got some running hot water, soap and bandages in that house."
"Yeah... I think so..."
She helped the wounded boy to his feet and half carried, half dragged him back into the house. She brought him over to a couch inside the first room and set him down.
"Take off your shirt and don't move. You," she said, looking at the small creature that had followed them in, "help me find a bucket and sponge. I'll go look for some soap and bandages." The creature nodded and ran off. Iñaki left Rashi to look for a bathroom, which she found rather quickly. She grabbed a bar of soap from the shower and dug through the closet looking for a first aid kit. She found it and went back into the front room. The small creature was back as well, humorously lugging a bucket and sponge with it.
"Thank you."
Iñaki took the bucket into the kitchen and filled it with warm water, then brought it back into the front room and dipped the sponge in it.
"Now, this'll probably sting. The water's warm, and cuts and soap don't get along very well. I hope you don't mind having a bit of water on your floor and couch. And if you do, tough luck."
Before Rashi could say anything, she placed the wet sponge on the cut.
"Quiet down. It's not that bad."
"How would you know?! You ever had a gash like this?!"
"Yes, actually, I have. And please don't yell. I'm rght next to you."
Rashi complained the entire time she was cleaning the wound, but Iñaki ignored him, as he was being baby-ish anyway. Once he had been bandaged up, she had to force him to stay on the couch.
"Lie down. I'll bring you some water. If you get up, you'll re-open the wound and I may have to sew it up."

Rashi and Iñaki talked about different things for a few hours. Where they were from, what thier old worlds were like, and things of that nature. By the time he could move off the couch, Rashi decided to make a big step. His first big decision in a new world...
"Iñaki, this world is so new to me, as it is to you. Would you be interested in joining me on my quest to get back to MY world? If I can find a way back to my world, I'm sure we can get you back to yours..." Iñaki stared at him, obviously thinking. "Dont answer just yet then. I don't know about you, but I'm starved!" Rashi went into the kitchen and started cooking some cheeseburgers. "I hope your not a vegitarian" he laughed. About an hour later, Rashi reappeared in the living room with a plate full of sandwiches. He and Iñaki ate heartily. Little did they know that this would be the last time for quite a while that they would be privalaged to eat so fillingly...

After they finsihed, Rashi changed and grabbed his backpack.
"Lets go Iñaki!" And they walked out the door. Apparantly, the time of day strongly affected the sky's color, for instead of being green, it was now a hazy lavander.
"Its so beautiful" He heard Iñaki comment, and he agreed. They set off in the same direction. Why, I couldnt tell you, but Rashi felt something from the north pullng them toward it...

"Do you know why we're going this way?" Iñaki looked around at the barren dessert. Once again the landscape had changed. It got rather annoying after a while.
"Nope, no idea whatsoever." Rashi stopped and thought about this for a moment, but when he tried to turn to go another way, he was urged to head back north. Iñaki stared at him for a moment.
"What are you doing? You look silly marching in place like that."
"I'm trying to go a different way, but I can't."
"You're letting your powers get the better of you," Iñaki laughed.
"No, I don't think so..."
"Well, you keep marching in place for a while. I'll go scout ahead and see what to expect." Iñaki left Rashi marching in place, moving in a northern direction. She reached the top of a rather large sand dune and saw... Nothing.
"Rashi! Come quick!" Rashi looked up at her and quickly ran up the dune, clutching his side for a moment at the top. When he looked up, his eyes widened.
"What in the world..." As they watched, the land was "painted" before them. The sand dunes disappeared and gave way to lush forest.
"I... I was just thinking about a forest..."
"Yeah? Me too. But that doesn't happen all the time... Does it?" Rashi shrugged his shoulders.
"It's the first time I've seen it happen."
Iñaki and Rashi turned their heads up to the sky. There was a giant bird circling above them, and it looked hungry. Absently, Iñaki reached for the pendant that was still around her neck. Without really thinking, she pulled it off and held it before her.

"I call upon the power of the stars.
Bring forth my power, that I may fight.
Show me the armor of power and might.
Bring forth my blades, that I may
Kill what threatens me here this day.
Transform me that I may too fly
And defeat the creature from the sky.
The enemy is here in my midst.
Protect me from harm.
Protect me from death.
I call you here to me now!

The dress she had been wearing seemed to disappear and was quickly replaced by a full, form-fitting undergear suit. On top of that appeared armor, coevering her chest, arms, legs, elbows, knees and shoulders. From nowhere, she pulled out a pen, the pen she had picked up that very day. She took the cap off and placed it on the end of the pen. As soon as she had done this, the pen became a sword... No, two swords! She quickly and easily but the handles together, and they became one large, double-edged, twin-bladed staff made of what seemed to be starlight surrounded in a deep green flame. As this finished forming, a small tiara of sorts appeared on her head, seemingly seperating her bangs from the rest of her hair. From her back sprouted two leathery emerald-green wings. The armor itself was a mixture of many different greens, and the staff-blade hilt was also green. Iñaki's eyes sparkled with a strange foreigness that Rashi had not seen before. Without a word, she leaped into the air, manuvering easily on her wings. A rather short fight ensued between girl and bird. The poor beast never even had a chance. Once it was dead, Iñaki landed, the armor disappearing back into the body armor and the staff-blade once again becoming a pen. Iñaki fell to her knees, her wings folding behind her.

Rashi raced over to Iñaki's side, helping her to her feet.
"That was amazing Iñaki!!" A faint smile made Rashi realize she was weak. "I've got to get you somewhere safe."
"W--w-water," Iñaki mumbled weakly.
"There may be a lake or something nearby" then, "Eve, lead us to some fresh water!!" Eve hopped off to the east and Rashi followed, Iñaki in arms, and at a strong canter. They finally came upon a large lake. Tasting the water, Rashi new it was freshwater, and good to drink. It was also modereatly temperatured,so he set Iñaki into the shallow edge. While Iñaki regained her health in the small wading pool, Rashi stood guard, becoming defensive at every slight noise. Nothing bad had happened until he heard Iñaki scream. He spun around quickly to see a Gyrados rising from the water, his eyse fixed on Iñaki.
"Eve, quick attack!" Eve lunged toward the Gyrados and slammed hard into its skull, but was still tossed aside. The giant creature grabbed Iñaki and dove underwater before Rashi could once again attack. "IÑAKI!!" He hurled himself into the water, Eve following. Although he did not know how to swim, he kept an incredibly good pace, just a bit behind the Gyrados's tail. After what seemed endless swimming, the Gyrados dove into a cave, and Rashi followed.
Once inside the cave, the Gyrados set Iñaki down on some land that was inside the cave, above water. Rashi rose into the air pocketed cave and stared in amazement...

A mysteriious figure now stood above Iñaki, laughing maniacally...


DoRean sat up with a start, regretting doing so. He was still sore from Rashi's attack.
"Master DoRean? Is everything alright?" DoRean shook his head at the servant.
"Take a message to my Lord. The Dark Princess has awakened."


Rashi stared, fearing for his friend as the figure bent down over her. A bit of light caught the figure, and Rashi could see it was female.
"Well done, Gyrados. What have you brought me this time? A toy or a sacrafice?" The figure bent closer to look at Iñaki, studying her intently.
"This one is powerful, and of great importance. She would make a splendid sacrafice... But I think my Lord Miran would better like to add her to his harem. I wonder if she's experienced..."
"You had better not touch her!" The figure jumped back away from Iñaki and stared at the boy who had just come out of the water.
"Who are you?" Rashi glared hard at the figure and walked over to Iñaki, who was unconcious but unharmed.
"I am your worst nightmare." He closed his eyes, pulling Iñaki to himself to protect her, and let his mind relax. Slowly, the rocks on the cave floor began to rise and spin around Rashi.
"You dare threaten the Lady Morian? You shall regret it, boy." That set him over the edge. His eyes flashed open and the rocks flew straight at Morian. As soon as they were set in motion, Rashi and Eve dived back into the water, swimming away from the cave as fast as they could. When they broke surface, Rashi dragged Iñaki to shore and carried her away from the lake. Once again the landscape changed and gave way to mountains. Rashi found a small cave and hid there, only leaving no more than three yards away for fire wood. Eve went out to hunt and brought back a rabbit and some rats. Rashi grimaced at this, but knew better than to complain. By the time the fire was strong, the sun had begun to set, turning the sky a pastel pink. Iñaki awoke after nightfall and ate very little. She was still weak from her fight and now even more so after the little swim in the lake.


"Master DoRean! Where are you going?"
"I must find the Dark Princess and kill her. If I don't it could mean destruction for all of us."
"But, your wounds..."
"Will heal! Do not question me further, servant!"
"...Yes, Master DoRean. Good luck."
"Thank you."

Rashi was gnawing on something cooked when Iñaki began to rise. He cared not what it was, and really didnt want to find out.
"W-what happened?" Iñaki questioned, and Rashi responded with a lengthy story, making sure not to leave a point out.
"I guess", he ended "that I somehow channeled some of your energy through me. That must've been how I moved the rocks..."
[Noooooooooooo,] a solemn and dark voice echoed... [You are very special, Rashi Koherea... Those powers where that of the pokemon whch inhibit this new world.] Rashi jumped, alerted.
"What the hell!?!" He and Iñaki turned to see a mystical being standing before them... Iñaki drew the pen, ready to make it a sword.
"Who are you!!!" A green glow came from the man's eyes, and Iñaki's pen floated back into her pocket. "How...?" she mumbled. [I am Master DoRe de la Michevan. It was my power that created your itmes, young Iñaki. It is also my power that granted your wish, Rashi, the wish that changed your world. You see, your powers and mine are in tune, summoned through all time and space. I came to you in a dream, and you wished for all of this. From hence forth, you are now a key factor in this world,as is your new accomplice.] He nodded towards Iñaki.
"But how did I use a pokemon attack, Master DoRe?" Rashi questioned passionatly.
[As i said before, you are in tune with this world, and all within it. You will find your powers exceed even your own understanding. The cards you have now will increase in numbers. You will learn you must collect 'Clow cards' as well as my own 'DoRe Cards'. You shall soon also understand better those powers lying dormant in you. The attck you used was a Confusion/Rock throw combination. You're spirit is with that of the creatures of this world, and they are with you...] As the man faded, his final words were heard faintly, [Remeber, Rashi Koherea, you are this world,this world is you. There is no creature whom you cannot defeat, if only you trust in this new life...] With that soft word, Master DoRe faded away, and in his place, a card hovered. Rashi scrambled toward it: "The Find". He held it before him, thinking of all that had just happened, and decided sleep was a grand option at that moment. As Rashi and Iñaki turned in, they stared up at the starlit sky and the fourteen brilliant moons, not knowing what to expect for the next day...

Iñaki woke and found Rashi cooking another strange animal. She shook her head slightly to clear it.
"Oh, your awake! Good."
"Rashi, did you see that last night? I wasn't being delusional, was I?"
"Not unless I was too." He offered her some breakfast, but she shook her head again.
"No thanks. I'm not very hungry..."
"Iñaki, if you don't eat, you won't regain your strength. Eat." Iñaki sighed and smiled. She was reminded of trying to get Rashi to stay on the couch when he was wounded, and she chuckled softly. Rashi looked up at her, but she wasn't paying attention. After breakfast, Rashi and Iñaki headed out again, no longer restricted to going only north. It was a quiet day, a large difference from the day before where nothing seemed to go right.

After a few hours, the two stopped by a stream for a quick drink. While quenching her thirst with the cool, refreshing water, Iñaki felt something on the edge of her mind. She stopped drinking and looked up slowly.
"Inaki, what's wrong?" She waved at Rashi to be quiet. Very slowly, she stood up and turned, and with great speed and grace, she pulled out the pen, which quickly became her blade-staff, and held the tip at the throat of a young man. He had short blonde hair and cold blue eyes which seemed...empty. Iñaki's defensive glare turned into a look of confusion. She lowered her blade and stared at the young man.
"M-Master Jadeite?" He looked at her in surprise, but he smiled softly at her, seemingly overjoyed.
"Iñaki! I've found you, I'm so glad."
"Master Jadeite!" Iñaki ran to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Oh, Master, I thought I'd never see you again! It's been so long, and I thought..." She let go of him and backed up. "I thought...that Queen Beryl had...killed you..." Jadeite looked down at the ground, then looked up again, a serious expression on his face.
"Iñaki, I'm not really here, only in spirit."
"But...But you feel so real... I-I don't..."
"I don't have much time," he interupted. "Iñaki, I've come to warn you. Do not leave this boy's side. He can protect you, and you must protect him. Become as close as you dare. Iñaki, you and he are..."
"DEAD!!" The three turned sharply at the voice, but too slow. Jadeite was run through with a sword.
"Run... Iñaki... Run, get out of here..." And he disappeared.
"Iñaki! Come on, we need to get out of here!"
"You won't go anywhere, Rashi. I'll kill you and the girl!" Once again the blade flew through the air, but this time it was expected. Iñaki, furious and grieved at the loss of her Master, no longer had control over her own body. She had never seemed very strong, but now that her powers took over, she was stronger than Rashi could have imagined. He was scared for a moment, but if he didn't stop her, she'd destroy herself.

Iñaki glowed a pale purple, as her powers raged. Rashi knew if he didn't do something, she would die from her own powers. Thinking, he tried to come up with a plan. He had only a few moments time to devise his ideas, and came up short...
'Eve can do very little' he thought, but then his mind drifted to Master DoRe's speech.
[You are the world, and the world is you]
THATS IT!!! Grabbing a notebook and pencil from his backpack, he sketched something and ripped out the paper. Quikly, he folded it into the size of his Clow Cards. He summoned his wand, and threw the paper card above him, where it hovered:

"I call upon the mystic star,
ancient forces near and far,
Calm card,
discard no former might,
and draw new powers,

A gentle looking creature arose from the card, and it surrounded Iñaki. She slowly calmed down, and turned to Rashi.
"GO!" she yelled, and they both ran off in the other direction. Once clear of danger, they stopped to talk.
"How did you know that would work, Rashi?" Iñaki questioned, refering to the creation of a new card.
"Easy, Iñaki. Master DoRe said that I was the world, and the world was me. So, I can obviously manipulate things around me!" He pulled "The Calm" card from his backpack, where he was now keeping the cards. "This card just proves it so!" They both began to giggle at his instantaneous genius...

Iñaki stared at the small stream they were resting beside. What had gotten into her? She could've gotten them killed! But Master Jadeite...
Master Jadeite had been the first person who really cared about her. He once said that he loved her, but...
That was in a past life. And she had caused him to lose his soul! Iñaki shook her head, still not allowing herself to cry and show a weakness. Master Jadeite had trained out all of her weaknesses...
Except her anger at the loss of a comrade. She needed to work on that.
"Iñaki, are you okay?" Rashi seemed rather concerned.
"Yeah, fine. Why?"
"Well, you're kind of quiet. Quieter than usual, anyway."
"I'm just... I'm just..."
"No," she practically yelled, looking up at him fiercely. "I do not feel greif or remorse. I feel anger and occasionally happiness. Nothing else." Rashi decided not to say anything. He wondered what his family was doing right now...
"Y'know what amazes me?"
"How, even though we had never met before yesterday, we seemed to have known each other from the start."
Rashi looked over at Iñaki, who was staring at him questioningly.
"Well, what are the odds of you heading in the direction of my house? And of you being there when I was injured and staying to make sure I healed properly? And now we're travelling together, as if we had always travelled together. You ever wonder about that?"
"Not really," Iñaki admitted. "It just never occurred to me before. I get along with almost anyone, so I disregarded it."
"You shouldn't disregard someting like that, you know. I get along with most everyone I meet, but not like I get along with you. It's like... It's like someone planned for us to meet and be friends and travel together..."
"Like fate?"
"Yeah." The two walked in silence for a while, not really paying attention to where they were headed. They walked through desserts and forests and mountains, quietly contemplating the idea that Fate and Destiny had played some roll in their meeting and the creation of this world. True, DoRe had said that his magick and Rashi's wish had created it but... What were the odds of she being pulled into this new world, created by his dreams? Iñaki smiled slightly at this thought. It was kind of unnerving, thinking of it in that way, but nevertheless, rather amusing. Rashi noticed her smiling, and he smiled as well. They continued walking, silently enjoying each other's company, neither one aware of who...or what...was lurking just behind them...

>foooooooooooooooooood< a mysteriuos creature grumbled to itself...

Rashi and Iñaki walked at a steady pace, making sure Eve was close behind. Out of the bushes in front of them popped an adorable creature.
"XATU!!!!" Rashi screamed in delight, "Eve, go! We MUST have that Xatu!!!" Eve tackled the creature with ease and it fell hard. Rashi threw a pokeball and caught it quickly. "WOOHOO!! I GOTS ME A XATU!!!" He jumped for joy while Iñaki gave him a wondering look.

While Rashi was jumping in triumph, Iñaki turned around.
"Do you hear that Rashi?" He stopped jumping and turned around. Eve wiggled her ears and jumped behind Rashi, scared.
"I sense danger" Iñaki spoke.
"Me too" Rashi added. He quickly acted:

"I call upon my mystic star,
ancient forces, near and far,
Wand of DoRe, surrender your might,
shine on me and spread your light,

Rashi's staff appeared before him. He looked to his side to see Iñaki had also transformed. With a nod from one to the other, they slowly progressed forward.
>FOOOOOOD!!!!< a large beast jumped from the bushes toward Iñaki. >Oooo, female magick yum yum yum!!!!!< the creature stared hungrily at her, getting ready to feast. >UMPH!< Rashi charged the beast head on, knocking it to the ground. Rashi stood his ground, wand in hand, thinking...
'I dont have a card to use against this thing. If I use the Banish, it'll just hurt someone else somewhere else...' At that instant, a sword thrust through the creature, killing it. The sword turned toward a very shocked Rashi. It began charging toward him.
"What the--!"
"Its a Clow Card, Rashi, caputre it!!!" Iñaki yelled, unsure how even she knew.
"Huh? Right!

Clow card,
no more fight,
Surrender yourself,
to your powers confined!

The sword glowed and disappeared into a card at the tip of Rashi's staff...
"Wow, that was kool" Rashi giggled and went to help Iñaki up...

"So when are you going to explain the whole Clow Card and Pokemon thing?" Rashi smiled at Iñaki.
"I'll let you figure it out on your own."
"What?" He gave her an innocent "Who, me?" look. Iñkai rolled her eyes and gave, deciding it wasn't worth it. She looked at him mischeiviously, making him feel a bit nervous.
"You know what? I'm bored." She tapped his shoulder and ran from him a little ways, a childish smile on her face. "Tag. You're it!" Rashi stared at her in confusion for a moment, then decided 'hey, what the hell' and ran after her. Iñkai tripped and rolled down a hill, Rashi rolling right behind her. When they stopped they were laughing like two little kids.
"You look like a couple of idiots," came a harsh voice from nowhere. Rashi and Iñkai stopped laughing and looked up. It was that Morian woman. She looked down at them cruelly, an evil smile on her face. Iñaki was up immediately and had her weapon drawn. Rashi stared at her. She was being extremely deffensive for some reason and was glaring at Morian, as if hoping to burn holes through her body.
"What do you want." It sounded like a statement more than a question. Rashi was surprised by this.
"Oh, you know what I want, child. I want that boy's life. And once I take it, I plan on taking you back to Lord Miran. He was so looking forward to a new Harem girl." The cruel smile widened, and Iñaki glared harder. Rashi stood, but stayed behind her, ready to take out "The Calm" card if need be.
"Morian, you are more powerful than Rashi and I together. I realize that. But what you don't realize is that you can't kill Rashi. Not while I'm around. He's my one and only friend and he means the world to me, and I won't let you harm him in any way, shape or form."
"Even if it costs you you're life?"
"I'd sooner die than let you touch him."
"My, what strong words coming from such a weak little girl. I'm sure you'll protect him the same way you protected your teacher, right?" Iñaki froze.
"How do you know about that?"
"It's simple, my dear. I came about when the rest of this world did, and I know some of your darkest secrets. I know why you were brought here when Rashi didn't know you. You won't find out anytime soon, and if I can help it, you'll never find out. I know some of Rashi's darkest secrets as well." She glaced at him, and he shrank back away from her, more behind Iñaki, without really meaning to. "Care to hear them?"
"No, I don't. If he has secrets he has not told me, then he does not wish for me to know them. That is fine with me."
"And will you tell him what happend to your precious master Jadeite?" Iñaki lowered her gaze for a moment to look back at Rashi, but then quickly looked back up at Morian. She winked and disappeared, and had her hands on Iñaki's throat the next second.
"You cannot defeat me child. I can do as I wish, and you have no say in it. I'll kill Rashi when I want, and you will bow to my power. My Lord Miran will have his new Harem girl in good time." And she disappeared...

Secrets Revealed!